Nashville: Police padlock Muslim-owned businesses; used to facilitate or overtly allow violent crime, theft, drugs…

Fahir Mohammed

Source: Metro police raid, padlock 2 businesses south of downtown Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two businesses along Lafayette Street just south of downtown Nashville were raided by Metro police Wednesday morning.

The raids were conducted around 8:30 a.m. at the Z Mart located at 24 Lafayette Street and the adjoining Staff Zone, which is a temporary staffing business.

Metro police said both businesses have been declared a public nuisance and have since been padlocked.

A Davidson County judge ordered a temporary injunction, barring the owners and managers from entering the businesses until a hearing can be held.

According to a release, the businesses have been used to facilitate and overtly allow the commission of violent crime, including robberies and aggravated assaults, along with felony drug distribution, drug use and a number of other crimes.

Over a seven-year period, Metro police officers have responded to more than 3,000 calls for service at the Z Mart, which is twice as many as the next busiest market within a one-mile radius, according to a release.

“The activities that are being allowed to take place at these two businesses, which are very close to Napier/Sudekum public housing, pose real safety concerns for young and old alike, and are holding this community back,” said Metro police Chief Steve Anderson. “It is clear that despite the disproportionate police responses to 24 and 20 Lafayette Street in recent years, the persons responsible for these properties have not taken steps to turn things around.”

Not only did the stores allow crime, they participated in it. Source: Owner of padlocked South Nashville business arrested for theft

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The owner of one of the businesses padlocked in South Nashville Wednesday was arrested during the operation.

According to officials, Metro police received an anonymous source that the Z-Mart on Lafayette Street would receive stolen items by buying them from people who stole them from other establishments.

Police said a confidential informant went to the Z-Mart to sell them products they believed were stolen.

Police arrested the owner, Fahir Mohammed, during the padlocking operation on Wednesday. Mohammed had three outstanding theft warrants as a result of the undercover operations.

His bond was set at $3,000.

Metro police gave credit to Kroger’s Organized Retail Crime Unit for providing the products that were fronted as stolen.

Others have yet to be arrested, via Why police raided, padlocked two Nashville establishment

Police raided and padlocked the Z-Mart and Staff Zone located on Lafayette Street Wednesday – declaring them public nuisances. Police say Husni Hassan, who owns both properties, has been banned from the buildings until a hearing is held. Also banned are Z-Mart managers Sameer Shohatee, Mohamed Abuhamra, and Staff Zone manager Sonja Antrikin.

12 thoughts on “Nashville: Police padlock Muslim-owned businesses; used to facilitate or overtly allow violent crime, theft, drugs…

  1. This is a case where the entire FAMILY be deported. They are tribal in culture so the entire family are responsible for this matter.

  2. Every mosque is used “to facilitate and overtly allow the commission of violent crime,” say nothing of plotting against our institutions and our liberties. Many many padlocks are needed. Kudos to the police of Nashville Tennessee. Anybody want to speak up for multiculturalism and different cultural values?

    • Tell the police to head up north s few miles and blow up their training camp. Do something constructive for a change.

  3. Oh geez, 3,000 BUCKS bail!!!! OMG, I sure do hope the Nashville court system doesn’t spend it all in one place!!! I wonder did they put him up in the Taj Mahal when they so rudely interrupted his business “operations” for all of ONE DAY?????

  4. Look at you supporting the libtarded nanny state policies.

    You didn’t read the article? The police want local business owners to do their jobs for them. They want local businesses to dig into their pockets and pay for private security.

    It’s not the business owner’s fault that Nashville is a shithole.

    They should be THANKING him for even agreeing to operate a business in such a high crime area. When they close all of those businesses, where do you think those hoodrats are going to go shopping? That’s right, your neighborhood.

    • Doesn’t change my request one bit. I don’t give a crap about this, “businessman”. Where did he get his money to open his business. I’m betting on his getting the money from the U.S. Gov’t. Yes, I read the article. 3,000 calls to 911 in 7 years. Heck, they should have closed it down as a public hazard. He YES I still want they to raid the property north of Nashville.

    • Your hoodrats wouldn’t pull their crap in the areas that I shop at. We’d send them back to their families in Nashville packed in a pine box or possibly they’ll just not be heard from, again. Who knows??? We folks in east Tenn. don’t play well with strangers. Afraid of hoodrats, or Muslims?? Surely you jest.

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