Law Firm Sends Letter to Seattle Public Schools Regarding Pro-Muslim Program

Source: FCDF Sends Letter to Seattle Public Schools Regarding Pro-Muslim Program – Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund

Today, FCDF sent a letter to Seattle Public Schools’ Board of Directors and Superintendent to express concern about the District’s collaboration with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). According to CAIR’s local chapter, it is “partnering with Seattle Public Schools to provide educational trainings for teachers and staff on things like Ramadan, Eid, and how educators can support Muslim students in the classroom.”

Read the Letter

In the letter, FCDF explains that discriminating in favor of students based on their religion violates the Washington and United States Constitutions.

According to the letter sent to the school board:

The District’s paramount interest in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its students, including Muslim students, is commendable. But discriminating in favor of one religion to achieve these ends cannot pass muster under the First Amendment.

Daniel Piedra, FCDF’s executive director, said:

Seattle Public Schools has fallen sway to the politically correct, paternalistic notion that Muslim students are victims of so-called “Islamophobia.” Unfortunately, the District has crossed a bright line drawn by our Founders: government neutrality in religion. We hope the school board realizes that “promoting diversity” does not justify violating the Constitution.

FCDF also highlighted CAIR’s ties to radical Islam. For example, CAIR is officially designated by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist organization, and the federal government has confirmed that CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Piedra said:

CAIR is not infiltrating the District as a wolf in sheep’s clothing—this wolf comes as a wolf. Allowing activists from an anti-Semitic terrorist organization to indoctrinate impressionable schoolchildren defies common sense.

The letter also states that if the District continues to work with CAIR, it would likely face legal action.

FCDF is representing five families in a federal civil rights lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the San Diego Unified School District’s “anti-Islamophobia initiative,” which was developed as a joint program with CAIR’s San Diego chapter. Next week, a federal judge will hear oral argument on whether to shut down CAIR’s access to schoolchildren before the school year is begun.

We reiterate, Read the Letter.


Also read FCDF’s Analysis: President Trump’s Travel Ban and a Pro-Muslim Bullying Program. 

Islamophobia is defined as fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims. Islam is a religion. The Constitution forbids any policy or program that classifies on the basis of religion. End of story.

20 thoughts on “Law Firm Sends Letter to Seattle Public Schools Regarding Pro-Muslim Program

  1. The watchful parents in this case are going to be the only way to fight Islamic indoctrination of impressionable school children. We cannot allow these Muslim savages to gain any more ground in Turing our great country into a Muslim hell hole! One only needs to look to England to see what can happen when this barbaric cult gets a foothold! Ban Islam!

  2. Why do I suddenly become VIOLENTLY ILL whenever I see a pic of American school children standing under an ISIS flag and learning to speak Arabic????? Geez, whatever could go wrong with that?????

    • Hopefully, no where. I’d rather see Christianity and the truth of the bible taught. Not some teaching about worshiping mary and other made up stuff that isn’t in the Bible.

      • Oh, easy there, oh righteous one. I would too, but this is about SEPARATION of church & state, not a question about which church is to be represented by the government. Put away your religious zealotry for just a minute and pay attention.

        • No. It’s not about SEPARATION of church and state, That statement is from a letter, and no place in the constitution. This is about kids being taught a false religion that aims to kill people. Get a clue there lost in space.

  3. Whoever wrote this fell for the extreme leftist definition of ‘Islamophobia’–simple ‘fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims’. Although technically correct according to some dictionaries, the way ‘phobia’ is being projected by the left is more in keeping with the classic definition of the noun: ‘irrational fear’. And, too, it’s an inaccurate, ignorant catch-all intended to diminish the long list of reactions of more thoughtful types to Islam and its supporters on the left–everything from disgust to sarcastic ridicule. The reactions are much more nuanced than any defintion of the word encompasses.

  4. CAIR are terrorists. So are ANTIFA and BLM. Americans should NOT tolerate the presence of these organizations or their propaganda in public schools. At all. ZERO tolerance.

  5. The leftards in charge cannot teach Sally to add 2+2+2 and get six, but they can teach her to be a subservient wife to her future muslim husband and patiently endure the beatings he will give her! The time is now before us, the mask is off, the full display of evil is evident and the plan of the devils spawn is there for all to see. There is no middle ground.

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  7. ONLY WAR can free Europe or North America from the totalitarian Antichrist atheists and the totalitarian Antichrist Muslims who now rule all. Mark my word. ONLY WAR, not some pussy ass pandering letters.

    • jlkjasf you are absolutely correct. It boggles the mind that the Left does not realize this. It also boggles that when Obama made so many inroads for Islam in America, NOTHING was done, by those who could, to stop it.

  8. CAIR defined Islamophobia as a fear of Muslims/Islam.

    The Western Hemisphere at some will move away from facing something like rejecting a people or religion.

    Our (Western Hemisphere) definition must move to Shariaphobia.

    If you sit back and give it some thought this move will focus solely on two Muslims, Allah and Muhammad and Sharia which is their legal aspect of conquering.

    By doing this all bets are off, we are dealing with terrorism based on those teachings regarding silencing all non Muslims and there is where we must project our rejection of everything that comes with Islam by dealing with the legal/military/political aspect and move away from the people or religion.

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