Kentucky: Muslims Buy Paducah Church, Convert to a Mosque

Berger Road Pentecostal Church in Kentucky is now a mosque

Another church becomes a mosque in America.

Source: Paducah’s First Islamic Center Opens Doors to Community | WKMS

Paducah’s Muslim families now have a local center for worship after moving into a vacant church.

The Islamic Center of Paducah started hosting prayer services earlier this year at its new Berger Road location.

President of the Islamic Center’s Board Amna Ali says the group bought the vacant church in January 2014 and is now nearly finished with renovations.

“It is almost completed, it’s just a matter of small, electrical areas to be finished now,” said Ali. “Basically all the remodeling and all the areas that needed immediate attention have been covered so far.”

Ali says the remodeling included removing the pews to convert the main room into a prayer hall.

“It involves all the basic needs according to every need that a mosque has,” said Ali. “We have to fulfill those requirements. We have a washing area that people can come and make wu’du and just go into that area and we perform a salat.”

Ali says the Center strongly supports interfaith dialog and is planning Islam-education outreach activities to the Paducah community.

“That is my dream because I’ve lived here and I always tried to expose my children to all kind of religion. So I would definitely be having that facility to grow and we welcome all of our friends, community members to come and participate.”

Ali says she’s seen nothing but support and compassion from the surrounding community throughout the move-in and renovation process.“

They knew me already because I have been in Paducah for fifteen years and my children are in the school system and we just basically do what every average American Muslim family does,” said Ali. “And I’ve never had any negativism. I am very blessed.” About 13 Muslim families are actively involved in prayer services each week and about 25 kids attend Sunday school services.  Ali says without the Paducah Center, families would drive to Carbondale, Bowling Green or Owensboro to attend a service.

You are being replaced.

7 thoughts on “Kentucky: Muslims Buy Paducah Church, Convert to a Mosque

  1. Just another radical recruiting and training center. Muslims cannot embrace American values and still be true Muslims. Anyone who isn’t a true Muslim will be killed by other Muslims. Why are we allowing them in. In the early 20th century Muslims were banned in the USA. Look it up.

  2. Why are these churches selling to Muslims? Oh, certainly not the “god almighty dollar”. God don’t need money, only Christian wantabes.

  3. Prayer services? ? What do muslims pray for anyway? ?? Residents of Paducah do you know? ??
    If I ever do repair work at that “Hate Recruitment Center” bacon will find its way “Into” the building as well as dead black dogs and menstral rags, pig testicals, donkey penises ,a christian cross, a jewish cross, a skullcap, Lord Ganesha idol, and Mara the devil idol.

    I’m sure “these” muslims are peaceful. ..for now. When non- muslim Paducah residents wake up 40 years from now things will be very different. Killing your wife and children will be an act of mercy lest they be captured by islamists.

  4. If you build it they will come! 13 families currently make up Islamic Center of Paducah. 13 Families could not keep the church going, yet an islamic center? Where is the money coming from? Who is funding these purchases? What will Paducah look like in a year?

  5. Fuck their Mosque. Fuck them, goat fuckers,alah is the devil zone Muhammed was a child molester and took one wife when she was 8 years old. When they step out of line , Americans v will be waiting,count on it!

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