Maine: Man dies after Somali Muslim mob smashes his head with a brick near Kennedy Park

The hat the victim is wearing in the above picture is ironic. America’s real nightmare is Muslim migration…it will kill many more.

Source: Lewiston man dies after fight near Kennedy Park | WGME

LEWISTON (WGME) — State police say 38-year-old Donald Giusti of Lewiston died Friday afternoon, after a fight Tuesday night in Lewiston.

Giusti had been in critical condition at Central Maine Medical Center following the fight near Kennedy Park.

Police are still conducting interviews to find out what happened that night.

The State Medical Examiner’s Office will be conducting an autopsy to find out how Giusti died.

If you have any information about the fight, call (207) 513-3138.

More via our previous post: Maine: Somali Muslim mob strikes again, shoot bb guns at crowd, attack others

Witnesses said at least two dozen teenagers, preteens and adults were involved in the brawl.

Nicholas Vinciguerra, who lives on Maple Street, said he and his longtime friends, whom he refers to as family, had been gathered in the park Tuesday night, many seeking “payback” for a previous confrontation, when gunfire from BB and pellet guns erupted from the open windows of a black car driving north on Bates Street.

Vinciguerra said he and his friends were hit by the BBs and pellets. Three men from the group ran after the car as it turned right onto Spruce Street, then left onto Knox Street.

Jennifer Hixon, 27, said she was standing around in the park with a group of regular friends when a shot from a pellet gun struck her in the side.

“Right here,” she said. “It got me right in the ribs.”

When the car stopped halfway down the block on Knox Street, Vinciguerra and his friend confronted the youths in the car and asked them why they had shot at them. Suddenly, the three men were surrounded by roughly 30 people swinging sticks, baseball bats and other weapons, Vinciguerra said.

“You could see they were swinging for the fences,” he said.

Some of the attackers picked up bricks and used them as weapons, Vinciguerra said.

They had bats and sticks and rocks and steel pipes,” said an 18-year-old who identified himself as David. “They had everything. They were just coming in by the dozens. There were maybe 30 of them and eight of us. It was just a brawl. A bloodbath.”

Vinciguerra said he was told that his friend had been hit with a brick and was taken to the hospital, where police said he underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition. Vinciguerra said he heard his friend had died, but he wasn’t able to confirm that information with the hospital.

“I just want my town to be the way it used to be,” Vinciguerra said, “where you could go out your door and go for a walk at 9 o’clock at night and not have to worry.”

He said the assailants didn’t appear to have any motive other than to injure people.

Almost all of the news articles on the recent attacks in Lewiston and the death of Giusti intentionally leave out the fact that the attackers who shot at the crowd, attacked bystanders and smashed Giusti’s skull with a brick are Somali Muslims.

29 thoughts on “Maine: Man dies after Somali Muslim mob smashes his head with a brick near Kennedy Park

  1. The story is out and the FAKE NEWS leaves out all references to the fact that it was a setup and these muslim thugs had this planned! Makes it premeditated murder if you’re an American, but, immigrants they don’t even mention that fact! More murder and mayhem to follow in little Fallujah(Lewiston, Maine)

