Video: Canada Is Funding Terrorism

More on yesterday’s post on Canada to Combat “Islamophobia” by Funding Terror Front Groups with Taxpayers’ Money

via Quiggin Report: Canada Is Funding Terrorism

Iqra Khalid MP announces $23 million from Canadian tax payers to help fund Islamophobia. Unfortunately, the groups receiving money have repeatedly been identified as funding terrorism, have lost charitable status and bank privileges. Will Canada be identified as a national security threat to the United States?

If you’re living in Canada(stan), continue reading:  We have been duped and our pockets are being picked!

“Islamophobia” Means “I Am Writing my MP – Bigtime!”
The Media Action Group has great advice on how to write an impactful letter to your MP. Here’s a point summary:


11 thoughts on “Video: Canada Is Funding Terrorism

  1. What would be the point to write to the traitors of Canada. Trudeau and the Liberals are funding terrorism AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. We have to remove them from power asap by whatever legal means we have.

      • LarryEF, surprisingly, it happens! I still can’t fathom how Obama got “elected” here in America – twice! Personally, I believe there was much more going on behind the scenes that placed him in the White House! Anyway, traitors do get put into positions of power with the help of the globalists….but we eventually get the message and we all come to learn from our mistakes and pretty much end up rectifying the situations! We in the US finally learned and you all have as well! Trudeau will soon be replaced by a good candidate who has the best intentions for Canada in his or her mind and heart! It will all work out! God bless!

  2. Canada is along with the UK one of the most demonic totalitarian atheist Antichrist shitholes in the history of all mankind. I know this because I was born and raised here. I will be leaving permanently as soon as I am able to and will never ever return.

    • To fix either country, arm them first and the force freedom of speech down the throats of Ottawa. I hope some of this BS is actually reversible.

      • James Cool, you’re so right on that! Funny how the Marxist, Islam loving leftists are so afraid of citizens being armed and ready to defend their families and fellow citizens; nothing scares them quite as much as this! I wish there was a way to arm the Canadian people! Justin Trudeau is a bought and paid for puppet of Geoege Soros and the so-called “elite” globalists, just like the Clintons, the Bush’s, and especially Obama, who is a ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood here in the US! I pray that the good people of Canada will also be blessed with a truely patriotic candidate who can unseat the present PM and deal with the Islamic invasion!

  3. When we think of Canadian tough guys such as boxer George Chuvalo, hockey bad-boy Tiger Williams, strongman Jean-Francois Caron, UFC champ Georges St.-Pierre, wrestler Killer Kowalski or quarterback Mike Reilly, how can it not be embarrassing for Canadians to have the lovely and gracious Justin Trudeau as their PM?

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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