Video: Ex-Muslim Woman Stands Against Sharia-Sanctioned Honor Killings in America

Source: Farrah: Ex-Muslim Woman Brave Enough to Stand Against Sharia-Sanctioned Honor Killings in America | The United West

Ex-Muslim Farrah Prudence has a Sharia-sanctioned death sentence on her head for converting to Christianity. Her father, after years of Sharia-sanctioned physical abuse, convinced an Imam to issue the fatwa to have Farrah killed because she rejected Islam.

Honor killing of young women and children is very personal to Farrah. She knows that she could have been one of the victims herself.

She knows that there are thousands of women in America who do live under Sharia as the property of men who withhold the freedom and equality that America promises.

Farrah is brave enough to speak out despite the non-stop verbal abuse of the Antifa mob 50 feet away restrained only by the police presence and her personal bodyguards.

A separate interview with Prudence here.

3 thoughts on “Video: Ex-Muslim Woman Stands Against Sharia-Sanctioned Honor Killings in America

  1. What is startling is the fact that Islam calls for followers to obey the Quran and the Prophet, that to Muslims must remain slander if spoken out loud, During what Islam refers to as the House of War stealth civilization jihad calls for the silencing of the Kaffirs until sharia is imposed. With that, Ms Prudence is simply stating factual information regarding the Quran/Muhammad who Muslims are too emulate and that requires a death sentence from the religion of peace which means peace come to Islam by silencing the unbelievers. Our concern is two Muslims and two Muslims only, Allah/Muhammad and that is what Islam does not want spoken out loud.

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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