Flashback: Muhammad Ali Wished for Islamic States in 1975 Playboy Interview

Source: playboy.com Playboy Interview: Muhammad Ali November 1975   h/t FreeRepublic

*Playboy has since removed the article from their website.

PLAYBOY: Are Muslim women allowed to have careers or are they supposed to stay in the kitchen?

ALI: A lot of ’em got careers, working for and with their brothers, but you don’t find ’em in no white man’s office in downtown New York working behind secretarial desks. Too many black women been used in offices. And not even in bed — on the floor. We know it because we got office Negroes who’ve told us this. So we protect our women, ’cause women are the field that produces our nation. And if you can’t protect your women, you can’t protect your nation. Man, I was in Chicago a couple of months ago and saw a white fella take a black woman into a motel room. He stayed with her two or three hours and then walked out — and a bunch of brothers saw it and didn’t even say nothin’. They should have thrown rocks at his car or kicked down the door while he was in there screwing her — do something to let him know you don’t like it. How can you be a man when another man can come get your woman or your daughter or your sister — and take her to a room and screw her — and, nigger, you don’t even protest?

But nobody touches our women, white or black. Put a hand on a Muslim sister and you are to die. You may be a white or black man in an elevator with a Muslim sister and if you pat her on the behind, you’re supposed to die right there.

PLAYBOY: You’re beginning to sound like a carbon copy of a white racist. Let’s get it out front: Do you believe that lynching is the answer to interracial sex?

ALI: A black man should be killed if he’s messing with a white woman. And white men have always done that. They lynched niggers for even looking at a white woman; they’d call it reckless eyeballing and bring out the rope. Raping, patting, mischief, abusing, showing our women disrespect — a man should die for that. And not just white men — black men, too. We will kill you, and the brothers who don’t kill you will get their behinds whipped and probably get killed themselves if they let it happen and don’t do nothin’ about it. Tell it to the President — he ain’t gonna do nothin’ about it. Tell it to the FBI: We’ll kill anybody who tries to mess around with our women. Ain’t nobody gonna bother them.

PLAYBOY: And what if a Muslim woman wants to go out with non-Muslim blacks — or white men, for that matter?

ALI: Then she dies. Kill her, too.

PLAYBOY: Are Muslim women your captives?

ALI: Hey, our women don’t want no white men, period. Can you picture me, after what I been talking and thinking, wanting a white woman? Muslims think about 300 years of slavery and lynching, and you think we want to love our slave masters? No way we think about that. And no, our women aren’t captives. Muslim women who lose their faith are free to leave. I’m sure that if all the black men and women who started following Elijah Muhammad were still with us, we’d have an easy 10 million followers. That many came through the doors but didn’t stay. They free to go if they want to.

PLAYBOY: If all the blacks in America became Muslims by the end of the year, what do you think would happen as a result?

ALI: President Ford would call our leaders to the White House and negotiate about what states he wants to give us or what country we want to be set up in. Can you imagine 25 million Negroes all feeling the way I do? There’d be nothing you could do with them but let ’em go.

PLAYBOY: “Let ’em go” doesn’t mean handing over a group of states to Muslim religious leaders.

ALI: Maybe, maybe not. You could rope off Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, we could go in there and live, and whites could have passports to come in, do business and leave. Or a mass exodus from America. I wish I can see it before I die…

Any doubt Ali was not only a racist but an Islamic supremacist? He even predicted that Allah would destroy America:

ALI: Look, we been told there’s gonna be whites who help blacks. And we also know there’s gonna be whites who’ll escape Allah’s judgment, who won’t be killed when Allah destroys this country — mainly some Jewish people who really mean right and do right. But we look at the situation as a whole. We have to. OK, think about a white student who’s got long hair and who wants minority people to have something and so he’s against the slave white rule. Well, other whites will beat his behind and maybe even kill him, because they don’t want him helping us. But that doesn’t change what happens to the black man. If white boys get beat up, am I supposed to say, “Oh, some white folks are good. Let’s forget our whole movement and integrate and join up in America”?

FBI Records Show Boxer Muhammad Ali’s Racist Mosque Tirades

2 thoughts on “Flashback: Muhammad Ali Wished for Islamic States in 1975 Playboy Interview

  1. “Man, I was in Chicago a couple of months ago and saw a white fella take a black woman into a motel room. He stayed with her two or three hours and then walked out — and a bunch of brothers saw it and didn’t even say nothin’. ”
    Perhaps they said nothing because she walked out too, with a few more dollars in her pocket. The john emptied his sack. the woman replenished her purse, and the pimps had no reason to object. No harm, no foul.
    Call it a ‘Multi-cultural Trade Agreement.’ A PC term for prostitution.,

  2. Cant have more racist than M. Ali. At the extreme! And he made he celebrity with white people. He did not mind to use white people.

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