Utah: ISIS-inspired teen tried to blow up high school, raised ISIS flag weeks earlier

Back in February, cops in Utah stated:

Following hours of investigation, including analysis by federal agents, Police have determined the flag swap was not executed by the infamous terrorist group.

Nope. Just one of its aspiring members. Cops across the U.S. simply refuse to understand the threat. Source: Utah high school student arrested in bomb threat, ISIS flag incident

A male high school student has been arrested for manufacturing, possessing, and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction after Pine View High students spotted a “suspicious backpack” on campus.

St. George Police Department officers also believe the suspect is connected to vandalizing Hurricane High School last month by replacing the school’s American flag with an ISIS flag and painting “ISIS is comi—” on one of its exterior walls with graffiti.

According to a Police Department news release, members of the FBI, Washington County Bomb Squad, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Washington County School District, and a bomb-detecting K-9 responded to Pine View at around 12:20 on Monday after a student noticed a backpack in a common area on campus that appeared to be smoking.

The student notified a teacher and the school resource officer on duty.

“After examining the device, bomb squad members indicated that if it had detonated, the device had the potential to cause significant injury or death,” according to the news release.

Pine View was evacuated that afternoon while officials investigated the contents of the backpack and determined it had the potential to cause significant harm, and the device was disarmed.

A warrant was eventually executed on the home of the individual in question, who attended classes at Pine View.

St. George police discovered materials inside his residence that were consistent with those used to build the device that was placed on Pine View’s campus. According to police, it was a failed attempted to detonate a homemade explosive at the school.

The search warrant also revealed the student had been researching information about ISIS and promoting the organization online.

According to the news release, the Hurricane City Police Department plans to file charges for the suspect’s reported involvement in the ISIS-related vandalism on Feb. 15. As of Tuesday afternoon, the juvenile is being held on the sole charge stemming from the Pine View High school incident.

Because he is a minor, police did not release his identity.

3 thoughts on “Utah: ISIS-inspired teen tried to blow up high school, raised ISIS flag weeks earlier

  1. This scum needs to be prosecuted as an adult; no more being “STUPIDLY NICE” to “WANNA -BE KILLERS” who CHOOSE TO FOLLOW THE PERFECT PEDOPHILE, mohamid.

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