Muslim on ‘jihad’ admits killing New Jersey student, 3 others

Source: Man on ‘jihad’ admits killing NJ student, 3 others | WPIX 11 New York

Ali Muhammad Brown, 34, of Seattle pleaded guilty today to the 2014 killing of Brendan Tevlin, 19, of Livingston, N.J. Tevlin was gunned down while sitting in a car at a stop light. He was home from his freshman year of college.

Brown also stunned the courtroom today during jury selection for his murder trial, when he admitted to killing 3 men in Washington state for the purpose of jihad. Charges in those murders are still pending in Washington.

“He was seeking to have a mission of vengeance against the United States,” said Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Jamel Semper. “It appeared that he wanted to make himself something of a martyr. He is not. He is just an admitted killer who destroyed lives and hurt families.”

In Essex County, he’s facing life in prison for terrorism, murder, carjacking, robbery and weapons charges. This is the first time ever in New Jersey that a terrorism conviction has been attached to a murder charge. Brown will be sentenced on May 1.

He is currently serving a 35-year sentence for a separate armed robbery he committed in West Orange.

It’s not clear why the courtroom was stunned. This Muslim has been saying it was for jihad since he was captured. The prosecutors and law enforcement continue to pretend it was just a senseless murder and prosecute it as such.

If the media did their job all along it would be no surprise to anyone. We have six articles on his jihad killing spree dating back to 2014 here.

7 thoughts on “Muslim on ‘jihad’ admits killing New Jersey student, 3 others

  1. All mozzzlems are lying, deceiving, raping, murdering, hypocritical, whining, parasitic, thieving, scamming, demon-infested, disease-carrying, terrorist SCUM.

  2. So just move him to death row. Follow Sharia law. Execute him Friday a.m., the family can have him buried, by p.m., per tradition. Case closed!!! Pretty simple.

  3. How many hundreds, thousands of missing and unexplained death’s can be attributed to our muslims carrying out their jihad? How many deaths can be attributed to muslim medical personnel? Easily hidden under medical cover. How do third world people from countries that have never seen a toilet suddenly become medical professionals in America???

    • A special pig farm should be dedicated just for such burials. Simply feed the convicted scrum to the pigs and save the real estate for better uses. Muslim burial traditions be damned.

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