California Democrats’ endorse grandson of Munich Olympics terrorist for Congress

Pro-illegal alien and grandson of Muslim terrorist mastermind

Source: Grandson of Munich Olympics terrorist wins California Democrats’ endorsement for Congress seat | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

California Democrats have endorsed the congressional run of a Palestinian American who forged ties to his local Jewish community and renounced his grandfather, an architect of the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Ammar Campa-Najjar won the state party convention’s endorsement last weekend for the June primary in the 50th District, an inland district west of San Diego.

Duncan Hunter, a Republican, now holds the seat.

Campa-Najjar’s grandfather was Muhammad Yusuf al-Najjar, a mastermind of the terrorist murder of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes and coaches at the ’72 games in Germany. Al-Najjar was assassinated a year later by Israeli commandos.

Haaretz recently reported on Campa-Najjar’s candidacy, saying he rejected his grandfather’s terrorism. Campa-Najjar, who lived for a time as a youth in the Gaza Strip, has said his “goal is for our generation to be better than our predecessors, and find a way to end this conflict.”

Haaretz quoted two local rabbis who spoke of Campa-Najjar’s commitment to Israel’s security, which he does not see as mutually exclusive with Palestinian rights.

Campa-Najjar emphasizes income inequality in his messaging. He is an admirer of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., whose 2016 run for the Democratic nomination made him the first Jewish candidate to win major-party nominating contests.

Hunter, under federal investigation for alleged financial improprieties, is also facing a slew of challengers in the Republican primary.

If any readers have time to do a little research on Najjar, we’re sure you’ll find he has unsavory ties like that of the far-left radical Luis Guiterrez pictured above.

4 thoughts on “California Democrats’ endorse grandson of Munich Olympics terrorist for Congress

  1. In the 1860’s Spouth Carolina was characterized as Too Small for a Republic…Too Large for and Insane Asylum. Maybe california more closely fits this.

  2. I dont believe in holding grudges for ever but it is very disturbing. Now the muslims are completing their infiltration with great success. Think of your nice muslim morocan neighbours who you befriended and did BBQs in the old days. Once the muslims became 20% and 30% in Morocco, their nice neighbours gave them away and the christian family lived in a secret basement for 10 years. Never forget Birgitte Gabriel ‘story.

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