Houston: Muslim testifies her husband confessed to ‘honor killing’ Christian son-in-law

Source: Wife testifies her husband confessed to pulling the trigger in one of two Houston-area ‘honor killings’ – Houston Chronicle

The wife of a Jordanian immigrant testified Wednesday how her husband slipped into his son-in-law’s northwest Harris County apartment and fatally shot him minutes after his daughter left for work, one of two “honor killings” she and their son helped him commit.

Shmou Alrawabdeh, 40, the wife of a Jordanian immigrant on trial for capital murder, described in chilling detail how she, her husband and their adult son stalked and killed their son-in-law in November 2012. She testified against her husband after cutting a plea bargain deal that will reduce her pending murder charge to kidnapping.

Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 60, a devout Muslim, is on trial for gunning down two people in 2012 to “clean their honor” after his daughter moved out of the house and married a Christian she met at a local college. The second victim was an Iranian medical student who was his daughter’s best friend who supported her decision to change her religion.

Irsan snuck into the unlocked apartment and hid in a bedroom while his son-in-law, Coty Beavers, 28, escorted his daughter to her car, Alrawabeh told the jury.

When Beavers returned, he was shot to death.

“He said he shot him,” Alrawabdeh testified, quoting Irsan’s words to her after returning from Beavers apartment. “He said he wanted to. To clean his honor.”

She told the jury that her husband planned to kill five people, including his daughter Nesreen Irsan, her husband and three other people close to her.

The wife’s testimony connected all the dots in a bizarre whodunit that sprawled across two counties and made international headlines and nationally televised news as it unfolded.

Alrawabdeh was one of the final witnesses in the four weeks of testimony prosecutors have put on in state District Judge Jan Krocker’s court.

On Wednesday, Alrawabdeh told jurors that Irsan felt disgraced when his adult daughter, Nesreen Irsan, ran away from home at the age of 23, converted to Christianity and began dating and married Beavers, who was a Christian.

“If a girl ran away from home, it would bring disgrace to the family,” Alrawabdeh told the jury. “Sex before marriage. She’s a Muslim, he’s a Christian. She ran away. All of this is a disgrace to his honor.”

Wearing an orange jail uniform, the mother of eight acknowledged that she made a deal with prosecutors to testify against her husband in exchange for a lessor punishment. She will have to plead guilty to felony kidnapping and will be released after Irsan’s trial after receiving credit for the years she has spent in jail awaiting trial.

Alrawabdeh said her husband believed the only way to recover his honor was to kill the man who his daughter ran away to marry, adding that she was born and raised in Jordan where “honor killings” are not unusual.

“I’m from an Arabic country and I’m aware of the culture,” she said. “The family would kill her to clean their honor.”

She testified that she wed Irsan in an arranged marriage when she was 15 and he was 35. She had eight children while living at Irsan’s three-acre compound in rural Montgomery County.

Asked specifically if Irsan had a plan to kill his daughter and why, Alrawabdeh said it was because Nesreen disgraced him.

“He had to kill her,” Alrawabdeh testified. “To clean his honor.”

She testified that Irsan also wanted to kill Beavers’ twin brother and the men’s mother in an additional attack that never materialized.

“They were planning a home invasion,” Alrawabdeh said. “He was just getting revenge on the whole family.”

Prosecutors have also contended that Irsan killed his daughter’s best friend, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, a 30-year-old Iranian activist and researcher at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Defense lawyers for Irsan have said the two slayings were not connected to Irsan and that no one knows what happened in either shooting.

Alrawabdeh testified that she and Irsan and their adult son, Nasim, were stalking Nesreen Irsan for months and vandalizing their vehicles. Late one night in January 2012, they followed Bagherzedah from the Beavers home to her parents’ Galleria-area townhouse.

Irsan planned to get her to open her car window and put a cord around her neck to strangle her, Alrawabdeh said.

When Bagherzedeh, who was talking on the phone outside of the townhouse, refused to open her window, Nasim Irsan shot her in the head, Alrawabdeh testified.

“She screamed,” Alrawabdeh said. “Loud.”

Almost 11 months later, Irsan, Alrawabdeh and their son Nasim were stalking Nesreen and Beavers at their new apartment in northwest Harris County, Alrawabdeh testified.

While watching the couple, they noticed that Beavers did not lock the apartment door when he walked Nesreen to her car before work every morning. Alrawabdeh testified that they planned to put water or sugar in Nesreen’s gas tank to disable the car. They decided that when the couple returned to their apartment, they would shoot them.

However, the first time they tried the plan, Nesreen’s car made it a few blocks away, so they scrapped the plot.

Alrawabdeh said Irsan decided he would have to kill his daughter and her husband separately.

On Nov. 15, 2012, Alrawabdeh said, the trio left their home in Montgomery County about 4 a.m. and went to the apartment to wait for the young couple to wake up.

