Manhattan College: Catholic school overrun by Islamic proselytizing, says Muslim student

Source: Muslim student at Catholic Manhattan College: School overrun by Islamic proselytizing, Balkan Muslims in NYC are turning to jihad – Geller Report

I just received this extraordinary email from a Muslim student at Manhattan College in the Bronx. It is noteworthy not just for this student’s courage in thinking for himself and not passively accepting what he is taught either at home or at his far-left college, but also for what he reveals about the Balkan Muslim community in New York (“rapidly moving toward radical beliefs”) and about Manhattan College (“Every hallway, every classroom, every announcement, every email; contains an extreme amount of Islamic advertising”).

This is true not just of Manhattan College, but of colleges and universities all over the country. Likewise I’m sure that other Muslim communities in the U.S. are moving in the same direction as the one to which this courageous young man belongs. It won’t be very much longer before America begins to see on a large scale what folly the Democrats’ immigration and counterterror policies really have been, and what damage they have brought upon our country.

Hello Pamela,

I am a Muslim Albanian college student and I attend Manhattan College in Riverdale NY. I am shocked to say that I have only recently stumbled upon your web-page and YouTube videos. I have criticized Jihad and Radical Islam since as long as I can remember and continue to do so despite being ridiculed. My family is from Montenegro and was not religious prior to coming to the United States in 80’s, and continues to be the same. Nobody prays or even goes to the Mosque. Manhattan College is a Lasallian Catholic institution who’s tuition can hit up to 60K a year. Every hallway, every classroom, every announcement, every email; contains an extreme amount of Islamic advertising whether it be a club, or a prayer meeting or even an event.(The walls of every hallway are covered with flyers) I am outraged that my professors are all brainwashed by a left wing ideology which I have said long before I found out about you, is in an alliance with Islam. The only thing that tells you you’re at a catholic school is our chapel. Being educated by these leftists makes school practically worthless, and it is become extremely hard for me to choose a path in academia where I would feel that I am not wasting time, and one that would benefit me.

My reason for sending this email is to tell you that you are an inspiration and a true patriot for the country we are loyal to and love. After reading Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Balkan articles on your webpage, I was not surprised at all. My position on Serbia is similar to yours but happens to be an unthinkable one within the Albanian community. I believe that there is reason to believe that the Albanian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin community (which are pretty much one and the same) in the United States and New York in particular is rapidly moving toward radical beliefs. The community talks about many families who are extremely religious and are more like Arabs than they are Albanians. I have no tangible evidence of this other than my few experiences and hear-say, but I believe it is my duty to report this, which I see as a potential threat to the nation to which I pledge allegiance; to those who are currently in positions to investigate, bring light to, and make changes. A closer look needs to be taken at Balkan People, who they associate themselves/have economic ties with back in Europe, and who their link is to the Islamic world, which I happen to believe is Turkey. At the current time I do not wish to be in the public eye for any reason, and I would appreciate if for some reason this email would be talked about, that my name is not used, but that is subject to change in the near future as our battle continues to get harder.

Thank You and God Bless You,
[Name redacted]

What is described above is a product of what is described in this video describing a decades old Muslim plan to infiltrate U.S. schools, book publishers & force Islam on American students. At the university, college, and now high school level, the plan is executed through the Muslim Students Association.

10 thoughts on “Manhattan College: Catholic school overrun by Islamic proselytizing, says Muslim student

  1. again why are all these catholic institutions helping their enemies?
    i guess they dont teach about the muslimes there
    hmm why does the vatican have a wall?

  2. The Catholics are not Christian they are an Ancient State Roman Institution which sways which ever the wind blows and avoids making waves. The “Catholic” (latin word) Church A.K.A The “Universal” (translated) Church really doesn’t reflect anything Christian and won’t defend or deflect any invasion but operate to survive in it. They are the ones who have sold many of they’re church buildings to the muslims who converted them to mosques with Saudi money to cover the cost of law suits of pethapile priests. But then again mohammed the negotiator/advocate/general/desert merchant as he was called was an illiterate, polygamist, pethapile who translated his nightmares into the koran as if the angel gabriel (fallen angel of death) had delivered messages in his head. He thought he was going crazy till his first old wealthy Christian wife convinced him to continue to hear the nightmares. When something starts to die that’s when it fights the most and Islam is dying because it has no love, no god, it’s survived till now because it is a “dualism”. It’s a political, social cult masked with a religious front. The koran/quran is an unsigned treaty, a contract that if broken or disobeyed even by those who didn’t sign on they will be killed as well. It’s pagan arabic tribalism gone genocidal war mongering mad. I see nothing but great violence coming in the future. Unfortunately you either stand for something or stand for nothing and get killed or “reverted” anyway. You can’t pray away arrogance, ignorance, rage, control and gigantic stupidity. Like muhammad and his nightmares his followers are now subjectively cherry picking from the nightmares that he had and are carrying them out with hollowed out eyes, nonhuman entities from the void. Islam doesn’t mean to submit to god a god they don’t even see or know but it means to submit to them like a dog, a slave of flesh, cattle to be butchered. They chop peoples heads off put them on hot plates and pikes on the road then feed the remains to animals or burn the body in the street. This is truly a demonic satanic army on earth. We have only one choice. We must fight them to the death.

    • While this university is no longer really Catholic, your post is insane. The Catholic Church IS the Church of Jesus Christ. It has fought Islam since the beginning, without much help from Protestants. See the battle of Lepanto. You are just a garden variety anti-Catholic bigot who is helping the Muslims by dividing Christians. Visit for the truth.

  3. People complain that our President is coarse and hurtful in presenting painful truths. I certainly hope so, and fear he may not be coarse enough for the de-Ilsamization project our Republic requires.

    Sedition is a serious felony the prosecution for which is lacking. I want the MB bigwigs prosecuted, imprisoned for decades and deported. ISNA, CAIR, the multitude of MAS’s, the mosques, I want them all gone.

    I want all traces of compromise of our security apparatus removed.

    And I want the project underway before Election Day 2020.

  4. May I suggest to this young, openminded moslem that he should renounce Islam entirely, for the main reason that all moslems must pledge to persecute and attack all non-moslems. This is not acceptable by any rational person, so it would behoove him to renounce Islam immediately, whether he accepts another faith or avoids religion altogether.

  5. I don’t know if anyone knows this or not but Mueller was FBI Director from 2001-2013 he was given a 2 year extension by Obama. This is the person that allowed a member of CAIR which we all know represents the Muslim Brotherhood to have Mueller remove everything about any investigations in the FBI training manuals that even mentioned Muslims or the Muslim Brotherhood. When some of the FBI agents found out what Mueller had pulled they simply refused to do such a thing and quit, I don’t know how many left. This is the same Mueller that has went after Pres Trump. I don’t know if Pres.Trump even knows this, I doubt it.
    I agree, this student would be smart to dump the Muslim cult, if his parents are paying the college such a high amount yearly for him to be brainwashed simply find another college that has not been taken over.

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