Twitter Hires So-Called Academic ‘Experts’ To….Enforce Sharia Blasphemy Laws

@Jack is enforcing the sharia.

Source: Twitter hires experts in Islam and right-wing populism to banish ‘intolerant discourse’

Twitter has launched a new scheme to clamp down on ‘abuse, harassment and other types of behaviours that can detract or distort from the public conversation’.

It has selected two teams of academics to begin a project aimed at silencing the wrong type of speech on the social network.

The researchers have expertise in a wide range of subject areas including Islam, diversity and the spread of right-wing populism.

They will work to measure the effect of echo chambers and hate speech on Twitter, with the data used to guide the tech giant’s future strategy.

‘Earlier this year, as part of our global health initiative, we committed to serving the public conversation and working to increase the collective health, openness, and civility of the dialogue on our service,’ wrote Vijaya Gadde, who works as legal, policy and trust and safety lead at Twitter.

‘We want everyone’s experience on Twitter to be free of abuse, harassment and other types of behaviours that can detract or distort from the public conversation.

‘Work has been underway for months to make progress in these areas, such as making changes so you can be confident in your follower counts, introducing new signals into how we present and organize Tweets, sharing more on our expanded efforts to fight malicious automation, and acquiring Smyte to address safety, spam, and security challenges more quickly and effectively.’

The social network reviewed 230 proposals, from academics based around the world, on how to measure the ‘health of public conversation’.

Dr. Rebekah Tromble, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Leiden University, is leader of a scheme called ‘examining echo chambers and uncivil discourse’.

She has a PhD in political science with a minor in ‘transnational Islam’ and wrote her dissertation called: ‘Who Framed the Prophet? Media, Stakeholders, and the Debate over the Danish Cartoon Controversy.’

Tromble will work with several scientists including Dr. Michael Meffert, who also works at Leiden University and has written several papers on the right-wing.

‘In the context of growing political polarization, the spread of misinformation, and increases in incivility and intolerance, it is clear that if we are going to effectively evaluate and address some of the most difficult challenges arising on social media, academic researchers and tech companies will need to work together much more closely,’ Tromble said.

‘This initiative presents an important and promising opportunity for Twitter and our team of researchers to share expertise and work on solutions together.’

The Leiden University-led project will try to measure how much people engage with people outside their ‘echo chamber’ and engage with ‘diverse viewpoints’.

It will also attempt to develop algorithms which hunt out ‘intolerant discourse’ and automatically recognise hate speech, racism or xenophobia.

Twitter has given an open platform to Islamic terror groups for years…while @Jack submits to the Saudis.

More via: New Twitter “Hate Speech” Chief is a Trump-Hating Leftist

Given that Tromble is a hardcore leftist who has repeatedly expressed her hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters, don’t expect Twitter to move in any direction other than another giant lurch towards censorship.

13 thoughts on “Twitter Hires So-Called Academic ‘Experts’ To….Enforce Sharia Blasphemy Laws

  1. So twitter has made it official, it is now openly pro muslim, pro jihadi, pro sharia, and anti American! How very diverse of them! I for one will never use twitter and with that never be subjected to their anti-American discrimination! They have made their unAmerican stance and can rot in hell with the rest of the jihadi supporters! ESAD, eat shite and die!

    • I got kicked off twitter a couple of weeks ago because I told some dumb-a$$ they were a”Moron”That same person had bombarded someone else with all kind of foul language,but that was OK with twitter.How come????

  2. Islam is a system of satan!!! Mohammod , born in 570 AD , died in 632 AD was historically revealed to be demonically possessed!! Words he spoke , while possessed, went into the koran. Four places in the koran it stated ” kill all Christians and Jews ” !!!
    . .And “allah the great deceiver ” So it’s very clear. . . islam. . . a system of the beast . CLEARLY!!!!! This data from authors with masters degrees and doctorates in middle east history etc, etc.


  3. These fools on the left never stop to think the snakes they play with, pamper and coddle will strike them when the opportunity presents itself. They will have only contempt for these people they know are idiots for accepting them as rational human beings.

    • Yes, this thought has occurred to me often. The garden variety useful idiots I get, they would happily agree that the sun sets in the east if that’s what they were told to think at the moment. But the billionaire leftist leaders and other insiders, the would-be Inner Party of the new world order, have to be utterly insane to think they can control Islam after they use it as a weapon to destroy resistance to collectivist authoritarianism.

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  5. The good thing out of all this is that we DON’T need these Twits or Fakebook, etc. to get the message out about the threat of political Islam. Millions have been awakened already through this website and numerous others while Trump has moved the needle substantially on immigration refugees, asylees and so on. MAGA!

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If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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