After Nesreen and Coty walked to their car, about 6 a.m., Alrawabdeh testified that Irsan and his son went to the unlocked third-floor apartment and hid in the bedroom. After Coty returned to the apartment, he went to the restroom then walked into the living room where he had an assault rifle propped up against the television.

Alrawabdeh said Irsan told her that he came out of the bedroom and took aim at Beavers. She testified that Irsan told her Beavers’ last words.

“He said, ‘Oh my God,’” she said.

How many more Muslim families like this one – who plot to kill their own kin – are in the U.S.?

Ali Irsan, Shmou Ali Alrawabdeh, Nadia Irsan and Nasim Irsan

23 thoughts on “Houston: Muslim testifies her husband confessed to ‘honor killing’ Christian son-in-law

    • They are an aggressive cancer on humanity.
      They use immigration as a ruse to stealthly inliftrate into our country because their goal is world domination for Allah. What better countries to invade than those of Western civilization where they are welcomed with open arms, receive free housing, food, medical care, and education. It’s easy to pluck the heartstrings of Western culture and use (twist) our laws and culture against us. (we’re intolerant, islamophobic, bigotted, etc.,… etc.
      When they are the minority, they clamor for minority rights but when they become the majority they eliminate minority rights.
      They are not here to integrate and some such as Linda Sarsour will take to the microphones or bullhorns to unabashedly tell us so (she is not the only one).
      How will they cause the American culture to implode?
      1) they are encouraged to have big families. Even the article said she had 8 children! Over a few years some will become politicians, lawyers, or occupy other positions where they can exert their influence. Election and re-election will become increasingly easier as the muslim population increases. Many already want to replace our Constitution with Sharia law.
      2. Muslims will legally challenge and force us into complying with their rules; example,forcing public facilities and schedules to conform to their demands.
      3. More and more mosques will be built so more imams can preach hatred for “the Great Satan” ; i.e. the
      USA. If we complain then we are labelled as biased and intolerant.
      4. They will demand more and more until eventually they will take over.

      There is already debate as to whether we have sufficiently recognized the terror and evil which is slowly coming our way. Many in the Demo-crap party are now actively working to bring this all about (under the ruse and guise of trying to make this a “better” country). Consider Mohammed Barack Hussein Obama after winning his first term and telling us he was about to start completely transforming our country.

      • Can’t disagree with any of your statements. However, patriotic Americans will prevail through a burning hell to guarantee our republic survives. Iran being our biggest threat from that area, but never trust any of them.

  1. Islam the Religion of death. What other religion commands you to kill those who leave Islam? And the media wants us to believe Islam is the same as Christianity. When your religion is more important to you then the love of your children or friends, then what more proof do you need to realize Islam is a sick evil ideology.

    • Completely agree.
      I call Islam the religion from HELL!
      I cannot imagine that our founding fathers would have imagined muslims flooding and infiltrating our shores. President Jefferson kept a copy of the Koran, not because he admired Islam but because he tried to understand what made them so crazy!!
      But it appears over the years we have become SO tolerant that we invite venomous snakes into our home. [Please check out Al Wilson – The snake (with lyrics)].

      NO legitimate religion mandates killing those who disagree with you.
      Mohammed himself decapitated a thousand kaffirs(unbelievers) and was a pedophile.
      Sex with a corpse is sactioned and allowed in islam.

      We had better get up to speed about Islam and Shariah law while we can!!!
      It’s HERE and it ain’t good.

  2. How do you recover “honor” you never had? Demon-filled people who have no business in this country. Why are Muslims never curious as to why their cult spawns and attracts the worst psychopaths?

  3. At least the people posting on this blog about the honor killing gets it, now if we could educate the rest of America then perhaps Islam will be forced to be acknowledged as a theocracy, removed from nation as a threat to the Constitution and all mosques be destroyed to rubble and the land they sit on be returned to the American people.

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  6. ISLAM is NOT a religion, it likes to hide behind our freedom of religion laws…Islam is a Theocracy, which relies heavy upon FORCE, NOT free will….A Theocracy does not trump our Constitution….Murder is MURDER, and this was and is MURDER, nothing less, nothing more…He belongs his ass in prison, or sent back to the state of Islam….Any damn body allowing this murderer free is a PIECE of SHIT CORRUPT BOUGHT JUDGE, not doing the job…..

  7. Let’s get one thing straight. Islam never has and never will be a religion so stop calling it one. It’s a political ideology that is in direct opposition to our Constitution. It has been banned in this nation for decades but for some reason, cowards have allowed it to flourish. Fear of being called xenophobic has allowed this cancer to grow. This whole bunch of evil creatures should never see the light of day. She willingly aided in this murder and should be in for life. The judge is a disgrace and is not upholding the laws of this nation. Islam has no place in any society and is not welcome here. The only good muslim is a dead one.

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