Minnesota: Did Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar Violate House Ethics Rules With CAIR Cash?

Source: Ilhan Omar: Grifting For CAIR & Hating On America While Violating House Ethics Rules

By John Gilmore

Rep. Ilhan Omar recently filed her Statement of Economic Interest with our political speech and conduct overlords, the misbegotten Campaign Finance Board. Even a cursory review reveals troublesome issues but, as usual, our local media isn’t reporting on any of them, no doubt instead looking for the next wild animal to scale a Twin Cities building.

Two distinct areas stand out in Omar’s statement. The first is her cheerful shilling, complete with honorariums of an unstated amount, for various state chapters of CAIR. These include California, Arizona and Chicago. In addition she was paid to appear at a function hosted by the Muslim Legal Fund, whose website cautions “if that new friend starts calling for ‘violent jihad,’ he might be an informant.” In Great Britain recently, two-thirds of Muslims said they would refuse to report to authorities any terror plot of which they might become aware.

CAIR is a terrorist affiliated organization that Minnesota media have white washed into just another civil rights organizations. It is nothing of the kind.

The second area of interest in Omar’s statement concerns her honorariums for speaking before various Minnesota schools, including MNSCU, Inver Hills Community College as well as Ohio Wesleyan College. On its face there would appear to be nothing wrong.

The problem is Omar serves on the Higher Education Committee in the Minnesota House of Representatives and may have violated its ethics rules. Article IX-Conduct, Rule 9.02 states “A member must not accept an honorarium for a service performed for an individual or organization that has a direct interest in the business of the House.”

Clearly, the schools that paid Omar have a “direct interest” in the business of the committee on which she sits. No amounts are listed but the amount isn’t the point, the ethics violation is.

It could be that there are additional rules that allow her to be paid to speak to publicly funded schools but I have been unable to find any. Unfortunately, for her to be referred to the Ethics Committee two members must sign any complaint. Are there two Republicans in the House that would do so? It’s an open question.

Even then, because this is the swamp policing itself, the only penalty is that the member must return the amounts in question. Minnesota politicians, getting away with as much as they can and, if caught, doing the minimum to set matters right.

* * * *

Finally, there is the matter of Omar’s ingratitude for her good fortune in being plucked from a refugee camp in Kenya and given the reward of a lifetime to live in America. Omar, controlled and directed by the men of CAIR, relentlessly attacks America as a hateful, bigoted country but that’s just projection on her part. No appreciation is shown for being given the life she has–she earned none of it–but instead Omar is leading the fight to turn America into a Third World hellhole.

On the Fourth of July she saw fit to tweet

Showing restraint I refuse, Scott Johnson recently called her “a most unsavory character.” Islamofascist is a better term to my mind but each to their own. Johnson, along with my former Alpha News colleague Preya Samsundar, has documented her history of immigration fraud. Johnson wrote “The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar” while Samsundar broke new ground in her report “TIME Cover Doesn’t Clear Controversy Surrounding Ilhan Omar’s Past.”

Don’t forget: the Trojan horse of Islamism voted for allowing life insurance for terrorists who kill Americans. With her, there’s no need for exaggeration or falsehoods, the simple truth about who she is tells the tale. Which is why Minnesota media goes to great lengths to prevent it from becoming widely known.

Ilhan Omar is the poster child for those who should not be allowed entry into America. Far from contributing to the citizens already here, she takes without giving back, except for bile, hatred and bigotry, in her determined attempt to destroy all that we hold dear and that have made us great.

Read it all at Alpha News.

Brother? Husband? Immigration fraud?

5 thoughts on “Minnesota: Did Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar Violate House Ethics Rules With CAIR Cash?

  1. I can no longer vote Republican as a ticket. Its rules like these which both parties agree on. However I will NEVER vote for the democratic party as they are the banama/clinton socialists.

  2. Ms. Sarsour is the poster child for a radical Palestinian ingrate, regardless of the fact that she was born in Brooklyn NYC.. And, Ilhan Omar is no better. Omar; as the immigration fraud, and welfare fraud, culprit and “grifter”, as is her comrad in hate.. See the article entitled, “United in Hate”..

    She (they) has publicly professed her hatred for Israel and the Jewish people countless times, while justifying the endless Palestinian rocket attacks, assaults, stabbings, bombing attacks, and taking NO responsibility for any of it on their behalf, per the hatred she spews daily. This while the so-called “Palestinian people” turn every piece of their territory into a festering slough of hate, and then blame everyone but themselves for the mess they have created for themselves, and everyone around them as well. ..Looks like a pattern to me..

    Sarsour has publicly called on American muslims, NOT TO ASSIMILATE! She has called for the overthrow of our U.S. Government, while hiding behind OUR U.S. Constitution for protection. SHE IS a seditionist! So is Omar!

    Next (Gennaro Pasquale), Jerusalem has been the home of the Jewish people for 3,000 years, and counting. …That would be 3,000 BC.. Please read a history book..

    All of my grandparents came to America in the early 20th century, “on the boat” as they say. ALL of them came here legally, and came here for an OPPORTUNITY, and to become Americans, and NOT TO DESTROY, and NOT TO TRANSFORM, or to USE America or other Americans.

    They did not come here to blow things up, commit barbaric crimes and assaults against innocent Americans, file endless law suits against anyone and everyone (360 filed last year in Minnesota alone by MN CAIR), who might offer any objection to their antisocial, anti-civilized societal, and anti-American behavior, or to impose their brand of “religion” on anyone, or to become welfare cheats and scammers. They came here to become Americans and were eternally GRATEFUL for the opportunities presented to them.

    Sadly, to theses people, and this “culture”, there appear to be no actual rules of behavior or deportment. To them, by their behavior, the only rule that would appear to be in their playbook, is based upon, what we [ they ] can get away with…like the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of stolen Minnesota Taxpayer Dollars, ANNUALLY for the past few years, and money laundered, and sent (or delivered in suitcases) directly to overseas Somali Terrorist organizations (Boko-Haram & Al-Shabaab) – OR – Omar taking money from CAIR, and NOT reporting it properly, for example.

    In short, these people, and this “culture” of “grifters” are not good guests in MY country… and as a result, they are not “welcome” to sit at my table.

    Please make an attempt to grow up Mr. Pasquale.. Grow some character, some integrity, and some honor while you are at it..

  3. let me tell you what will happen .
    nothing zilch nada oh and they fools will elect her in a landslide probably
    good luck minnesotastan

  4. Hmmm!!! Ok, so it looks like “husband” (BROTHER) has a glass of WINE in his hand!!!! HMMM!!! Ain’t that considered to be a “Captital offense” in the religion of Pisslam????? What a bunch of FREAKS AND A-HOLES!!!!! TAKE A HIKE–A-HOLES!!!!!

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