  2. Somali Muslims are the worst of the Muslims that are allowed to overtake local communities. They are ruthless killers and are only here to destroy Jews and Christians and all others who don’t have a filthy father that is a Muslim. Every American is in danger of losing one family member out 10, by these ruthless bastards. Somali Pirates have been known for hundreds of years and still own the Seas. Why would your own government put your life and the lives of your women and children to rapists and thieves? Well the only reasoning I can come up with from all the research I do, is the fact that the Democrats have lost face 20 years ago and have been losing votes to stay in the race at all, so they make promises of free crap for all Illegals, and give them free citizenships to get their votes, than they brought in Muslims without being vetted. Now all our enemies know the weakness of America to bring us down. Get into our government and destroy the Constitution, and cause all kinds of damage to the Laws on the books that are getting in the Socialists Democratic way. I am not a supporter of any Political Party but found out a long time ago that when Americans vote it does not count one bit on who you vote for. But the vote keeps the Political Parties alive, and is an agreement that you approve of the government being over you with their boots. I do not approve of any of the candidates that they choose to line up. Why can’t we Americans make suggestion of who we want to run from local governments that have at least 10 years of proven performance? Why do we allow the Democratic party, and the Republican party decide who should run?. They only push in their own Criminal cartels. Why do we allow criminals to enter the Elections when other smaller Felons can’t even get any jobs when they get out of Prison, and have to go back into crime to survive because the government gives them a record that guarantees they never get clean. There is a lot of things wrong with the way Citizens of America allowed the Corrupt Government to continue to fleece the People. We have to RISE UP, TAKE DOWN, AND REBUILD AMERICA FROM THE INSIDE OUT!. Let’s get rid of ALL the swamp vermin before we get sucked into the Abyss. REMEMBER THAT ALL THE WORST STATES THAT HAVE HIGH CRIME ARE DEMOCRAT RUN SHITHOLES. REMEMBER that it was the Democrats that not one voted to Abolish Slavery. Remember that it is the Democrats that are still keeping slaves in bondage by their criminal World Banks, and all the false good deeds that the Democrats say they do, but is actually the opposite. The Democrats are shitting on your rights, your Constitution, your Freedoms, and your intelligence. Let’s make America by tearing down the Political Criminal Cartel by Banning all Parties. Let’s have just one Party, the American Constitutional Party, All for one, And One for ALL. We have to get rid of the United Nations, The Federal Reserve, and the World bank. That would be the best way to make the world think before they vote. Don’t vote for any Party, Vote for the best people who can get the job done without screwing the American People over. I will bet you there are no people reading my article, that will answer all my questions with a solution. Everyone is so controlled by the Corrupt Media, because they are too absorbed by their Democratic Electronic Demons they push. Put down your damn phones, Computers, TV, entertainment systems, and sports for six months and spend more time with your families. You are all zombies and being controlled by Californication Hollywood, and their sinful bunch of Satanic Demons who do the bidding of Satan in these last days. Why is California so polluted above the rest of America, while they are allowed to preach laws and regulations upon the rest of us if they were so expert in the solutions? Because they get the rest of the world to use more Petroleum by installing anti pollution crap and adding alcohol into our engines that get less and less economy then before. Do you realize that if all that crap the Californica shovels on the rest of us is so good why has nothing changed? Then they came up with a fake fuel shortage back in the seventies to scare everyone into following the piper. Then it was Global warming, and then Climate warming, then one thing after another until they get all their false programs billions to do absolutely nothing that the programs were said to be a solution. Their is no Climate change, but their is the HARP and CERN Climate change that they are destroying this planet with. They all built underground cities to run down to escape the carnage they caused intentionally to depopulate the world. Why has no people of the world risen up to protest these programs? Are you all so self absorbed that you can’t be bothered to save the planet from the evil Elitist New World Order? The New World Order is real and the meaning is a distraction. The New means the new plan to destroy mankind for a few Elite. World is what will be left for those Elite when they come back up from the underworld. Order is the meaning the order of Nature, that they have destroyed into their creation and took it away from the Creator. They all want to be god’s unto themselves, and have been taking the true God from the earth by enforcing Sin and reversing natures design. WAKE UP MINDLESS FOOLS.

    • Amen!!! These Somali Muslims are little more than savages! Send them all back to the SHITHOLES they came from! Michigan, Minnesota, Maine, the list of these barbarians (look up root of this word!) Taking over is truly sickening!

  3. More proof that Liberalism is a Mental Disease. They are purposely bringing in people whose values are different than people here for the sake of votes. This should be considered Treason as we know these people are here to conquer. They do not wish to get along or have any part of the American experience. Their 7th Century lifestyle demands them to impose their lifestyle on others. It is all in their teachings and over 1400 years of actions. Ignored by Liberals the world over.

