Video: Obama admin asked to “scrub terrorist databases inside the DHS”

Jacki Pick, host of the Jacki Daily radio show and former Counsel to the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s Constitution Subcommittee

Video: DHS Whistle Blower Testimony Exposes Obama’s “Great Purge” of Jihad

DHS ordered agent to delete records of 100’s of Muslims with terror ties

FOIA: DHS Officials Ordered Nearly 1,000 Names Removed From Terrorist Watch List

10 thoughts on “Video: Obama admin asked to “scrub terrorist databases inside the DHS”

  1. Aiding and abetting America’s enemies is an act of treason. Furthermore, Obama changed the rules of engagement which allowed for the reconstitution of Taliban forces. He and his Administration took steps to facilitate the arming of ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups too. Where are the Grand Jury indictments for treason?

  2. I remember the last thanksgiving holiday odumbo was in office. He said not to worry about acts of terrorism happening the thanksgiving holiday season,to travel and go on as normal. Like he must of called the head of isis,and said,take a break.

  3. This is a great segment. I’m trying to find entire show on YouTube but can’t. Do you have link for entire show? Want to hear Gaffney & Gaubatz speak.

  4. notice how islam hides under the religious lingo and rituals of religion to shove their sharia laws onto others by acting the victim, by making rituals and putting a ‘god’ into their ideology that is worse than communism and Nazism. Oh yeah – there are differences but the similarities are glaring – intolerance, war, lying, propaganda, jihad by emigration (to shove their culture/laws onto us via them becoming majorities and putting their candidates into place), infiltration, and by violence and funding of the violence and stealth jihadis.

  5. I intuitively disliked Obama from the very first moment I saw him and as the years have gone by my intuition has proven to be more and more correct.

    He is the worst enemy the U.S. has ever had and I don’t understand why he isn’t locked in a cell in Levenworth.

    • YES!!! And don’t be intimidated by the leftist FOOLS who will accuse you of RACISM and PREJUDICE! Truth be told, Obama did less for the Blacks in America than virtually all the white presidents put together! He didn’t even give sanctuary to his own aunt from Kenya when he had the opportunity and most of America would have actually stuck up for him if he had done so!

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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