New York: 8 Pakistani nationals arrested in $2.4M medical cab scheme to defraud Medicaid

Source: At least 8 arrested in alleged criminal scheme to defraud Medicaid – Sun Community News & Printing

ELIZABETHTOWN | At least eight people connected with area taxi cab companies have been arrested and arraigned on charges related to what authorities allege is a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy to defraud Medicaid.

Eight suspects, all Pakistani nationals, appeared at the Essex County Courthouse on Tuesday and were charged with numerous felonies following raids of at least three convenience stores in Ticonderoga earlier that morning.

Those arraigned include Mayam Qaiser, Saleem Hayat, Muhammad Jahangir, Khurram Gondal, Sanuallah Chadder, Kalid Chadder, Waqas Nauman and Qaiser Gondal.

The eight were partially arraigned on numerous felony charges Tuesday, and court proceedings will continue on Wednesday.

The investigation was coordinated by the New York State Police and the Office of the Inspector General, with assistance from numerous local and federal agencies.

The Sun has spent years exclusively reporting on allegations of criminal and financial malfeasance surrounding the medical transportation industry.

The roundup marks the first arrests in Essex County directly tied to the burgeoning industry which has blossomed in recent years due to state reforms that have shuttled Medicaid patients from county-run transport into private cabs as a cost-savings measure.

The business is largely unregulated, including in Essex County, where county officials have long fielded public safety complaints and other allegations of nefarious behavior.

Detailed charges were only available for Saleem Hayat, owner of Moriah Cab Service in Port Henry.

According to court documents read by Hon. Essex County Judge Richard Meyer, Hayat “knowingly stole $50,000” when he allegedly falsified provider payments to the state Department of Health (DOH) between July 2015 and May 2017 for Medicaid taxi services.

Hayat, who also serves as the manager of Port Henry Mobil Mart, was charged with one count of second degree grand larceny, a class C felony; one count of maintaining false business records, a class E felony, and one count of falsifying business records, a class E felony.

We’re looking at $780,000 alleged to be owed,” said Essex County District Attorney Kristy Sprague.

Hayat was also charged with failing to provide workers’ compensation, a class E felony.

Hayat was remanded to the Essex County Public Safety Building on $250,000 bail, and will appear in court on Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “New York: 8 Pakistani nationals arrested in $2.4M medical cab scheme to defraud Medicaid

  1. They patrons to these story likely knew what these clowns were doing. How many of the patrons are immigrants on welfare test, betting on most if them.

  2. Just typical of the muslim. They have been trained from birth in deceit and corruption. We should never have allowed islam to infect America and it may be to late for us to recover.
    With their corruption, fraud and using their defective children as ammunition I would guess the fraud has exceeded multiple $Trillions.

    • Yes mrcatman, Islam spreads like a mold wherever it goes! I must say that I disagree with your belief that there is no hope for eventually clearing out our great country! We now finally have a leader who sees this invasion for what it is and is working on the solution! Already there have been hundreds of arrests of Muslims across the country for defrauding Medicaid and other actions like practicing the various sick practices of Sharia Law etc. with more coming, thankfully! Alot needs to be done thanks to the Clintons, the Bush’s, the enemedia and especially Obama, and it’ll take some time, but I really think that it will! Keep the faith and God bless!

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