Virginia: Muslim teen charged for false report man attacked her, removed hijab, called her ‘terrorist’

Source: Police: Va. girl falsely reports man attacked her, removed hijab, called her ‘terrorist’

A 13-year-old girl has been charged by police after she falsely reported that a man assaulted her, removed her hijab, and called her a “terrorist” during an incident last Friday in Woodbridge.

The girl is charged with knowingly giving a false report to a law enforcement officer, according to Prince William County Police.

Investigators say a school resource officer and police learned she “falsely reported” an alleged confrontation with an “unknown black man.”

According to police, the girl alleged the man “cursed at her” and grabbed and tried to place her arms behind her back.

The girl also claimed he allegedly brandished a small knife placing it against the girl’s arms calling her “terrorist.” Police say she claimed he pulled off her headscarf, and “placed his hand over her mouth” as she attempted to scream for help.

The incident was initially reported in the area of Jato Court and Riverview Lane.

This story has been updated Tuesday, April 10, 2018 to reflect that the initial story published Monday was a false report by the girl, according to police

Ih/t Jihad Watch who writes Virginia: Muslima teen falsely reports man attacked her, removed hijab, called her “terrorist”

More fake hate crime. Victimhood is a prized status in our ridiculous society, as it provides one with immunity from scrutiny from law enforcement, and puts one in line for special privileges and accommodation. But here again we see a Muslim fabricating an “anti-Muslim hate crime.” This happens so frequently that any informed person must be skeptical about any and every claim of victimhood from Muslims.

4 thoughts on “Virginia: Muslim teen charged for false report man attacked her, removed hijab, called her ‘terrorist’

  1. We don’t need some ‘alleged’ attacker to call her a ‘terrorist’.
    • We already know, by default, she will become one sooner or later.
    FACT: There are NO peaceful Muslims. ONLY varying degrees of patience. Some are doing jihad now, others are waiting. BUT, all have the same goal…an Islamic world.

  2. Are you trying to de-legitimize the tsunami of Islamophobia launched by White Supremacists and Atheists? Are you a false-flag Mossad operation?

    Everyone knows the plight of American Muslims is a bigger story that your little Civil Rights Movement and your little Civil War. The most important moment in your history is nearer than you think. You needn’t request Sharia; it comes to you. It cannot be denied.

    Ask yourself this: If God didn’t allow it, how can we possibly promise dismemberment, for you and your family, if we don’t get EXACTLY our way? Ergo, you do as told, or you all get sliced into pieces. Your only chance is instant, unthinking obedience. Just remember that there is no such thing as too much groveling.

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