Canada: Muslim-led committee requests Catholic Central School Board remove mascot

Source: City advisory committee requests mascot change for Catholic Central SS – London |

The London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) is being asked to consider changing a secondary school mascot.

The Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Oppression Advisory Committee brought the request forward, suggesting that the Catholic Central “Crusaders” adopt a new moniker.

Committee chair Rifat Hussain told 980 CFPL that the mascot references the Crusades, a series of holy wars fought in the Middle Ages.

“It’s still a part of history that’s not pretty,” said Hussain.

“When you look at history books, it always sides on the victor. So when you look at it from an academic perspective, it’s only one side. You’re not telling the other side of the story. That’s what we want to address.”

Hussain argues that having a mascot that celebrates a dark moment in history makes it harder for the city to become more diverse and inclusive.

“That constant reminder of what happened in the past is not helping.”

The request is part of a larger bid by the committee to get both the London District Catholic School Board and the Thames Valley District School Board to reconsider some of its school mascots, particularly those that deal with or reference negative historical events.

980 CFPL has reached out to the LDCSB for comment but has yet to receive a response.

In other words, Muslims like Hussain, don’t want the facts about the Crusades to be known. That is, that Muslims were the aggressors, the relentless, brutal killing force that was seeking to conquer the whole of Europe and kill or subjugate all non-Muslims in their path. Hussain uses the excuse that Muslims lost these wars to claim it’s not helpful. It’s not helpful to her cause of spreading Islam.

In fact, it wasn’t a dark moment. It saved the Western world as we know it today – although we are losing again – and the West needs more reminders of Islam’s deadly past. 

The West needs to understand that people like Hussain are holy warriors that continue to fight against non-Muslims in a multitude of ways. Terrorism and jihad are not the only threat, and possibly not the most worrisome threat we face. It’s political –  on school boards, advisory committees, government positions – all avenues where Muslims are forcing non-Muslims into submission. In Canada, M103 is just one example.

First they’ll erase history. Then they will ensure that non-Muslims cannot discuss or retell historical facts, but only Muslim-approved, fantastically whitewashed versions of history that omit actual facts. And that new “history” will be forced into your children’s school curriculum. That is sharia.

Here’s the side of history Hussain wants eliminate:

Jihad vs Crusades: The Facts (video)
Misconceptions about the Crusades
How the Crusades Saved Europe

27 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim-led committee requests Catholic Central School Board remove mascot

  1. Tell these Muslins that it’s time to respect all faiths. They either need to follow freedom or go back to the sand pit they crawled out of.

  2. I’ll go out on a short limb and suggest Rifat Hussain would be very happy if they change the mascot from “Crusaders” to “Muhammad’s Warriors.”

  3. This is what happens with political correctness. The minority dictates to the majority. “Diversity” means getting rid of all traditions, and favoring special interests over anyone else. There is no common sense in diversity.

  4. Tell them to shut the bleep up, or better go back to your rat infested countries. Keep your nose out of western folks business. A lot of folks the in rural populations would love the opportunity to send them back in pine boxes.

    • And we will send them back. But one slight change, we will gather up all the Traitors who are bringing them here for power. Their time is short, the Bible states that when Jesus comes back, they will be destroyed, and there is nothing any Muslim can do but cower and run, because the greatest Prophet to ever walk this earth will not be Muhammad. And all the Christian and Jewish followers will be right behind him. I would suggest that if they don’t like the Crusades then, maybe they should not get the new Crusaders mad.

  5. Erasing our history .. Unrealistic.. be it what it may history is why we are a free society …. let’s not forget that …

    • There are a lot events in America that will have an even longer lasting effect. Sometimes free people must put their foot down.

      • We real Americans should fight to ban every Democrat and Liberal Left Socialist agency and organization. Forced Immigration of Barbarians are not allowed to come to free Nations. Muslims need to be taught a lesson of making threats can backfire and wipe out Islam for all time.

        • That would leave who to oversee the world? That would be worth living long enough to see. My dad is 90 y.o. he’d be ecstatic.

  6. Hussein should look at his own history in stead of the crusades. Better still, upgrade your ideology to this century instead of the 7th century-all your people would be better for it.

  7. People we need to start saying no! This has gone to far and I don’t like where this nonsense is headed!!! Stop bending to what they want!!! This is CANADA! They want their laws then why go to another country cause a bunch of shit to get things back to how they had it in their country!!! Does anyone see the ironic behavior here??? Start saving no!!! I’m getting offended or the fact that there is one culture that’s wanting Canadiens to change and bent to their wants!!!!
    Wake the hell up Canada!! And World. There’s a fine line between helping someone and that someone taking advantage of you!!! It’s getting to the point where these people are talking advantage of everything!!!
    Walk the hell up!!!

