California: $12M 60,000 sqft mega mosque coming to Irvine

Source: New Masjid Project – and Facebook

Note the Muslim Brotherhood-linked, unindicted co-conspirator to the largest terror financing conviction in U.S. history – ISNA – sending a speaker to the mosque.

Where do a few hundred Muslim families, many of them first generation in the U.S. get $12 million dollars?

It’s a mosque that preaches sharia and hatred. Just scour their Youtube videos and guest speakers.

The area has a growing Islamic problem. See the archives.


12 thoughts on “California: $12M 60,000 sqft mega mosque coming to Irvine

  1. If islam is not stopped from expanding now America is doomed. islams greatest warrior Hussein obama has infected America with thousands of third world muslims who will use our welfare to overthrow our government and enslave your children under sharia. islam has one focus only, to take over the entire earth.

    -Grand Ayatollah Sistani, the most prominent Iraqi Shia ayatollah, on pedophilia:
    “I was asked by a brother whether or not it is true that Shi’ite men are allowed to derive sexual pleasure from infant children, and even new-born babies, by fondling them or rubbing their genitals on them.”
    “Yes, this is indeed permissible for Shi’ites.” “And since deriving sexual pleasure from your wives or female slaves is generally permissible in Islam, and only sexual intercourse is prohibited before the age of maturity (typically at 9 years), it appears that the act of lustful fondling and thighing infant wives may be permissible for us as well.”

    no comment!

  3. Nazi HQ going up. A big epicenter of oppression, hatred, crime and murder. I guess it could be a good thing, if it is thoroughly infiltrated and monitored.

  4. America better wake up and stop the muslims from taking over our country. I feel very soon, we will be force to do just that. They have taken over our cities, our court system, and now indoctrinating our children about islam in our schools and we just sit back and let it happen. There is a father going to court to have islam crap stopped in his daughter’ s school, but I don’t give him much of a chance he will win……

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  6. Oops, there goes the neighborhood….. Happen in Jerusalem too…. Now, Israelis have to be satisfied with kissing a wall …in their own country … Kissing a wall, kissing rugs…..all pret-tee bizarre …..

    Oops, now everybody hates me….. get in line….

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