Australia: Imam who forced 14-year old girl to marry loses appeal, but still no jail time

Ibrahim Omerdic

More Muslims, more mosques, more underage marriage. The joys of importing sharia to Western nations.  Source: Vic imam child wedding appeal decision

A former Muslim cleric who wed a teenage girl to a 34-year-old man in Melbourne has failed in a bid to clear his name.

Ibrahim Omerdic, 62, oversaw the marriage at a Noble Park mosque in 2016 in a ceremony that was captured on camera.

The video footage shows the imam telling the 14-year-old girl she must “obey” her husband.

Omerdic was found guilty by a magistrate in June of unlawfully solemnising a marriage but he launched an appeal against the conviction in the Supreme Court.

He claimed he never finished the religious ceremony and had not provided the couple with an Islamic marriage certificate.

Omerdic also argued the ceremony performed that day wasn’t sufficient to establish a marriage under Australian law.

But counsel for the Commonwealth said the imam deliberately withheld the signed certificate because he didn’t want to get caught.

Supreme Court Justice Andrew Keogh dismissed the appeal on Friday, saying the magistrate was entitled to find Omerdic had wed the pair.

“I have found against Mr Omerdic on each of the grounds of appeal,” he said.

“The appeal will be dismissed.”

Omerdic, whose conviction will stand, did not attend the brief judgment hearing.

He was sentenced by magistrate Phillip Goldberg to two months in prison but he was spared immediate jail time.

That’s because he was placed on a two-year recognisance release order, effectively suspending the sentence.

Footage of the marriage ceremony at Noble Park has previously been played to court.

“As a wife you have a duty to obey your husband,’ Omerdic says in the shaky mobile footage.

“A man is the ruler in his family … a woman is the ruler in the house of her husband.”

He can also be heard telling the child’s mother and her betrothed: “She’s very young.”

Omerdic was an imam of the Bosnian Islamic Society and Noble Park Mosque but was suspended after his November arrest.

The Muslim “refugee” who married the 14-year old at a mosque only got 14 days in jial (if he even served it). The mother who sold her daughter was not charged with any crime.  This is Islam.

They’re really deterring Islamic child marriages down under. /sarc off

One thought on “Australia: Imam who forced 14-year old girl to marry loses appeal, but still no jail time

  1. And where is CPS on this ? not a single word crickets nothing else .
    Child protection services should have taken her out of the enviroment and put her in a good Christian home

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