Connecticut: Historic Christian Church Converted Into a Mosque

Source: Historic Christian Church to Be Converted Into Mosque; Members Take Down Cross From Altar

A Christian congregation in Connecticut that dates back to the 1600s has sold its church building to a Muslim group that plans to turn the building into a mosque.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the historic United Congregational Church will sell its 1920s Georgian-Revival style church building to the Bridgeport Islamic Community Center for a price of $1 million.

The church dates back to the Colonial Era, when it was founded in 1695 as the Ecclesiastical Society of Stratfield. In 1916, the congregation merged with another congregation and officially became the United Congregational Church. Although the congregation once totalled over 3,000 members when the main church building was constructed, WSJ reports that the congregation total has dwindled to just 300.

Although the congregation has sold the church building, it will still remain a part of the community. The United Congregational Church plans to temporarily rent space at another building in the town until it can find another permanent location to buy. The two ministries will also form a partnership to run a soup kitchen and homeless shelter that will be located at the Islamic center.

“This is much bigger than a sale of a building. It’s about healing wounds. It’s about building peace. It’s about making friends,” the Rev. Sara Smith said at a press conference on Monday.  “It is about showing a witness to the world that the children of Abraham and everybody else included can work together, can live together in respect and dignity. Isn’t that what all of our faiths are about?”

Ahmed Ebrahim, who heads the Bridgeport Islamic Community Center, told WSJ that the two factors that led his organization to purchase the historic church building were that it’s already zoned for religious use and has the space needed for the 1,000 Muslim families in the Bridgeport area that expect to worship and pray at the mosque.

“It’s a perfect fit for our needs,” Ebrahim explained, adding that the outgoing Christian congregation will help prepare the building by removing the cross from the altar.

“It’s sad,” Ellen Carter, a member of the United Congregational Church, told WSJ. “On the other hand, it’s necessary, and we are happy it’s again going to be used as a house of worship.”

Similar things are happening in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, where the closed Immaculate Conception B.V.M. Catholic Church was sold to the United American Muslim Society of Brooklyn for nearly $1.8 million in October.

The sale of the Catholic church comes after the congregation merged with the Queen of the Universe Parish in 2014. The church remained open as a worship facility until Jan. 1, the reports.

The Bucks County Courier-Times reports that the church campus will be used to house the Mevlana Camii mosque, a Muslim congregation that previously worshiped at another mosque in the town.

“The new owners of the former Immaculate Conception campus are community neighbors that have been present on the Levittown Parkway since 1991,” Archdiocese of Philadelphia spokesman Ken Gavin told “They are widely known as people of faith, family, prayer and education in the moral life for their children and the families of Bristol Township.”

A spokesperson from the Mevlana Camii mosque told the Bucks County Courier-Times that the Muslim ministry had been looking for a new home with more space because the size of its congregation has grown to over 75 families.

Along with renovations, the spokesperson added that the mosque still needs to acquire the appropriate occupancy permits and establish itself as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.

The conversion of former churches into mosques or Islamic worship centers is happening in other areas of the United States as well.

In South Milwaukee, a former Catholic church and school was sold to a Muslim group that expects to reopen the building as a mosque by the end of 2016.

Last year, the Catholic Holy Trinity Church in Syracuse, New York, was also turned into a mosque. reported that transforming the Holy Trinity Church into a mosque required taking down, covering up and painting over 10,000 crosses. Crosses on the outside of the church were taken down and replaced with copper crescents.

Across Europe, numerous abandoned churches have been turned into mosques.

Back to the Bridgeport church that is now a mosque via WSHU:

The Islamic Community Center purchased the United Congregational Church in May. Since then, the building has gone through many changes. There are racks to place your shoes before you enter the sanctuary. The pews are all gone, but there are some benches left in the back, which the senior citizens sat. The pulpit and altar are gone, leaving an empty space in the front of the room. But on the left, there is a minbar, where the Imam delivers the Friday sermon, and the mihrab, which is the niche in the wall pointing to Mecca. The carpet has been replaced with specialized prayer rug patterns, designed with niches pointing towards Mecca.

The church’s pews have been removed to create a large, carpeted space for prayer. Credit Anthony Moaton / WSHU

“The only thing that’s still here from the Congregational Church is in the niches, looking from the balcony down. The chandeliers are the same from the sides.”

