Maine: Lewiston GOP Mayor Appoints Somali Muslim Immigrant Activist to Library Board

Source: RINO Lewiston Mayor Appoints Somali Democrat Activist to Library Board – Maine First Media

Lewiston’s Republican Mayor, Shane Bouchard has appointed the Lewiston Democrat Vice-Chair to the Lewiston Library Board of Trustees.

Safiya Kahlid is a Somali immigrant and political activist.

Anti-Trump, anti-white, Somali Muslim activist

As part of the Library Board, Kahlid will have some say in the types of books the library Houses — as well as which cultural programs the library sponsors.

Along with her role as Lewiston Democrat Vice-Chair, she also ran for Lewiston School Committee last year in a losing effort.

Her facebook page demonstrates some of the radical views Kahlid advocates for, and apparently, Mayor Bouchard endorses.

Kahlid was one of three Somali immigrants who ran for Lewiston School Committee in 2017.

Now she holds a spot in city government. RINO Mayor Bouchard last month endorsed a report by a working group, put together by the City Council. Among other things, the report called for the recruitment of immigrants and refugees to run for elected office.

Lewiston Mayor Shane Bouchard.

Mayor Bouchard called the proposal a “great start that gives us some direction.”

Along with Kahlid, Mayor Bouchard has also named Sarah Gillespie and Edward Walworth to the Lewiston Library Board.

According to, the Library Board has policy-setting authority in the following areas:

  • Identification and promotion of general library objectives;
  • Establishing the character and quality of books and other materials to be contained in the library collection; promoting cooperation with other libraries;
  • Providing effective programs and services to schools and other specialized groups in need of library service;
  • Establishing and supporting cultural programs sponsored by the library.

Trustees are appointed to three-year terms.

Read it all at Maine First Media. And know who is on your local library, school or other town and city boards.

How long before that library engages in taxpayer-funded Islamic dawah?

15 thoughts on “Maine: Lewiston GOP Mayor Appoints Somali Muslim Immigrant Activist to Library Board

  1. we need more korans
    “boy these politicians love us said moehamhead what suckers they are i wonder if little davie hogg will be a spokesperson for us too “

  2. Being from Maine this is disgusting! I now feel unsafe if I have to drive through Lewiston, The streets are dark even during the day, it’s starting to look like some east African city driving down Lisbon St. the main street of the city. Lock the doors on the car and don’t stop! i really thought the mayor was smarter than that.

  3. I interviewed the City manager many years ago, when this first started. He was one of my favorite guests on my radio program.

    At that time, the, then mayor, tried to put an abrupt end to the forced immigration to Lewiston, by the UN and the State Dept., for serious economic impact and cultural clash reasons.

    …50,000 people in Lewiston Maine, became 51,000 people there in less than 12 months… Their annual city budget was busted within six months…

    I gather, that they have been monumentally unsuccessful in that regard.

    Good luck to the current mayor and city council, per their “welcoming & just cities” declaration these days.

    That approach has not worked anywhere on the planet, where that “social justice” mass immigration EXPERIMENT has been tried.. But, have at it mayor, and, by all means, shut down free speech every step of the way…

    Caution however.. That is NOT THE AMERICA THE FRAMERS OF THE (OUR) constitution, SACRIFICED EVERYTHING TO CREATE… Nor, is it the America, supported by OUR U.S. Constitution (LAW), and OUR Bill of Rights….and the exercise of “Free Speech” being a cornerstone of OUR American system of government, and OUR American society..

    Be careful what you wish for mayor Bouchard.. Just look at today’s Western European countries, and present day UK for a glimpse into your future..

    …Be careful what you wish for mayor Bouchard..

  4. The Islamic idea of libraries and education in the 7th century:

    When the Muslims’ army, led by Amr Ibn Al Ass, conquered Egypt in the seventh century, Amr came across the massive collection of books in the Library of Alexandria. He didn’t know what to do with them, so he sent to the rightly guided Caliph Omar asking for advice. Omar’s opinion was: “destroy the books because if they are bad we don’t need them and if they are good we have better” (meaning the Quran) . []
    Islam also makes very good use of black women in stealth jihad. Is the library board familiar with Islam’s treatment of women and lack of civil rights for all? Will the bible be banned?
    Will the library computers block anti-islamic websites? Will accurate English translations of the koran be available or just the watered down versions? When will prayer rooms be built at tax payer expense? Does the board know about allah’s anti-Semitism?

  5. NOT funny at all.. This IS ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL SUICIDE… Keep seeing this imported challenge in such a cavalier manner, and a “social justice” joke and see what happens… Keep smiling..

    Western Europe and the UK are not smiling NOW..

  6. It is not too late to boot all Muslims, and those who support and promote them, out of America. But if we don’t start that process soon, it will be too late to do it without bloodshed.

  7. This 1400 history relating to this THING, and this barbaric AND BLOODY geo-political movement is not funny at all. It is just history repeating itself.. How old do you have to be to actually know this?

    Question for “Chuckles”..

    How does 1% of OUR U.S. Population (2% in Minnesota) create 80% to 90% of this mayhem and barbarism in OUR own country?

    • Not funny ha ha. Funny as totally ridiculous. I’ve been kicked off of here and Jihad Watch for telling it like it is. Their algorithms don’t care for me, apparently. So it was total sarcasm.:-). This Islamic fuss goes back to Abraham, Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael, so I think I get it.


  8. Most of the Somali muslims in Minnesota, who have been transplanted here (We have the largest population of these people in the U.S. – and growing by the day due to the RRP and secondary migration coming from other states, which cut back or cut off welfare benefits) – have duel citizenship. Technically, they are not really refugees..

    • I moved to Tn. from Columbus, Oh. #2 for Somali population, so I understand. Both my girls worked at a larger convenience store chain, for a little while. They both said, the Somali population treated them with total disrespect. Plus, they can’t drive worth a crap. Lol. Lol, but I’m speaking from experience. I’ve had several work for me and we all got along well.

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