Ongoing Islamization of America – Muslims Going Hyper Political

Former Muslim Shahram Hadian discusses many of the stories we’ve brought to you in the last few months and how they are all related. Click the link below and skip to the 12 minute mark to listen.

Source: TIL Project Ministry | Truth In Love Radio (click here to listen)

3 important points: 

1) The Muslims (and Muslim Brotherhood) are going hyper political, a sign of preparation for the upper house. (This negates the argument that Shariah is just a personal faith and not to be imposed on non-Muslims). They are also using interfaith dialogue and interfaith churches as political cover for their infiltration. Here are some examples of that and the caucusing for the Democrat party that I mentioned: press-releases/14953-cair-mn- muslims-christians-and-people- of-faith-launch-path-to-fight- islamophobia.html

This one is in WA State and a part of what they are calling the Faith Over Fear Road Show: 2018/01/hamas-linked-cair-and- the-splc-team-up-with- christian-and-jewish-groups- to-fight-anti-muslim-bigotry

Interfaith event at the South Dakota Capitol giving cover to the Muslim Brotherhood (Islamic Center of Sioux Falls organized the event, the same Mosque that protested Brannon and I last April 2017):
My friend, Senator Neil Tapio was the only one exposing it and speaking out against the interfaith charade.

2) The majority of these Muslims running for office are running as Democrats on “social justice” issues

Look at Abdul El Sayed in Michigan running for governor (the so called Obama 2.0). He is running on left, liberal, social justice causes as a Democrat: https://

3) It is becoming common place for these Muslims to take their oath of office on the Quran and not the Bible (very troubling when we remember that the Constitution is seen as man made law by the Quran and Allah’s law must be made superior). Below are a few of the many examples: 

Michigan Rep. Abdullah Hammoud taking his oath on the Quran: http://www.housedems. com/article/abdullah-hammoud- takes-oath-office

Congressman Keith Ellison sworn in using Thomas Jefferson Quran: http://www. content/article/2007/01/05/ AR2007010500512.html

District Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo sworn in on the Quran: http://www.nydailynews. com/news/politics/carolyn- walker-diallo-muslim-judge- sworn-koran-article-1.2467218

Minnesota Rep. Illhan Omar sworn in on the Quran as first Muslim women to Minnesota legislator: articles/164199/this-photo-of- ilhan-omar-s-swearing-in- ceremony-shows-exactly-why- representation-matters#. 2CadYWA9H first-somali-american- legislator-begins-work-in- minnesota/3662397.html

Somali refugee now is an elected city official in Minneapolis, swearing an oath to the Quran. refugee-takes-oath-office- koran-minneapolis-video/

Not just any, but a giant Koran, symbolic of Islamic supremacism:

Ilhan Omar (who married her brother) and gigantic Koran

Listen to Hyper Political Part 2

18 thoughts on “Ongoing Islamization of America – Muslims Going Hyper Political

  1. Americans must be united and stand up to put an end to all those whose actions and words are Anti America and Anti Freedom of Religion in America! Anyone who wants to make a home in this Mighty Nation, first. MUST Accept and abidts in the Law and Ethics of This Nation! If not, they must be deported!

  2. Creeping Sharia, keep fighting to expose this. More and more people are waking up to what is going on. Thank you for your work. I read your articles daily and share them all the time. Your work is so important. So grateful.

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  4. Islam is a Cancer, as thus it must be Eradicated, World Wide ASAP!
    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have been killed by muslims world wide, it is not a religion of peace.
    To back up my facts watch this video and see for yourself –

  5. What CAIR is doing in Sacramento (Basin Elkarra) put on an interfaith deception (dialog) and he got at least one pastor from a Presbyterian church to put it on. Shame on that guy for not doing his homework and DOING NOTHING to teach the moslems (only 3 showed up and I am sure it was Elkarra’s wives) about Christianity. It was only Basin telling us about their rituals, omitting jihad and not even knowing about what moslems curse daily, oh er I mean ‘pray’!

    CAIR is trying to gain useful idiots from Japanese Americans and make some sick tie to how the Japanese were interred during WWII and how ‘persecuted’ the moslems are… while they are not!

    The Japanese and others were more than willing to be useful idiots and didn’t even care that islam is blasphemy, not Abrahamic but preferred to call us names for even mentioning such things.

  6. MAY GOD PROTECT YOUR SITE FROM THE “TWITTER POLICE” I SHARE TO EVERY GROUP I CAN! Thank You For You Faithful service To The American Patriots! GOD Bless You Creeping Sharia!

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