Detroit: Muslim gas station clerk shoots and kills black man, unearths “decades-old turmoil” between groups

In what community where Muslim settlers reside in large numbers is there peace? And why isn’t black lives matters protesting?

Rami Ali Jaber

Source: Detroit gas station shooting stirs racial tensions, reignites talks between Arab and Black Americans

A bullet fired on Mother’s Day on the city’s west side put a Black man in his grave and has unearthed decades-old turmoil between African American residents and Arab American businesses

A scuffle between a gas station clerk and the unarmed customer at a Citgo gas station was stopped short when Rami Ali Jaber, son of the station’s owner, came out from behind the glass and shot 34-year-old Derek Leon Roberts.

The 26-year-old Dearborn Heights resident is being charged with first-degree murder and felony firearms violations by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office — and is recognized by a group of African and Arab American officials and activists as another example of how sour inter-community relations could turn deadly.

On June 1, Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit branch NAACP and senior pastor at Fellowship Chapel in Detroit, convened a meeting at Fellowship Chapel with Arab Americans who own gas stations in Detroit and African American business owners, activists, City Council members and a police official to discuss implementing measures to help keep businesses accountable and make neighborhoods safer.

They want Arab Americans, who’ve long benefited from small shops and other entrepreneurial successes in Detroit, to address prevalent misunderstandings about Blacks, to be better neighbors and to give back to the community. The Arab gas station owners present at the meeting said they are already doing their part, but promised to boost efforts to get others on board.

Discussion regarding civil rights in the wake of a racially-charged killing were not held without contentious moments. As talks began, Arab businessmen sitting together on one side of the roundtable took offense to a list of demands set by Black activists.

“This isn’t a negotation, this a conversation,” said Nasser Baydoun, a Detroit gas station owner and chair of the Arab American Civil Rights League. “There are no demands that are going to be made; this is to reach an agreement.”

Negus Vu, president of New Era Detroit, firmly upheld the demands, saying Anthony “opened up his house” so suggestions could be relayed and expectations fulfilled.

Demands presented to the Arab American businessmen included that Roberts’ funeral arrangements be paid for, adherance to safety codes and cleanliness standards, a public apology to be posted at the store and that all employees receive customer service and cultural competency training.

Additional demands included that businesses stop selling loose cigarettes and illegal drug paraphernalia, that they employ more African Americans and build partnerships and make annual donations to community, youth and block organizations.

“Too many times we see businesses come into a community where they’re not necessarily from that community and they benefit business wise, ” Vu said while reading out demands. “And they don’t actually interact with any organizations and churches within that community.”

The now-closed Citgo where the shooting occurred had been illegally selling loose cigarettes and drug paraphernalia.

There are about 300 gas stations in Detroit and not all are bad neighbors.

African Americans participating in the dialogue acknowledged that the Arab gas station owners present are already good corporate neighbors and are meeting their demands, but said they encouraged them to identify best practices and spread them to other gas stations.

Baydoun, who led the conversation on behalf of Detroit Arab American gas station owners, shared the African Americans’ concerns and said he and his fellow businessmen at the table respect the community and their customers.

In fact, most of the stations owners at the meeting were among the first to remove anti-anxiety K9 pills off the shelves, before they were made illegal in the early ’90s and are the original group that started the Green Light Project, Baydoun said.

A unique public-private partnership between businesses and the Detroit Police Department that began two years ago, The Green Light Project is now a network of about 340 businesses, including gas stations, party stores, car washes, restaurants and residential buildings.

A partnering business can be identified by a noticeable flashing green light and signs announcing that police are monitoring the businesses 24/7 through high-definition surveillance cameras with face detection features.

Moussa Bazzi, co-owner of three gas stations on Detroit’s east side for about three decades, told The AANews he’s seen an increase in sales and a decrease in theft inside the store and at the pumps since his businesses became Green Light partners.

He added that many Arab Americans dive into the gas station businesses without knowing anything about their customers. Most times, the owners employ Middle Eastern newcomers who speak little English and don’t screen them for criminal records or mental fitness.

Given the inherent stresses of operating what is considered a de facto 24/7 neighborhood convenience store, Bazzi said he wished all gas station employees were required to pass a specific course on customer service.

“Some of the worst employees are Arab American employees,” he said. “You need to hire people who understand the community they’re dealing with.”

Another meeting participant said there were other underlying and systemic issues than Arab American business owners not hiring the right staff.

“There’s a lack of respect of different cultures between the person behind the glass and the patron coming into the store,” he said. “We feel like you guys don’t respect us and our money.”

He pointed out that employees behind the glass often speak in another language in front of a customer, often only allow a certain number of customers in at a time and sometimes raise taxes on goods.

Arab-American is a euphemism for Muslims. When Muslims are the victims, real or purported, the term is not used. But when Muslims are the suspects, they obfuscate and hide behind the Arab-American moniker.


Source: Clerk charged with Detroit gas station shooting waives preliminary hearing

23 thoughts on “Detroit: Muslim gas station clerk shoots and kills black man, unearths “decades-old turmoil” between groups

  1. And the fact that mooslems hate blacks may actually have something to do with the issue. Moolems inherently believe that blacks are nothing but slaves and have been selling them for centuries. But, hey a mooslem wouldn’t LIE right??

