Texas: Border Patrol apprehends four more illegal Muslims from Bangladesh

Source: Border Patrol apprehends four men from Bangladesh – Brownsville Herald h/t Jihad Watch

Border Patrol agents working near the Fort Brown Golf Course in Brownsville encountered four undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh.

On Wednesday, the agents gave commands to the four men in Spanish, but it became evident the group did not know Spanish.

After inspecting their belongings for identification, Border Patrol discovered the men were from Bangladesh.

The men were taken into custody.

Earlier this spring in Texas: At Least 24 Bangladeshi Nationals Caught at Border in March; 160 Since October

8 thoughts on “Texas: Border Patrol apprehends four more illegal Muslims from Bangladesh

    • The Left would welcome these POS with open arms until this trash hacks them off. In their world it’s better to be inclusive and dead than to be informed and alive. You can’t fix stupid

      • Moira, I say let these Lefties take in Muslims. The left should live in the same house with a Muslim for a day. They will get a rude awakening. Then again, they’re not gonna last long since these Muslims will rape and kill them.

        The Left believes in world peace and thinks that everyone is just like them. It never occurred to them that Muslims don’t like them. They believe that everyone will get along but they’re wrong. The Left needs a wake up call.

  1. Keep the Muslims out. Read the Quran, and learn that they hate us, and want to
    take over our country.
    Pray for our border patrol. If we do not protect our borders, we will not have a

  2. There are many phases of Islam during this House of War leaving us with the question, what is life like for us under Sharia once our government imposes forms of sharia.

    Islam means submission to Islam, this gives all Muslims superior status over all Non Muslims:

    What you understand about sharia now becomes your life, you are either converted or you are humiliated 24/7 by your Muslim community.

    That phase provides Peace to the religion of peace, to silence unbelievers either by the word or by the sword.

    Here is one of your daily scenarios, your Muslim neighbor comes to your front door a door that must remain unlocked at all times welcoming any Muslim neighbor, you have no one to call or complain too, not your Muslim neighbors, police or government, you are under sharia, you are inferior.

    This is the phase most don’t speak of but, it’s wise to know what not to allow into your country. You do not want anything to do with the House of Islam.

    • #dannyboy9…. I know you already know this, but FYI to the CS readers here…. You left out a few “minor” details…. Many of the offenses to which you made mention are very literally CAPITAL OFFENSES! “Blasphemy”, as defined by Sharia law, is punishable by death (generally by DECAPITATION)! Thievery is punishable by amputation of one hand and one foot (of course without ANESTHESIA of any kind)! And here’s the real KICKER…. you can be totally unaware and totally innocent of any alleged “crimes” against islam or mohammed (I prefer ‘pisslam’ and ‘mo-ham-dead’) BUT, if your neighbor or even a stranger SAYS that you committed a crime, you are GUILTY! PERIOD! SLAM DUNK!!!! And even if they decide to give you a trial, it’s a Kangaroo Court with NO CHANCE of defending yourself!!!!! AIN’T PISSLAM JUS’ GRAND?????

  3. Muslims hate the west yet at the same time, wants to move here. Muslims are like alien invaders, they come to our country and then slowly take over. They’re invaders.

    I wish I don’t live in California because I have to put up with Muslims and leftists. Ugh…

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