Iowa: Catholic university opens gender-segregated mini-mosque for Muslim students

Muslims first. Source: St. Ambrose University To Open Prayer Space For Muslim Students | WVIK  h/t College Fix

St. Ambrose University in Davenport will open a new prayer space Tuesday for Muslim students.

The Catholic university wants to honor Joe DeFrancisco, a former professor who taught a course on world religions.

DeFrancisco died last summer, after a 25-year career at St. Ambrose as a professor of theology.

“At his funeral, there were people from six different faiths,” says St. Ambrose senior Matt Mahoney.

Mahoney wanted to make sure DeFrancisco’s legacy of interfaith education lived on. So, he met last fall with the university’s Saudi Student Association to turn an idea of DeFrancisco’s into reality.

“One of his ideas was our Muslim students particularly, but just students of all faiths, didn’t really have a substantial enough prayer rooms on campus.”

Mahoney worked with the university’s Saudi Student Association to design a space specifically for students of the Islamic faith. Some of the features include sinks for ritual foot-washing, and separate areas for male and female worshippers, since Islamic tradition calls for different prayer areas for each sex.

[Islamic tradition or Islamic law? And why separate? NPR intentionally doesn’t provide readers with that information.]

“Being able to say that we’re committed to these Muslim students, and to all students—students of all different faiths—is really outstanding,” said Mahoney. “It’s uniquely Ambrosian, and it just sort of shows our commitment to all different faiths.”

The university will hold a dedication ceremony for the prayer space Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. It will be located in Ambrose Hall.

Exactly how creating a prayer space specifically for Muslims is a commitment to all students is unclear. Orwellian even.

9 thoughts on “Iowa: Catholic university opens gender-segregated mini-mosque for Muslim students

  1. Truly , The blind do not see! The islamic faith strives to destroy all other real faiths. Children to moslems are weapons of war. Why do we train our enemies???

  2. Contemplating the reaction of the Imam and the leftist hate media should I whip out my beads and pray the most holy rosary of the blessed Virgin Mary anywhere near a Muslim only room such as these separate and unequal venues. Better still bring a Qur’an for lighting a sacrificial bonfire celebrating the US embassy being moved tomorrow to it’s rightful place of biblical origin in Israel.

  3. I DONT understand this! The Catholic church has rolled over and capitulated world wide. WHY?? Have their leaders made some deal with the Devil so they won’t be harmed when Muslims conquer the world? If they have, they are in for a horrible, horrible, horrible awakening.

    • They are globalists 1st religious 2nd. Rhodes himself admired the Jesuit’s structure & modelled his own plans for eletist control upon it. However I agree how the globalists imagine they can use Islam as an aspect of their plans to destroy national sovereignty, then control it I have no idea.

  4. When i go through many college campuses I see the Wesley House for Methodists, the Cardinal Newman Center (for Catholics). one for Episcopalians and many others. supported by members of the respective religions. so why can’t Muslims raise their own funds and pay for the renovation of a building like other faiths do?

    • Muslims have one agenda is to conquer, it is stupid to give in to Muslims on any level so here’s a thought as to why Muslims go to schools outside the mosques: like the above situation Muslims attend these schools using the First Amendment as a religious freedom to attend any school however after arriving they will begin to demand separate prayer rooms complete with foot baths and these stupid organizations give in to this never full comprehending that they are giving in to the segregation of Muslims over their other students and staff. Once established the demand for more and more sharia compliant issues will begin to force the school to become Islamic.

  5. Haven’t we been taught that “Segregation” is really bad? Haven’t we had the importance of “gender equality” shoved down our throats? When followers of an ideology that prescribes compassion, forgiveness, and unity choose to lend credibility to rival ideologies that promote hatred, subjugation, and division in an attempt to get along and coexist they undermine the very foundations of their own beliefs.
    All religions are not equal and probably shouldn’t be regarded or treated as such. In the real world the only thing inherited by the meek, is subjugation.
    Earthlings are stupid, and getting worse day by day.

    • Islam is a theocracy: its says it is… the dictionary states it as well …now only if the people of the world would acknowledge it as well then it would be easier to have it removed from any nation as a threat to a nations own laws, culture and history.

  6. This is INSANE!! this is the NEW WAY for Muslims to INVADE & TAKE OVER & ATTACK the USA!! It’s just a matter of time, like 9-11 but this time there in CITY COUNCILS and running for SENATORS!!

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