Georgia: First nonprofit surgical center for female genital mutilation victims opens in Metro Atlanta

The fruits of mass Muslim migration and refugees to America. Diversity is our strength, right? Source: First nonprofit surgical center for female genital mutilation opens in Metro Atlanta – Atlanta Business Chronicle

Johns Creek is the new home for the nation’s first nonprofit center devoted entirely to the surgical and psychological treatment of victims of female genital mutilation.

Dr. T. Wayne Bloodworth, a cosmetic surgeon and gynecologist who trained in Paris, is founder, owner and medical director of The Surgery Center for FGM, which is leasing space at 10680 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 102. The office includes five exam rooms, a procedure suite, recovery area and waiting room.

“Beyond surgery, these patients need psychological counseling and special care for the trauma they experienced,” said Dr. Bloodworth, who earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia, Masters of Business Administration from Mercer University and completed surgical training at Tulane University, in a news release.

Christine Auyeung, the nonprofit’s executive director, told Atlanta Business Chronicle that there center currently seven employees, including a psychiatrist, surgeon, psychologist and a physician. The group has seen one patient by request, but the center won’t officially start seeing patients until mid-May, Auyeung said.

The World Health Organization estimates there are 500,000 victims of female genital mutilation currently residing in the United States.

“While there are hundreds of great nonprofit advocacy groups working feverishly to get legislation passed against FGM and to raise awareness to this barbaric practice, there were no nonprofit surgical settings available to patients already suffering and who need a specialized procedure,” Bloodworth said. “The most common quote from a patient after having the procedure is ‘I feel whole again.”

CNN published a story last summer about the alarming rise of female genital mutilation in America. More on that here.

It’s a good thing Democrats didn’t have to vote on the center because Democrats have been fighting in favor of FGM and would likely have rejected this center.

16 thoughts on “Georgia: First nonprofit surgical center for female genital mutilation victims opens in Metro Atlanta

  1. This may be the only way for Americans to see the barbaric nature of islam. By showing what these savages are willing to do to their female children, maybe the eyes can be opened to the general public. These Muslims are lower than pond scum and need to be eradicated from the U.S. Ban all Muslims!

  2. This is a form collective mental illness. Those who promote and support this should be subjected to the same procedure, including all the Islamist males involved..

    My efforts to get the SPLC to denounce this 7th century, “Frankenstein monster” like barbarism, have failed. While they defend those who are engaged in this sickness, they WILL NOT SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE VICTIMS OF THIS INSANITY. And, where is the ACLU on this? Where are all the women’s rights groups?

    • Exactly! The Feminists SHOULD be marching in the streets against FGM and though off topic the treatment of women and children in India, Africa and all Islamic countries. What about human trafficking here at home in the U.S.? I could respect them a bit if they did. Instead they are OBSESSED with keeping abortion legal and making it legal in countries where it isn’t. To them other women’s issues don’t exist and these are some of the reasons why I stopped being one almost 30 years ago.

    • Totally agree. Please change your title cause it sounds like this article show it is IN FAVOUR OF FGM.
      Should say prevention of FGM or surgical repair of FGM or centre against FGM for surgical repair.

    • Agree that the title is misleading. The article clearly states this center is to treat the victims of FGM, and help them recover normalcy, both bodily and psychologically. The title makes it sound as tho the center will be performing the atrocities.

      • Addendum: it is the *short title* that is misleading. The URL title, which is what shows up when this is shared, reads: “Georgia: First nonprofit surgical center for female genital mutilation opens in Metro Atlanta”

  3. A psychopath is someone who does not know what is real and what is not real. Additional signs and symptoms may accompany the condition, but, in this sense alone, any person who believes in a religion is a psychopath in this degree, because there is not any religion that does not teach something that is not real and which all members of the religion are supposed to believe is true, when, in fact, it is not.

    • Is that just your “humble” opinion, or can you back that up with facts? Oh, you must have a degree in psychology AND theology to make such a proclamation. My guess is you’re a disgruntled college student still living in fantasy land and being supported by mommy and daddy. Come back in 20 years when you have some actual life experience, loser!

    • Actually psychopaths Do know right from wrong. They just have no conscience. When someone is in a psychotic state they often have no sense of right and wrong or even what they’re doing.

      • I’ve known psychopaths and you’re right about them not having a conscience which leads them to justify their behavior. They will make up and use any excuse to do so.

  4. This is a good/bad issue: good for the victim of FGM however as anyone thought about this: many Muslim women have had this procedure done along time ago, the clitoris is removed and her whole vaginal area is sewn shut after removal of her libia, how does one repair such damage and what about the husband? What will the after effects for the women who have the repair done? Will the husband find a way to undo what the Dr. repaired? Will the husband feel threatened? what about marriage after the repair?

    I am not in favor of FGM but there will be repercussions to this repair industry be it the woman or the Dr. office by some irate Muslim man or woman who will claim its a religious act when in actuality it is demand under sharia law and in the Koran. Islam is barbaric theocracy and has nothing to do in a religious sense because its not a religion. Get educated people read their book especially the Koran and Reliance of the Traveller:Islamic Sacred Law.

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