Orlando, FL. Middle School to Host Syrian Sheik Who Called For Gays and Jews to Be Killed

Source: Sheik Who Called For Gays and Jews to Be Killed ‘Special Guest Speaker’ At Orlando Middle School  – DANGEROUS

By Laura Loomer

Less than two years after 49 people were slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the Greenwood Lakes Middle School in coordination with Muslim community groups in Orlando have decided to host a Syrian sheik who has called for the killing of gays and all Jews.

In a flyer created for a “Positive Parenting Skills” conference, Islamic scholar Dr. M. Rateb Al-Nabulsi is listed as a “special guest speaker” at the event, which is being held by the Security Advancement Center (SAC), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and Aisha Cultural Center in Orlando.

The event is described as a day-long conference with Muslim community organizers with an emphasis on parenting and family issues according to what is said in the Koran and Sunnah.

Al Nabulsi, the Muslim extremist guest speaker, is notorious for making anti-American, anti-gay, and anti-Jew comments, all of which have been caught on camera and translated into English.  Nonetheless, he has been invited back into the very same community that is still struggling to recover from a jihadi who wreaked havoc on innocents at the Pulse nightclub.

In April 2011 while speaking to a group of Muslims in the Middle East, Al Nabulsi said, “Homosexuality carries the death penalty,” and explained why gays should be punished with death, calling homosexuality, “a filthy place that leads to the destruction of the homosexual.” In Islam, the death penalty for homosexuals is usually carried out by hanging a gay person from a crane, decapitation, and throwing gays off buildings.

During the same 2011 lecture, Al Nabulsi went on to criticize Western nations that allowed for gay people to have equal rights, even laughing at countries who have gay diplomats and leaders.

Al Nabulsi, who declared his opposition to gays during his lecture, added, “It’s frightening” how gays have equal rights to heterosexuals in Western nations such as Canada and the United States and said Muslims “are extremely lucky in [their] countries” that homosexuality is punishable by death.

Along with advocating for the death of gays, Al Nabulsi labeled all Jews as “legitimate targets” for suicide bombers and encouraged Palestinians to commit such attacks because he argued Palestinians have an overwhelming disadvantage in their fight against Israel.

As if that isn’t already enough to disqualify him form entering the U.S. and speaking at a middle school, on his website, Al Nabulsi stated that Muslims have a duty to carry out acts of jihad in their fight against what he views as evil Jews.

“Holy fighting is dictated upon us, as it’s an eternal endless war between right and falsehood. Thus, we should make ready against our enemy all we can of power; other wise we’ll be degraded; our sanctity is violated, our lands are occupied, our generation is humiliated, our money is taken, they impose their culture and pornography, thus, what was omitted of our religion, to make ready against our enemy all we can of power; is the reason of Muslims weakness.”

Al Nabulsi’s radical pro-Islamic terror beliefs have been well documented in places other than his website and YouTube. Aside from his homophobic lecture at the Al Aqsa mosque in 2011, he went on an 11 city tour of America with a U.S. State Department sponsored visa in 2014 that was co-sponsored by the Syrian American Council and Shaam Relief Foundation, who described Al Nabulsi as “an internationally-known Muslim scholar, renowned for his scholarship of Islam, who has lent his formidable clerical authority to support human rights, tolerance and respect for all.”

However, on his website, Al Nabulsi referred to Jews as “the worst enemies of God” and said “all Jewish people are combatants” who deserve to be attacked and bombed in acts of jihad.

The fact that Al Nabulsi has been invited as a special guest to speak about parenting in Orlando at a tax payer-funded middle school of all places is call for alarm, given the fact that on June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen carried out an ISIS-inspired Islamic terror attack at the Orlando Pulse gay nightclub, killing 49 people and wounding 58 others in what is the second most deadly Islamic terror attack on U.S. soil after 9/11.

It is worth noting that even WFTV-9, a local news station in Orlando reported on Al Nabulsi’s history of making anti-Jew and anti-gay remarks in 2017 when he was invited by several Florida mosques to speak in favor or Syrian refugees.

The event is scheduled to take place April 14 from noon to 9:30 pm. Organizers have asked attendees to pay $40 per adult, or $100 per family. Students who are members of Muslim Students Association in college will receive a discounted price of $15 to attend the conference.

Parents and citizens concerned over the Islamic radical’s speaking engagement are being encouraged to contact the Greenwood Lakes Middle School, Lake Mary Mayor David Mealor and County Commissioner for the school district  Brenda Carey.

WATCH: Al-Nabulsi Calls for Killing Homosexuals

Read it all and contact the school ASAP. Laura Loomer will be there today:

Follow her for updates @LauraLoomer


School contacts:  http://www.greenwoodlakes.scps.k12.fl.us/Home/QuickLinks/Contact-Us

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Contacts https://www.seminolesheriff.org/page.aspx?id=59

It’s time for Trump to stop issuing visas to imams like Al Nabulsi and this Hardline Islamic Cleric to About to Start U.S. Speaking Tour.

5 thoughts on “Orlando, FL. Middle School to Host Syrian Sheik Who Called For Gays and Jews to Be Killed

  1. How can so many people be so stupid and uncaring? People numbering in the hundreds if not thousands should be protesting his apperance!

  2. I contacted the school last Saturday and got a response today: “Beamon, Serita Today at 9:36 AM I am in receipt of your email and am responding on behalf of the School Board and Superintendent. To clarify, the guest speaker was not the invited speaker of the School Board or school system. On March 9, 2018, Sincerity Advancement Center executed a Facility Lease Agreement with the School Board pursuant to its policies. That organization rented two rooms at Greenwood Lakes Middle School for a non-school related activity on Saturday, April 14, 2018. The event was not a Seminole County Public School sponsored or endorsed event. Best regards,Serita D. BeamonSchool Board Attorney === You could not find anyone more anti-creeping Sharia than myself. BUT, let’s make sure we have our facts straight, lest we look like fools trying to get our message across.

    From: Creeping Sharia To: aloha498@yahoo.com Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2018 11:01 AM Subject: [New post] Orlando, FL. Middle School to Host Syrian Sheik Who Called For Gays and Jews to Be Killed #yiv6468081118 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv6468081118 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv6468081118 a.yiv6468081118primaryactionlink:link, #yiv6468081118 a.yiv6468081118primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv6468081118 a.yiv6468081118primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv6468081118 a.yiv6468081118primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv6468081118 WordPress.com | creeping posted: “Source: Sheik Who Called For Gays and Jews to Be Killed ‘Special Guest Speaker’ At Orlando Middle School  – DANGEROUSBy Laura LoomerLess than two years after 49 people were slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the Green” | |

    • The school is wimping out!! It’s THEIR responsibility to do a check on the group that wants to rent the rooms. Their reply is an EXCUSE. PERIOD! Typical Liberal NOT OUR FAULT.

      I bet they would have denied a Christian, Jewish, pro-life or pro 2nd Admendment group that wanted to rent the rooms.

      And why is the school renting rooms to any group that doesn’t have any business doing something at the school anyway?

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