Illinois: Aurora public library will get sharia “sensitivity training” from terror-linked Muslim group over satirical poem

Soon you will not be able to say anything about Islam. Period.

Source: In wake of backlash over ‘unfortunate poem’ display, Aurora library to start sensitivity training in May – Aurora Beacon-News

The Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations will conduct sensitivity training for Aurora Public Library employees next month.

The organization, in a joint press release with the library, said the training for the more than 100 library employees will begin in May.

Sensitivity training was one of the changes promised recently by Aurora Public Library Director Daisy Porter-Reynolds, prompted by the situation that developed around the library’s display of a poem seen by some as insulting toward Muslims.

After hearing numerous complaints, the library and the author of the poem removed it from the library, and library officials have spent the last week apologizing for its display.

The council had condemned the exhibit, but also praised the library for acting quickly to remove it. In the news release, the council said it and the library are working together to “initiate healing, bring understanding, and rebuild trust” following the situation.

Both the organization and library officials said the display, while its intent was satire, came off as being against Muslim women, and possibly inciting violence against Muslims.

The council, in the news release, said the “display itself was presented at face-value without any such context thus working to shock and threaten viewers, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, at a time in which anti-Muslim and anti-Hijab animosity is a serious problem.

Ahmed Rehab, council director, spoke with Porter-Reynolds and Library Board President John Savage, both of whom expressed regret and apologized for the display.

The organization said it also is “in positive communication” with Professor George Miller who wrote the poem. Rehab also spoke with Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, who had issued a strong rebuke of the material.

“For us, this is not about ‘claiming scalps,’ to quote the unfortunate poem,” Rehab said. “To the contrary, where there is humble admission of error and a genuine desire to fix mistakes, then our strategy is to create an opportunity out of the challenge and work together to not only fix problems, but even set new standards of welcomeness.”

Porter-Reynolds has told the Library Board she is changing the process for approval of material displayed at the library.

Instead of being decided on by one person, a team of staff and board members will review content for displays, she said.

“Looking ahead, we will also engage the community with a series of programs on race and religion in Aurora and America,” she said. “I have taken feedback from the community on how we can best go about this. I intend for every one of all religions and races to feel safe and welcome at Aurora Public Library.”

Public libraries in the U.S. – more than 800 of them – have already been inundated with taxpayer-funded Islamic propaganda. This effort will be no different. The focus will be Islam – the whitewashed version – and it will only be Islam. It will be dictated by the terror-linked Hamas front group CAIR. And it will shut down and punish free speech that is critical of sharia and jihad.

CAIR, as most readers know, is banned by the FBI, named a Hamas front by a federal judge, listed as a terrorist organization by the UAE, and has had many of its leaders jailed or deported for terror-related crimes.

More on the poem:  Aurora Public Library employee resigns over Muslim poem controversy

No one knows that better than Amy Roth, the former communications manager at the Aurora Public Library.

I say “former” because, as this controversy was playing out, she resigned from that position after refusing to post a press release from the library board that she felt — my words, not hers — threw the staff under the bus without consulting with them.

Roth says when she first read the poem, which seems to take cruel aim at Muslims and, in particular, Muslim women, “it stopped me in my tracks … it was horrible,” she said. “But then I read it again and started to think about it … and saw what the artist was trying to say … that those thoughts were abhorrent.”

The poem’s text, superimposed over a confederate flag, begins with, “Every kid should be like my kid and snatch a hijab,” and the last two lines state, “Some people don’t know what America is all about. But me and my family are here to show them the right way.”

Roth said because she values freedom of speech, she felt she had to stand up for Miller’s rights to say what he wanted, as his words “were not causing any imminent danger.”

The real danger, that won’t be discussed during any of this is the jihad problem that already exists in Aurora, see stories below, or the state of Illinois in general.

Illinois: Muslim Cousins Plead Guilty in Plot to Kill 120 at Aurora National Guard Base

Illinois: Muslim in Aurora pleads guilty to trying to join al Qaeda

16 thoughts on “Illinois: Aurora public library will get sharia “sensitivity training” from terror-linked Muslim group over satirical poem

  1. How can one insult a so-called prophet that decides, when he is in his FIFTIES (50s) that he has found a wife in a SIX (6) year old little girl that was in a courtyard playing with dolls with a little girl friend of her same age range…. This same old “prophet” proceeds to “CONSULT” with his “Jinn in the cave” (remember that his old crafty rich widow woman , mohamid’s wife, advised Mohamed to not call the spirit a Jinn but to call it “The Angel Gabriel”.) in an effort to get the “approval “ of the Jinn to mohamid’s then unprecedented declaration that he was marrying a SIX YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL?!?!?

    Truly al salam, aka islam is a Satanic farcical pantomime of a true “Religion”.

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  3. Oh! The muslim association and others do more than incite violence against non muslims, they ACT ON THAT VIOLENCE. We know from the 33,000 muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11 in the western world. We are still waiting for their apologies for those horrible acts THAT STILL CONTINUE TODAY and THEY SHOULD THREAD carefully in posing their actions and demands when they are the ones in the wrong. I still wonder under what violent threats Daisy Porter-Reynolds, Richard Irwin or John Savage are to give in so easily to such attacks. Initiate healing? Wow, someone who has a poor sense of humour here.

  4. We are speaking to the choir here.
    • Islam want’s to take over the world and America would be its biggest victory.

    Time for talking is long gone, now its time to fight!

    Don’t forget family and friends…keep them informed even if they don’t want to hear it.

    If you won’t stand up for your country, your freedoms, your loved ones and friends, who will?

    Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop…

  5. Unless all the employees are Lemmings, a good portion will likely see the propaganda as it is and have a hardening of the heart to the murderous cult that is attempting to conquer the country! I for one will never submit to the barbarians!!

  6. Funny, how freedom of speech has been warped to mean only freedom of speech to agree with those who scream hate the loudest.

  7. new standards of welcomeness

    We’ll be glad to explain the new standards to them as they mount the gang plank for their wonderful new homes upon a continent far far away.

    As much as we’d like to stuff them into a time machine and send them back temporally, expulsion will be the best we can do.

    We should start now if they are all to be gone before Election Day, 2020.

  8. This is how the Muslim Brotherhood plans to take over the country as they have bragged for years, they pulled off the same thing in 2013 when they demanded that all of the FBI files be cleaned out if they contained anything about Muslims, these files contained information on cases connected to terrorists. As I said before many of the FBI agents quit because of this happening.

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  10. MUZZLOIDS are offended by anything that bears any resemblance to the Truth!!!! Their whole claim to fame is founded on a pack of LIES from the writings of mo-ham-dead, the false “prophet”, to the lie about 72 virgins (whores). Muzzlumz all believe their “emperor” is wearing his “golden suit” riding around in his “golden chariot” BUT HE’S A FREAKING STARK BUTT-NAKED PERV and his REAL name is Lucifer–THE DEVIL!!!!!

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