Florida: Ocala man arrested after mother reported finding ISIS material, Koran, in son’s room

Source: Ocala: Downtown sniper’s nest scouting | WFTV | WFTV

OCALA, Fla. – The FBI said an Ocala man whom they have spent two years monitoring scouted out a downtown Ocala location to use for a potential sniper attack.

Jonathan Beese was on the FBI’s radar after his mother said she found Islamic State group references in his bedroom.

Officials said Beese sought to acquire guns, and when he couldn’t afford them, he stole them.

Investigators said Beese researched terrorist attacks and went to the top of the Ocala National Bank building to scout it out as a possible sniper’s nest.

Court documents said that while Beese was there, he took pictures and sent a Facebook message to his girlfriend.

“I found a good spot up here for a sniper’s nest,” Beese said in the message, according to documents. “Could lock everything from the Square to 14th and another few blocks down.”

Beese was arrested in 2017 after investigators said he and his girlfriend, Kristen Sparks, broke into the trunk of her father’s car and stole guns, including an AK-47.

When Beese’s mother discovered Islam-related items here in their 45th Avenue home, she reported it to deputies.

Investigators said she discovered a copy of the Quran, prayer beads and a Muslim robe.

Beese’s mother also discovered writings on his computer referring to ISIS and indications that he was researching travel to Sudan,” documents said.

The FBI said it searched through the suspect’s computer and discovered Beese had read articles and searched for items related to Islamic extremism and lone-wolf terrorism.

Officials said the suspect was still under surveillance when he stole the weapons.

The FBI said it also watched the suspect take the stolen AK-47 to a shooting range for target practice.

Beese later sent his girlfriend a text message bragging about his accuracy, records said.

“I can still shoot two shots a second and hit something the size of your upper chest at 100 yards or 1 a second and something the size of your head,” he wrote in the text message, documents said.

Contrast the mother of this man to the mother and father of Muslim brothers who lied to the FBI about their sons jihadi activities.

4 thoughts on “Florida: Ocala man arrested after mother reported finding ISIS material, Koran, in son’s room

  1. God bless her. It would be very hard to turn in your child yet she saved countless lives by doing what was right, not what was easy.

  2. Jonathan Beese is one of many thousands here in the USA that is under the influence of islam and IS.
    Islam appeals to the minds of the criminally insane and encourages them to commit mayhem. Ergo:
    Paradise promised for those who “kill and are killed.” (Surah 9:111)
    Perpetual warfare against non-Muslims (Surahs 2:216 and 9:123)
    Polygamy (Surah 4:3)
    Rape of captives (Surah 33:50)
    Sex with young girls (Surah 65:4)
    Treating women as “tilth” – marital rape (Surah 2:223)
    Wife beating (Surah 4:34)
    An even bigger danger looms when the hoards of muslims arise and commit sabotage of our infrastructure. The communication, roadways, fuel supply, power grid etc are at extreme risk and we are insanely educating them in how the systems work so they may better sabotage them.

  3. What about the girlfriend, Kristen Sparks? She KNEW what he was up to and was aiding and abetting his efforts.

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