Ohio: Muslim who tried to help ISIS gets 80-months, lifetime court supervision

All at taxpayer expense.

Source: Ohio man who tried to help Islamic State gets 6-plus years | Fox News

A federal judge has handed down a prison sentence of more than six years for an Ohio man convicted of trying to help the Islamic State group.

The 80-month sentence for Aaron Daniels on Friday in Columbus followed his guilty plea last July to a charge accusing him of attempting to travel to Libya to join the group.

Authorities say Daniels wired $250 to an Islamic State operative in January 2016 and told an undercover informant that he was interested in traveling to commit violence overseas.

U.S. District Judge Edmund Sargus ordered lifetime court supervision for Daniels after he’s released from prison.

The 21-year-old Daniels expressed remorse for his actions. His attorney sought a sentence of two years, citing Daniels’ mental illness and acknowledgement that he did wrong.

The media once again fail to print the Muslim names this wanna-be jihadi chose for himself – Harun Muhammad and Abu Yusuf.

And, as we noted in Ohio: Muslim Arrested For Trying To Join ISIS in Hillary’s Libya:

His mother stated:

‘He linked up with a Masjid in our neighborhood and attended regularly.’

Foreign-funded and led mosques in the U.S. operate and recruit jihadists with impunity.

Was it the Ohio Mosque at the Center of SIX Terror Cases?

2 thoughts on “Ohio: Muslim who tried to help ISIS gets 80-months, lifetime court supervision

  1. Lawyer stated, mental illness?? I believe anyone that converts to islam, has a mental illness, requiring confinement for an extended period of time.:-)

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