    • Dear Wahotsdad (June 18, 2018 at 11:14 AM ):

      And how does that differ from Chrustians, who have hated and enslaved Blacks for centuries, fought a Civil War which almost destroyed this nation over it, all the while proclaiming it was their god’s will?

      P.S. – And before you respond with the typically ignorant and dumb assumption that I’m Muslim, I’m not. I’m Jewish, thank you very much.

      • How’s it going ‘troll’? Your statements on this article to comments made lack substance, but, that’s what it’s all about, Right?? All these attacks on Christians, so powerful, NOT! If you are a jew(which I doubt) then you are one screwed up individual. Christians saved the jews from extinction. The mooslem animals you seem to want to defend are out to destroy jews from existence. That being said either you are incredibly stupid or you are a liar! Thus, under these assumptions I think I’ll say you are a goat humping mooslem that trolls these sites blathering your lies. Actually comparing Christians that did away with slavery over a century ago with mooslems that still practice slavery and sex slavery, makes you look like a fucking moron!

        • Dear Wahotsdad:

          For some reason my Reply to this piece of crap you spewed got posted as a separate Comment. Look below.

  2. Oh, please…..the Arabs are there to make money off Americans…….They have chosen poorer neighborhoods for a specific reason….Poor people have fewer options…..a captive clientele…. NAACP is not going to Guilt Trip Arabs…….. This is a new ballgame for the NAACP…..that they are totally unprepared for…… The Arabs probably had a good chuckle about emotional concerns….. They may make a stab at Faking It…….but you can not mandate respect….

    • Dear Cmmarcum (June 18, 2018 at 12:07 PM):

      Don’t you mean it’s the Jews, or the Koreans, or the Chinese, or the Japs, or any other group that’s the target-of-the-week?

      And what about all the Christians who were busy exploiting Blacks in this country for CENTURIES! Why leave them out of your tirade?

  3. They call blacks “abid” look it up. Selling drug paraphernalia ? Low-end smokeshops and convenience stores do that in every kind of neighborhood throughout this degenerate country.

    • Dear Desdi (June 18, 2018 at 3:55 PM):

      I assume you mean well by pointing out that SOME Muslims may refer to Blacks as “abid” (which means worshipper or devout), but that’s a little like saying Christians call them “n*gg*rs”). I very much doubt ALL Muslims do that, just as I very much doubt ALL Muslims are the “terrorist threat” the person behind this website would have everyone believe.

      Fighting the sweeping (and usually false) generalizations which are the basis of prejudice with generalizations of one own isn’t a good idea.

        • Dear Desdi (June 20, 2018 at 4:29 PM):

          Well, with all due respect, your friend from Sudan may not know what they’re talking about. I looked up the word “abid” on Wikipedia, and it doesn’t mean “slave”. (Of course, I can’t claim Wikipedia is infallible either.) A general web search produced the same results.

          Plus, if it means “slave” then why do many Muslims (or Arabs) include it in their names? Such as Nawaf Al Abed, a Saudi football (Soccer) player. Strange last name, don’t you think?

          P.S. – Of course, to the extent the word means “devout” or “worshipper” it could have gained a connotation of slavery in the sense of being a servant or “slave” to God.

  4. Rami Ali Jaber should be tried for murder 1 and face execution. Whether its a gas station or a muslim cop shooting an unarmed woman it is very typical for muslims to do harm to us infidels.

    Here in my prosperous area I notice that most gas station managers are Palestinians or muslims. They suddenly become very wealthy when they arrive in America and get placed in critical positions and they raise tax’s on their sales as a JIZYA collection for themselves. Suppose, one morning on command these muslim managers get a command to place a little LSD in the morning coffee! It would be the end of our highway system. and coordinated with attacks on the power and communication system we would be placed back to the primitive society of the muslims. Americans cannot fathom the cunning deceit of islam.

    • Dear Mrcatman (June 18, 2018 at 6:23 PM ):

      Oh, and what about all the White Christians (including cops) who’ve murdered innocent Blacks? Don’t they deserve the death penalty too?

      What basis do you have for saying this behavior is “very typical” of Muslims? Shall we discuss the nearly TWO THOUSAND YEARS history of Christians treating non-Christians much the same way? (Especially Jews.) Heck, how about the way they gleefully slaughtered one another during the Reformation over how to worship “the Prince of Peace”!

      I suggest before you throw rocks at the Mosques, consider the glass church you worship in!

      P.S. – I’m not even going to bother responding to the rest of that paranoid tripe. (Though I will point out you sound like the Blacks who rioted and destroyed the Korean groceries in their neigborhoods, or the Nazis during Kristallnacht!)

      • Again you leave yourself open, the Nazi’s were mostly mooslems in Africa! So as your ignorant lies unfold it becomes ever clearer that you are are mooslem troll trying to lie and distract from the problem of your existence in the civilized world! Go back to the world where you belong, you have no place in the civilized world! Oh, and by the way your ability to use english is awful, it really shows who you are!

