DHS: More than a dozen known or suspected terrorists try to enter US each day

Source: Kirstjen Nielsen tells Fox News more than a dozen known or suspected terrorists try to enter US each day

More than a dozen known or suspected terrorists are trying to get into the U.S. on any given day, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Fox News, citing new internal department data.

“People think of border security in very different ways but to me it’s very simple: border security is national security,” Nielsen said. “What we see at the Department of Homeland Security, we see 15 terrorists either planning to travel or actually traveling to the United States each day, known and suspected terrorists. So that means they are coming through our legal land, port and air but they could be coming across that (southwest) border.”

In New York City for a series of recent closed-door threat and intelligence meetings, Nielsen spoke exclusively with Fox News at Ground Zero — not far from the October 2017 attack where an ISIS-inspired terrorist used a truck to kill eight people along the West Side Highway.

“Using the Internet, terrorist groups are encouraging followers to bring your own weapon, use a car, use a truck, use a knife, something you can easily pick up, and go and commit chaos and murder,” Nielsen explained.

The Chief of Counterterrorism at the New York City Police Department, James R. Waters, said personal relationships matter. “Being able to pick up the phone and speak to the secretary herself or her immediate staff and discuss an issue or a problem to protect the city is invaluable.”

Waters’ intelligence teams track events worldwide, including the attempted poisoning in the U.K. targeting a Russian military officer-turned-spy and his daughter last month. “We study attacks around the world and if something can be done over there, it can be done over here,”  Waters explained to Fox News. “So that has been the secret to some of our success in thwarting plots… we follow the threat. We follow the attacks that go on. We travel to those parts of the world and talk one-to-one with the law enforcement and their governments.”

Waters said that since 9/11, his teams have thwarted “more than 20 plots. Bona fide plots” targeting the New York City area.

With the Supreme Court now weighing the third version of the travel ban affecting a small group of mostly Muslim countries, Nielsen said the Trump administration remains committed to knowing who’s entering the U.S., and whether their home nations are high-risk.

“What we’ve done as a country is, we’ve said we owe it to our citizens to know who is traveling here and if they intend to do us harm.”

Asked if the administration was dissuaded from the travel ban given the setbacks, Nielsen said, “I’m not. I think it’s a requirement, I think that’s what Americans expect their government to do, is to ensure that people traveling here do not intend to do them harm.”

Nielsen said that in her first four months on the job, her department has run into roadblocks with Congress. On funding for the border wall, she said lawmakers “all say to me, ‘we’re in favor of border security, border security is our sovereignty, border security is the most important thing a country can do,’ and yet when we try to work with them on legislation it falls apart. So, I really hope that they take it seriously. I’m willing to work with anyone in good faith who will work with me but it’s very high on the president’s mind to get this done as soon as possible.”

Speaking about the recent deployment of National Guard troops to the Mexican border, “I don’t know why it was controversial. We’ve done this twice before to much success.” Asked if that was a measure of the politically charged environment, Nielsen said, “I think so.”

5 thoughts on “DHS: More than a dozen known or suspected terrorists try to enter US each day

  1. We need to reopen Alcatraz and put those Muzzies there. No Constitutional protections, no prayer rugs, no halal food, no NOTHING but sitting and thinking about being the world’s garbage.

  2. Border security is essential, but we also need to be concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood’s front groups (CAIR, ISNA, the MSA, etc) infiltrating our institutions. Civilization / stealth jihad has been going on for decades but the willful blindness by our media and political classes has left us vulnerable through not only illegal immigration but refugee resettlement as well.

  3. Everyone talks about prison, really? This troglodytes don’t care about doing nothing and being fed it’s part of overwhelming the country! Body bags, That’s a deterrent! A known terrorist, cap their ass at the border, done! Buy a cheap piece of land nearby dig a deep six foot diameter hole with a concrete cover and dump them in. It starts to get full, have a pig farm or slaughter bring in a truck load of pig guts and blood dump it in the hole and fill it in and dig another hole. Gets the point across saves millions in housing and they get the point we will not be civil to them and we will protect our own!

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