“It’s a totally, totally different configuration of everything.”

Imam Mohamed Abdelati says:

It’s not a place to worship God, it’s a center. It’s a community gathering, it’s a lot of different activities. It has classes, it has offices, it has social room. There’s activities for youth, for children, for adult. So, it’s a little bit different from the past, that’s why it takes time.

13 thoughts on “Connecticut: Historic Christian Church Converted Into a Mosque

  1. Bet your bottom dollar that once the Muslims take over, the Christians will be edged out. It’s foolish to believe that Islam and Christianity can get along. Show me anywhere in the middle east where Islam dominates where the two religions can live side by side in peace.

    • I know. How can people be so naive! And it will be a place of worship. Hey! A worship of the devil, that is all I can think of. I never believed that hell existed but when I found out last year about the 33,000 terrorist attacks by muslims since 9/11 in the western world, I know they bring hell to this world. We know some muslims who seem to be decent people but when we know what they do when they get to be just 10% of the population of a country, violence, injustice, beheadings and all evelish acts happen. Suddenly they are not decent people, they are just there to eliminate you as a non muslim.

    • I agree with you 100%. It is hard to comprehend how naïve and idiotic these people are to make such ridiculous statements. There is no other explanation except diabolical disorientation and just plain not paying attention. People need to check out sites like Jihadwatch, and start looking at what Europe is suffering right now, because they had such pie in the sky fantasies. They simply are ignoring history, and their grandchildren will pay the price for that. Shameful ignorance.

  2. The solution here seems to be for a Christian revival among as many Americans as can be mustered.
    I don’t see this happening.
    It comes down to basic economy. If the churches are sitting unused, they’ll be bought up and used by the thriving religion of the era; Islam.
    Bitter pill.

  3. If Christians aren’t attending services and supporting churches, thus forcing churches to close and sell, they are part of the problem.

    • That should have been declared a historic site and preserved at the very least not given to a bunch of invading cockroaches out to destroys America.

      • I agree. It should have been a designated historical site. Muslims are are so stealing our history. Just like they are claiming all the Holy sites and historical sites in the middle East. Now they are claiming the Dead Sea Scrolls are theirs. The Christian and Jewish sites are now theirs. Bethleham, The burial sites of Rachel and the burial site of the Patriarchs of the Jews are now being claimed as Muslim. UNREAL!! My husband was born and grew up in Detroit and now all the cities in that area are Muslim pushing for Sharia Law. Then across the Canadian border, they are taking over because they have a Prime Minister that is giving Canada away. To stop the cockroaches from crossing back and forth, maybe a Northern border wall should be considered. LOL :)

  4. Reblogged this on Sun & Shield and commented:
    This has happened all over the UK and in other corners of Europe. When people turn to worthless idols, more idolatry always moves in and morality always gets worse. This sellout church says this move is about the “children of Abraham” living and working together “in respect and dignity.” However, the church will find out soon enough Islam has nothing to do with Abraham’s faith, respect, or dignity when the Muslims implement sharia in the food pantry and homeless shelter they manage together in an unequally yoked partnership.

  5. And what will the people think when Islam tears up all the burial plots, head stones and so forth because hey it’s now an Islamic state, it no longer is sacred ground. Selling church buildings if need to be done make them be sold for a higher purpose, a school, a home, make a home for children but never let it be sold to Islam, Islam considers this a conquest.

    • The Nazis tore up the headstones from Jewish cemeteries and used them for paving stones. History repeats itself. Same Satanic control, just different uniforms.

  6. There are more than 5,000 Christian denominations in the U.S. Surely, one of those churches could buy up an unused Christian church of another denomination. Why are they selling to the Muslims?

  7. This is the Muslims way of taking over a country remember they have shouted more times than one that if it takes a hundred years they will take over the US. It mounts to a slow takeover one state at a time, they are using our own laws against us especially if some of them can get into politics then eventually into the White House. England is a good example at this time there are Muslim mayors in almost all of the small towns around London there are no go zones all over the EU where the police as well as Ambulance drivers refuse to enter. When they have dared to drive down a street in one of the no-go zones they are surrounded by large numbers of Muslim men just looking for a fight.

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