Canada: Muslim found guilty of sex attack on hotel employee, but judge lets him remain free

Source: Halifax man found guilty of sex attack on hotel employee | The Chronicle Herald

A man has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a Halifax hotel employee in February 2016.

Mostafa M.Y. Hussien, 30, of Halifax was also convicted Tuesday of forcibly confining the young woman in his hotel room.

Hussien stood trial recently in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax in front of Justice Denise Boudreau, who will sentence him in August.

There’s a publication ban on any information that would identify the complainant, so The Chronicle Herald is not naming the hotel or giving her job description.

The court heard Hussien approached the woman at about suppertime on Feb. 8, 2016, and said he had locked himself out of his room, which he had been renting on a monthly basis since the previous November.

After she opened the door to his room, he asked her to check out his tub, which he said was not draining properly.

The woman testified that Hussien attacked her after turning on the hot water in the tub.

She said he pressed her up against the wall and tried to kiss her before forcing her onto the bed, where he digitally penetrated her vagina and repeatedly tried to put his penis in her mouth.

The woman escaped and finished her shift before calling police the next day.

She texted her manager and her best friend immediately after the incident to tell them what had occurred.

Hussien, a cellphone salesman, took the stand in his own defence and denied assaulting the employee.

Defence lawyer Derek Brett tendered photos of Hussien’s genitals in an attempt to disprove the complainant’s description of his penis.

Crown attorney Rick Woodburn said the attack happened during a snowstorm when there weren’t many people at the hotel.

“Hotel staff are particularly vulnerable and it was clear the accused used his status as a guest to lure in the unsuspecting victim,” Woodburn said Thursday. “Although traumatized and emotionally scarred, the victim bravely worked with the police and Crown to tell her story. She should be held out as a beacon of light for all the countless survivors who have been victimized.”

Woodburn said he expects the woman to submit a victim impact statement for Hussien’s sentencing hearing. He said he will seek a federal sentence, which means a term of at least two years in prison.

The judge turned down a request from the prosecutor to have Hussien taken into custody after the guilty verdicts.

Hussien remains free on the conditions of a Feb. 10, 2016, undertaking to police. He cannot have any contact with the complainant, is not to be within 25 metres of the hotel and must notify police within 48 hours of any change in his address, employment or name.

4 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim found guilty of sex attack on hotel employee, but judge lets him remain free

  1. Kafir women are helal. Oh and those felony convictions sure complicate job-searching, good thing he probably just takes his jizya from the kafirs in the form of welfare.

  2. He will most likely disappear never to be seen again. They have no respect for the civilized world laws.Probably go back to a third world craphole, and come back next year with a new name and life story! Trudeau with hug him and kiss him and give him anything he wants!

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