  4. Most of the evils which beset us are caused by the (D)elusional lying stupidity of the (D)irtbag party.

    How is an evil cult (islam and/or leftism) to fight back against a SUPERPOWER? By taking control of the government using psychopathic thugs, loads of oil money and lying scum running the schools, courts and media.

    • Think of all the bad things we are not supposed to talk HONESTLY about: blacks, muslims, illegal immigrants, gun laws, global warming… the (D)irtbags have stupid-ified all discussion because they have their fingerprints all over shitting up our world. And when their stupid lying crap doesn’t shut people up they resort to thugs and crooked judges to get their way.

      • If the information from the DOJ AND FBI over the past few days says anything, it’s that this Muslim influx is all part of a larger plan. Trumps election was the monkeywrench that has screwed up the leftists/NWO and Dems plans. Now they are desperate and will do ANYTHING to get their agenda back on track.

        I still believe there are more of us, than them. Third world Muslims and ILLEGALS from central America are just the tools elitists are using to get us back in line. We have to continue to fight the filth coming across our borders, and work to disengage the Muslims who have begun to take root. Fight them where they Are! Use bricks, sticks guns, knives..whatever it takes. Show no sympathy because they will surely show us none!

      • That was well said! Very true! The ills of the modern world can be place squarely at the feet of the progressives and their minions!

  5. I keep saying its time for a new Charles Bronson to take revenge on the savages who won’t be caught or prosecuted by the police. Death Wish returns to Maine. At least we can hope. Maybe its time for the locals to strike back. Set their own traps for the animals and when they take the bait, waste them all. Isn’t that what Charles Bronson would want?

  6. Nastiest of the nasty. We never needed this filth and never will. Pigslam is still illegal and is incompatible with Our Constitution.

  7. Seems to me that the Muslims in this city believe they are beyond the law and probably are. But when the government fails or will not protect you then you must resist, both the government and the forces of evil.

  8. It was a setup and they got ambushed. It was terrible that someone died, I hope the Americans learned from this.

  9. The title shouldn’t be “Man dies after Somali Muslim mob smashes head with a brick near Kennedy Park”. It should be “Somali mob murders man by smashing his head with a brick”.

  10. Who made us our government so stupid that we bring in refugees from Somalia after watching them string up our soldiers? Of course the Muslim who told the world that all the “peaceful people” needed was a job. The same one who had their administration rig the election to cover their corrupted tracks. Are these animals taking over in Minnesota, Michigan and now Maine. Still want more refugees and illegals coming thru our open boarders or do you believe only Hispanics are illegally crossing?

  11. Lewiston PD, won’t do anything about,for fear of being called islamaphobic. As we watch the UK,get destroyed,we’d better stop this b4 it gets worse…

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  13. This is life among Muslims world wide. YOU the non Muslim are subject to Sharia, this young man killed is Islamic justice on American soil.

    Sharia has been imposed upon an American Citizen once again and now only because it’s been reported will we end up with concerns with the mental capacity of the assailants with recommendations the community understand not to antagonize Muslims and you will be just fine.

    As for the assailants, they will be provided for with tax dollars to undergo council on matters with perhaps the conclusion no specific individual has been identified as the actual killer. They (Muslims) will be treated as victims in their new surrounding.

    In short, our so called leaders in Washington turn away, their ties to trade and money coming from the Middle East by far outweighs the death of one American Citizen. That sentiment filters all across the U.S, it is the Hussein legacy all security agencies have been subjected too by CAIR who have trained on matters concerning Islamic sensitivity training or should we say (Stand Down) on matters concerning the Religion of Peace.

    • The Somali Muslims are the savage strong arm, knuckle dragging part of Muslim takeover. There’s nothing in Africa worth having!

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  16. 1. Deport all these savages back to where they came from;
    2. Put them in Obama/Pelosi/Shumer/activist judges neighborhoods;
    Americans are being physically atacked by the enemies within that the liberal antiAmerican politicians/judges have brought to our country, they are at war with the American people while our so called leaders continously persecute our American President.

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