    • Why aren’t people out protesting against all these Democrats and Liberals with their agenda to wipe out our Freeworld? Why do we put up with corrupt government? What ever happened to MEN who will fight for honor? This country has been infiltrated by a Muslim and allowed to take our Constitution and wipe his ass with it. POS Obama.

  8. WHen non-muslims have to take up arms and start to fight to win back with subversive non-Christian groups are forcing on them, then those libtards that think being pansy assed is the way to go will be the first to be removed. We can live and prosper in peace, to bad the Muslim world can’t and won’t renounce that part of their religion. No doubt in my mind blood will run again……

  9. No Catholic or Christian University/school must give in to their Sharia based requests to eliminate our faith. The ruling authorities must wake up and request advice from the history majors. I would put them down in less than a second.

  10. The Crusades were not a pretty part of history, Mr. Hussain.

    Well, neither was the Muslim conquest of Spain. We pesky Christians had the temerity to call a crusade to get your ilk to leave.

    Hard cheese, deus vult

  11. Funny (well, not really) how the muslim account of history begins post 1000 AD, while CONVENIENTLY ignoring the prior 400+ yrs of islamic butchery, piracy, kidnapping, slave trading & terrorism directed @ western civilization. It is, after all, the “religion” of peace. In muslim “logic”, “peace” would include sending the plague to Constantinople; the muslim conquest of most of the middle east began IMMEDIATELY afterwards. Coincidence???

  12. I am so sick and tired of hearing about Muslims coming to Canada and whining and complaining that it isn’t the Middle East. Helloooo….this is the West….if you decide to move here you bloody well better expect to integrate and assimilate otherwise you will never be happy.
    The Muslims may feel like they are having some victories in self-victimizing and causing Canadians to feel sorry for them so that we will meet their demands….BUT….that time is coming to an end. Canadians are waking up to what is actually going on and we’re outraged!
    This is a Judeo Christian nation and Middle Eastern culture and values will ‘never’ mix….We will ‘not’ bend any further to accommodate other religions or cultures.
    Mulitculturalism was a social experiment gone bad….it is known as a failure worldwide if the HOST countries values are not being embraced. Multiple cultures cannot live in peace for long periods of time because there comes a point when one wants to dominate the others. Therefore Canada ‘must’ bring the hammer down and insist that immigrants learn the language, integrate, assimilate and embrace ‘our’ culture.
    Our Charter of Rights has been used out of context as immigrants feel that Freedom of Religion refers to all religions being permitted to advance and celebrate their faith how they please….but….in actuality there is a limit….The Christian faith is the only one listed in the Charter and it very clearly states that our laws were formed from Christian principles and values…therefore, if another religion enters Canada it must ‘first’ adhere to Canadian (Christian) law and values.
    This is why we are having the difficulty with immigration because our leaders have no backbone and are more interested in kowtowing for votes and they would rather see our country rot…then stand up for our Constitution and Charter the way it was intended to be read.
    We would never be able to go to the Middle east, China or India and make these demands…so don’t expect to come to Canada and feel like you can get away with it any longer here.
    We need Canadians to unify and vote out the Liberals and NDP in 2019. They are the ones supporting all of this nonsense.

    • Well said Tanya, sounds like you are ready for a Canada First. I hope there are sufficient number of Canadians with the backbone you speak of. In what section of Canada is your Speakers Corner?
      I pray for you that Canadian officials will permit people like Tommy, Martin, Brittany, Lauren, Pamela, and Robert to join you for a “Hear! Hear!”
      Try out Charles Murray and hope for the best.

  13. The Crusades happened because Muslims went on a rampage to rule the world ! Maybe they should have stayed home , and been more peacefull than they actually were ! It’s not our fault that their feelings are hurt ! I’m just glad our ancestors were brave enough to have kicked their asses . The mascot stays !

  14. It is time to say No! They have been given an inch and now they want a mile It will never end because the goal of these Muslms is to dominate the West. This is our history and we want to keep our history and our freedoms. It is also NO mistake that our politician have sold us out to this Satanic religion. They knew exactly what would happen when they allowed these people to immigrate.

  15. All the rallies/riots today, regarding 2nd Amendment gun rights, I’ll consider that after they give up their free speech and assembly rights. Until then it’s not in my plans. Same goes for these Muslim terrorists.

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