Wisconsin & Minnesota: Marxist & Muslim Groups Shut Down Events (video)

Source: Marxist & Islamists Groups Shut Down Worldview Weekend Events: How We Are Losing Our Freedom of Religion & Speech

CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood, Anifa, and the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Marxists threatened and intimidated the hotels we had contracts with for our free Worldview Weekend rallies April 5-9, 2018. The intimidation by these Marxist and communist thugs and Islamo-Nazis led to the hotels breaching our contracts and cancelling our conferences in Green Bay and Milwaukee which eventually lead to the entire remaining 4 out of 5 Worldview Weekend rallies being shut down. This broadcast was originally live from Des Moines, Iowa the night after the first Worldview Weekend rally. Guest: Chris Gaubatz, John Guandolo, & Shahram Hadian.

The Radison Hotel and Conference Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin cancelled our Saturday night conference as did the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. They were flooded with calls by the Marxist, Muslims and Antifa groups. The hotel in Pewaukee told me even their website was hacked. They said they have never seen anything like this and have never cancelled a group. The Marxists and Muslims are winning and when America has no more freedom Americans will only have themselves to blame.

The 1991 Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum declares that the  Muslims will get Americans to destroy their own miserable house by their own hands and this proves their agenda is working. Americans businesses are willingly complying with Sharia that makes it unacceptable to criticize Muhammad. Americans and American businesses are doing the bidding of the Marxists and Muslims by being cowards and given into the Islamo-Nazis and their Marxist mouth pieces.

Imagine holding free conferences to warn Americans of the threat of Marxists-Islamists tactics to shut down freedom of speech, religion, peaceful assembly, & threat of Sharia only to have conferences cancelled by hotels because of threats of Marxists-Islamists. They made our point for us! Then liberals scream that our conferences were only about money when they were free! They scream we are fascists when they are the ones shutting down free speech.

More video here Worldview Weekend where the organizer discusses the events of the past weekend and reminds viewers that a Muslim recently went to another of their events spouting about the Koran,  brandishing weapons and threatening non-Muslims to be terrified.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin & Minnesota: Marxist & Muslim Groups Shut Down Events (video)

  1. And, check this story about info IslamObama classified in order to hide the truth from America and our Congress:
    “Congress Demands State Department Release ‘Game Changer’ Report on Myth of Palestinian Refugees” ~12 Apr 18
    • “Classified report will bust myth that millions of Palestinians need United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA, sources say…”
    • “While UNRWA provides support to some 5.3 million Palestinians they claim are refugees, the actual number could be closer to 20,000…”
    • “The United States has provided some one billion dollars to UNRWA over the last four years. The total expenditure is nearly six billion dollars since UNRWA was founded in 1950.”
    • “U.S. taxpayer dollars continue to be wasted on an organization that they believe is operating under a false mandate.”
    Yes, patriots, American taxpayers and the Congress, which allocates our money to the UNRWA , have been purposely lied to and hoodwinked by traitor IslamObama.

  2. This my friends is EXACTLY what happened last weekend, and the tactic which SHUT DOWN the Bloomington MN Scheduled Conference (“Understanding The Threat”) Marriot Airport Hotel (and several others around Minnesota and Wisconsin).



    THIS IS AN ASSAULT UPON OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION, and every man, woman, and child, in our AMERICA.

    This IS EXACTLY WHAT MINNESOTA “CAIR” DIRECTOR, JAYLANI HUSSEIN, “denied was actually occurring”, and denied that CAIR had anything to do with its promotion, last Sunday, afternoon, April 8, 2018, at (the CAIR) Stillwater MN public library presentation (“ISLAMOPHOBIA”) – (…How to identify the false ORGANIZATIONS and accusers relating to the violence, the tactics, and the HATE of Radical Islamists).

    IRONY? This presentation was sponsored by the SCVWA (The “St. Croix Valley WOMEN’S Alliance”).

    My point? “Women” – even “female children” – are the primary targets, and victims, of radical Islamist barbarism. That has been true for 1400 years of their history. Now, it is WOMEN, who are actually, and voluntarily “submitting” (Islam translates to “SUBMIT”), to this nonsense. This would be tantamount to the Jews in Hitler’s time, VOLUNTARILY hopping into the train boxcars, and VOLUNTARILY walking into the gas chambers, and the ovens, for their VOLUNTARY extermination.

    In short, this collective behavior pattern on the part of the members of the SCVWA, and any number of likeminded organizations and groups in Minnesota, and around the country, embracing their “FEELINGS” relating to this subject, is a form of VOLUNTARY SUICIDE!

    People in Minnesota are dying now. People in Minnesota are being stabbed, raped (including children), shot, sexually assaulted, attacked, gang raped, intimidated, genitally mutilated (young females), infected with lethal diseases, and the SCVWA, is not a part of the solution. They are, along with their ethereal thinking “comrades”, a huge part of the PROBLEM!…

    …My question?

    How many body bags and hospital beds must be filled in Minnesota, with innocent Minnesotans, who DID NOT VOLUNTARILY “submit” to this imported barbarism, and ORGANIZED MAYHEM, before “The Public Authority” (Politicians – Law enforcement – The Courts), even begins to do its job; and protect Minnesota citizens from all of this, and address this massive “PUBLIC HEALTH & PUBLIC SAFETY” matter(s)?

    …How Many?

    …How long?

    …How awful does this have to get?

    For 1400 years this has been going on..

    The Gauntlet has been thrown! The challenge has been made clear!

    This IS a TONTINE, whether or not WE CHOOSE TO IGNORE IT OR NOT!

    The only question, which remains, is; What are YOU prepared to do about it?

    Please read Ronald Reagan’s speech, entitled: “A Time for Choosing” 1964

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