Virginia: Muslim ‘tried to poison his estranged wife and kids with donuts’


Source: Virginia man ‘tried to poison his estranged wife and kids with donuts’ | Daily Mail Online  h/t Jihad Watch

A Virginia man is being accused of trying to kill his estranged wife and children with a box of poisoned donuts, according to court documents.

Gulam Nabizadah, 54, is being investigated by police in Fairfax County after one of his children found a potentially fatal substance inside the donut that she took a bite form.

The man’s wife first filed a protective order against her husband in November following death threats she received from him, reports Fox 5.

Nabizadah, who resides in Centreville, had a visitation visit with his children a week after the protection order was granted.

He sent the children back home to their mother with a box of six chocolate-glazed donuts.

His daughter noticed something was off about the donuts as soon as she bit into one and discovered that the taste was terrible, according to court documents.

Inspecting the donuts, his daughter noticed that there was a slit on the side of each and inside a dark substance that resembled charcoal.

Test conducted on the donuts found that they contained the chemical naphthalene.

The substance is normally found in mothballs and can lead to liver damage if exposed or ingested.

Nabizadah’s home was searched this week and ant bait, shoe polish, utensils, a phone and charcoal were all seized.

No arrest has been made and charges have not been filed.

4 thoughts on “Virginia: Muslim ‘tried to poison his estranged wife and kids with donuts’

  1. The men of this cult have been raised to believe they are some how superior and treat women and children as chattel. This cult can never change or be considered a “religion”. This cult needs to be destroyed!!!

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