        • Dear Wahotsdad (June 19, 2018 at 10:22 AM ):

          Again, you leave yourself naked. Ever heard of Rommel – the “Desert Fox”? He was a Nazi, in Africa, but HE WASN’T A “mooslem”, he was a “good” Chrustian, as were the men who served under him.

          Yes, SOME Muslims (in the Arabian peninsula) were allies or “friends” of Nazi GERMANY (a “good” Chrustian nation, but many others were not. Again, there are books detailing Arabs and Muslims who fought the Nazis.

          (By the way, you do realize that NOT all Arabs or Africans are Muslims. You didn’t? How completely UNSURPRISING!)

          Yet again we see you are incapable of making an honest, intelligent, and informed Comment. All you can do is hurl LIES, half-truths, mindless bigotry, insults, and APPALLINGLY BAD ENGLISH! (Yeah, that’s right, fool, I write ten times better than you do. No surprise since I majored in English, and am a retired Attorney, as well as a Jew.)

          I’m sorry if speaking up for the rights of ALL people, and insisting on Due Process, offends you. If doing that makes one a “mooslem”, then I guess America was founded as a “mooslem nation”!

          • See there you go again, your reading skills suck as bad as your writing skills! I said ‘most’ not ‘all’ you goat humper! And he wasn’t a Christian he was an Atheist. Mooslems have attacked, extorted, murdered and enslaved American Christians since the creation of the country. As with the Barbary pirates, 1812, and to now! So your stupid remarks are worthless on here. You better go back to your imam and tell him you failed! We don’t buy your 3rd world crap for a second. It is kind of humorous though, reading your retarded tripe! Gives me a smile while I clean my sniper rifle!

  5. Another thing they do is offer dangerous K2, spice, the latest new synthetic drugs to kids and they have a new scheme where they keep the goods off premises to avoid trouble. Brooklyn NY recently was in the news where dozens of zombies on the streets were created by the muzlim pushers in a deli, convenience stores. Same thing happened a year or so ago. They keep the goods off the premises, merely sign up and pay at the muzlim shops.

    • Dear Dee527 (June 18, 2018 at 8:04 PM):

      As compared to what? All the “safe” drugs (Meth, Ecstasy, etc.), being pushed by Christians?

  6. “decades-old turmoil”

    Compared to what? The CENTURIES of “turmoil” between White slaveowners (etc.) and Blacks (many of the former being Christian)?

    Don’t you ever get tired of trawling for stories of Muslims “behaving badly” so you can argue it’s all part of some “Sharia Conspiracy”? Imagine the reaction if someone did the same to Christians!

  7. Dear Wahotsdad (June 19, 2018 at 10:11 AM):

    If anyone’s a “troll” here, posting Comments which “lack substance” it’s YOU! All you “contribute” is mindless bigotry, insults, and ignorance. I notice you utterly failed to specifically respond to any of the FACTUAL statements I made.

    As for my “attacks” on “Chrustianity”, all I’m doing is treating that religion (which I presume to be yours) with the same “respect” you show to “mooslems”. Turnabout is fair play, you know. (But like bigots and bullies everywhere, you can dish it out, BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE IT!)

    Christians saved Jews from extinction? Oh, is that what they were doing in the centuries where they subjected my people to Inquisitions, Pogroms, and the Holocaust?

    And in that regard, consider the conduct of the Muslims of France. During the Nazi Occupation, when those “good” German “Chrustians” were busy rounding up Jews for EXTERMINATION, Jews were given sanctuary in the Mosque of Paris. (There’s a book about this you can get on Amazon.) Similarly, the Muslims of Kosovo were busy hiding Jews from their “Chrustian” killers.

    Of course, there were also Christians who truly practiced their faith, and also tried to save Jews. Which simply proves that BOTH FAITHS have good as well as bad people in it. (As is true of all religions – including mine.)

    No, YOU’RE the one who is either “incredibly stupid” or a liar! I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s the former. (Unlike you, I’ll make no assumption as to your sexual predilections, though I doubt any goat with taste would have you!)

    As for Slavery, yes, that was ended in the 19th Century (for the most part), and yes Christians (among others) fought to end it. But that doesn’t change the FACT that “Chrustians” had been enslaving Blacks for CENTURIES! Nor does it change the FACT that “Chrustians” tried to tear this nation apart to preserve that “peculiar institution”. Why don’t you read the history of how and why the Southern Baptist Convention got started? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t because they favored abolishing Slavery!

    • TROLL, Slaves to Satan, murderers, worshipers of a pedophile, mutilators of women and children, third world animals, no matter what you try to call yourself, the facts are you and your satan worshiping islam is a blight on the earth. And your ridiculous fake facts mean nothing, islam still practices slavery, they were the ones selling slaves for centuries! Your false claims are the stories of satanic lies. Islam is the disease that the world must be cured of! The readers on here aren’t your dhimmi’s that believe your lies, they are humans with their eyes and ears open to the truth! And your lies are rancid to all!!

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