“The Perfect Man” Billboard Campaign Returns

The Perfect Man Billboard Is Back!

Dr. Stephen M. Kirby

In June 2017 the Muslim community in Indianapolis, Indiana was enraged over a billboard that had suddenly appeared. The billboard was titled “The Perfect Man” and listed six facts about this “Perfect Man” that included “Rapist,” “Slave-owner and Dealer,” and “Married 6 year old.”

The “Perfect Man” was not named, but it was interesting that the Muslim community immediately recognized that the billboard was talking about their prophet Muhammad.

The Indianapolis Muslim community was quickly joined by many non-Muslim individuals and organizations in condemning this billboard because they claimed that it told lies about Muhammad. Even the “fact check” site Snopes stated that the claims on the billboard were “mostly false” (https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/indiana-muslims-muhammads-deeds/).

With this pioneering billboard there was no way for independent observers to personally check the facts presented.

Now, a little over a year later on June 14, 2018, the new “Perfect Man” website went public at http://perfectmantruth.com/; the new name is “The Perfect Man Truth” (I was involved with others in putting together this website). At this website you will find the updated “Perfect Man” billboard with the same six facts. However, with this updated billboard viewers can now click on the bullet point beside each fact and find all the information, from authoritative Muslim sources, to support each of these facts. These six facts are true and you will be able to show why they are true!

The new website also has a map of the United States that shows past, current, and anticipated billboard locations. The next step is to put up as many of “The Perfect Man Truth” billboards as possible across the United States. You can help by using the new website to contribute to the cause.

The Koran states that Muhammad is the Perfect Man for Muslims to follow (33:21). Let’s get the truth out about this “Perfect Man”! It can only be done with your help.

More via: “The Perfect Man Truth”

The “Perfect Man” Campaign is dedicated to educating all Americans to the fact that Muhammad is the “Perfect Man” to the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. BECAUSE,

IF you want to understand Islam;

IF you want to understand the violence and mayhem that takes place everywhere Islam exists, and why innocent men, women and children are tortured and killed around the world at the hands of Muslims;

IF you want to understand why Winston Churchill wrote in 1899: “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”;

THEN, you need to understand who the “Perfect Man” is to the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims.  Who is the man that is the exemplar of all things “good?”  Who is the man to be emulated in every aspect of life and death?


Islam teaches that the Prophet Muhammad is the best example of proper ethical and moral behavior for mankind. Indeed, Muhammad is the model against whom all conduct is to be measured. In other words, if Muhammad did it, so should all Muslims.  This includes: politics, war, family relations, bathroom habits, diet, marriage, treatment of women, and every other aspect of living and dying.

By using Islamic teaching taken directly from the authoritative Islamic sources (Koran, hadith collections and Sira) we can show that Muhammad:

*married a six-year old;
*was a slave owner and dealer;
*was a rapist and misogynist;
*beheaded 600 Jews at one event;
*had 11 wives and 9 at one time; and
*tortured and killed non-believers.

THUS, Islam compels Muslims to follow Muhammad’s example everywhere in the world, including here in America.   This explains why the terrorist attacks in the name of Islam will NEVER and CAN NEVER cease.   They are mandated by authoritative Islamic sources and Muhammad himself, the “Perfect Man.”

It has been estimated that Muhammad and his teachings have been responsible for about 270 million deaths in the last 1400 years. (https://www.politicalislam.com/tears-of-jihad/)

The “Perfect Man Truth” Campaign is dedicated to spreading the facts and truth about Muhammad in order to start a national discussion on his nature and character. Our goal is that Americans will have a better understanding of Muhammad, Islam and the problems they create for America and the West.

Read more and request a billboard in your area via http://perfectmantruth.com

10 thoughts on ““The Perfect Man” Billboard Campaign Returns

  1. The description of a true muslim is the following: a pedophile, a rapist and mysogynist, an adulterer of the worst kind, an extremely violent man, a hater. We wonder how SENSIBLE PEOPLE cannot see the OBVIOUS TRUTH. THE DIRTY TRUTH. The western leaders have promoted diversity but it NEVER MEANT CHANGE OF LAWS AND NEW POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. With the muslim terrorists the western leaders have expanded the meaning of diversity and it IS A COMPLETE LIE. Any laws on diversity are DISCRIMINATORY against the rest of the population WHICH IS THE MAJORITY. We will not stay silent.

    • Sorry. Camel’s nose you know. The US government at all levels has become just as evil as Islam. Why else would you suppose their fascination?

      • Adrian,
        Sorry, the moral equivalence argument just won’t fly. Yeah, we have some real serious problems in the US government but that’s because we have drifted from the Judeo/Christian values this nation was founded on whereas Muslims who pillage, rape, enslave, murder, etc. are following Mohammad and his teachings more closely than so called ‘moderate’ Muslims.

  2. Churchill was 100% right. More than a century ago.

    I also agree with the Urban Legend of General Pershing who did or threatened to bury evil muslim soldiers with dead pigs and pigs blood. This was done as a deterrent to all other muslims who wanted to kill infidels to get to their deviant version of heaven, and were willing to and wanted to kill innocent people to do so. If you’re gonna kill or even hurt innocent people, then I am all for deterrents like this and more. Yup.

    I just feel bad for the pigs.

  3. Truth be told…. There are NO “moderate” muslims! Why is that?, you may ask…. Here’s why…. All, ALL, every last one of them, who believe in islam (moderates included) will tell you that they are following mohammed as a “true prophet” sent from God. They will readily confess that HE is “the perfect example of manhood”, which all muslims should revere and strive to be like! This is why I always refer to them as “muzzscumz”!!!!! YES, their belief system is ROTTEN TO THE CORE–from the very outset when ‘mo-ham-dead’ first lied about having a vision from the Angel Gabriel! No, no! The only “angel” that old mo ever saw was the FALLEN angel, LUCIFER, the prince of darkness, the anti-christ, and Satan himself!!!!! Islam (better spelled “Pisslam”) is a blasphemous, bloody DEATH CULT, NO MATTER how seemingly “moderate” its followers may appear to be on the surface! Pisslam is the scourge of the whole world–a deceptive tool of the DEVIL to DAMN as many souls to hell as possible–to the fiery pits of eternal damnation and darkness!!!!!! THAT’S WHAT “PISSLAM” IS ALL ABOUT no matter how “peaceful” they may appear to be on the surface!!!!!!

  4. This needs to be plastered on every street in America and every other civilized country.

    Right now Liberals are using Muslims to attain their goals but once they succeed in complete, open persecution and genocide of Christians and Jews they will discover they can’t really control the Muslims after all and then and only then will they realize (maybe) the monsters they’ve unleashed upon us and them.

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