Texas: At Least 24 Bangladeshi Nationals Caught at Border in March; 160 Since October

Bangladesh is about 90% Muslim. Source: More Bangladesh Nationals Arrive at Texas Border

by Bob Price

Border Patrol agents arrested eight Bangladesh nationals in the Laredo Sector during a two-day period last week. During the month of March, Laredo Sector agents arrested at least 24 after they illegally crossed from Mexico. The Laredo Sector leads the nation in arrests of Bangladeshis who enter the U.S. illegally in South Texas.

The illegal aliens from Bangladesh crossed the border from Nuevo Laredo into south Laredo in two separate events on March 28 and 29. Agents arrested a total of eight illegal immigrants during the two-day period, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“It goes to show that our agents are arresting people from all over the world on a daily basis. Their intentions for entering the country illegally can only be determined after they have been arrested,” Laredo Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Gabriel Acosta said in a written statement.

One week earlier, agents from the sector arrested nine Bangladesh nationals after they illegally crossed the border from Nuevo Laredo, Breitbart Texas reported.

One week before that, agents in this same sector arrested seven more Bangladesh nationals who were smuggled into the U.S. from the area that surrounds Nuevo Laredo in Mexico. The Los Zetas cartel controls human smuggling in this region.

Chief Acosta said they have no idea what motives these people have for making the costly and dangerous trek from southern Asia through Mexico and into the U.S.

The BBC reported in February that Islamist extremism has been on the rise in Bangladesh.

“The arrest of these people from Bangladesh shows there is a clear pipeline from the Middle East through Mexico to the southern border of Texas,” Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza said in his capacity as president of the National Borde Patrol Council Local 2455. “We have been lucky to catch these groups but there is no telling how many other people from countries that sponsor terrorism could be utilizing that same pipeline.”

Garza explained that the young men from Bangladesh have been trained in how to manipulate the system to utilize the Department of Homeland Security’s ongoing catch and release program.

“Many of these people from Bangladesh will claim to be unaccompanied alien minors when they are captured by our agents,” Garza explained. “At that point, they are turned over to immigration officials for processing under the existing catch and release programs for minors.”

“When, during medical and dental examinations, immigration officers determine these people are actually adults, they are issued a Notice to Appear (NTA) and released,” Agent Garza explained.

This April 11  news report indicates the numbers are much higher. via Bangladeshi nationals breaching US border (click here to watch video)

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- It’s a growing concern for border patrol as Laredo has become the number 1 crossing point for Bangladeshi nationals, a country that has known ties to terrorism.

In a KGNS news special report, our Noraida Negron rides along with Border Patrol to find out why these cases are on the rise.

There is one specific area where they are crossing in South Laredo.

Agents have consistently detained 11 Bangladeshis during separate events.

That puts Laredo sector at the top, when it comes to having the highest apprehensions of Bangladeshi nationals compared to other border patrol sectors.

In 2017 they apprehended close to 180 Bangladeshi nationals, and since October of last year, there have been over 160 individuals caught.

Of all the Bangladeshis arrested, the chief says a small percentage have ties to terrorism.

Agents are also seeing a pattern in the stories this group of people are giving when picked up by federal agents.

By declaring they are minors they can take advantage of certain loopholes that allow citizenship in the US.

Which has made this a top priority for Laredo sector border patrol.

9 thoughts on “Texas: At Least 24 Bangladeshi Nationals Caught at Border in March; 160 Since October

  1. Now with the “caravan” of more than 1100 ILLEGALS marching from Central America, how many filthy Muslims will blend in, and try to cross the border with them? The U.S. military should be called in, and when these foreign invaders try to cross OUR BORDER, they should be shot on sight! They have marched thru Mexico, aided by the Mexican government, even though they are there illegally.
    Of course, the goal is to make them our problem. If they cross unhindered, we might as well let every one in and let them turn the U.S. into the shithole they came from!!
    If the U.S. has to shoot 1100 “Mexican” to kill a few muslim terrorists, the I say, lock and load, it’s a bargain!

  2. The ‘pipeline’ from Bangladesh must come across the ocean somewhere. That is where the pipeline needs cut. Sink the boats before they even touch land. These things are worthless. All they do is breed out of control. No skills, no education, nothing to offer but misery and more of the same. It would be like exterminating your house only on a national scale.

    • Amen! And pass the ammunition! We need more nasty filthy Muslims, like we need more Obama’s – not at all!

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  4. Can anybody name me one thing over the last 1400 years or so that the followers of Islam have done that helped or benefited and/or made Non – Muslims lives better in any way ? Trying to come up with a Pros list and it seems to be blank. The Cons list is the Quran with all of the Abrogated verses removed.

  5. Australia has an intact immigration policy that works. Pull your boat up to Australia and they will put you back out on the water with food and water and tell you to go back to wherever you came from.
    Mexico has an intact immigration policy. Huge fences and borders with armed guards on their other side, the side that doesn’t face the US so they can dump their criminals and drug cartels over here.
    It is way past time for the US to get serious about our sovereignty, build that wall and protect our border. But more important than any of this friends, is we must work quickly to STOP the Resettlement program that is putting the Third World in our neighborhoods thanks to Resettlement funds that churches and state groups are taking advantage of. States are being forced to take in people who have no business being here.

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