Michigan: Judge rules in favor of Sterling Heights mosque in residential neighborhood

Residents don’t want it. The city voted against it. But government sided with Muslims and an Obama-appointed judge are forcing another mega-mosque on the residents of Sterling Heights.

Source: Judge says Sterling Heights can allow mosque to be built

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — A judge has ruled that a Detroit suburb violated no laws when it approved a consent judgment allowing the construction of a mosque in a neighborhood.

U.S. District Judge Gershwin Drain issued an order Wednesday in favor of Sterling Heights. An attorney for a group of residents opposing the American Islamic Community Center’s mosque is appealing the ruling.

The city denied plans for the mosque in 2015 over what it said were parking, traffic and other concerns.

The center and the U.S. Justice Department sued the city, leading to the 2017 consent agreement. Lawyers for some residents then sued, saying Sterling Heights’ zoning ordinances were being violated.

The Associated Press left messages seeking comment from the center and Sterling Heights.

Back story here: Sterling Heights Residents Sue City to Stop Construction of Mosque


15 thoughts on “Michigan: Judge rules in favor of Sterling Heights mosque in residential neighborhood

  1. How can a judge be so foolish! Judge Drain obviously does not live in that area. Furthermore, there is plenty of objections against this mosque construction from all concerned re. city, citizens etc. Everybody knows that as soon as a mosque is built, real estate property prices drop significantly. Is Judge Drain getting paid or his son is married to a muslima?

  2. It’s easy to be very tolerant of minorities until they become majorities and you find yourself a minoritiy. It’s easy to say “Oh yes, these lovely people – I love the way they wear such interesting costumes.” That’s fine until some day you find that they are actually telling you what to do, they’re taken over the town council, and what you thought was your home isn’t.”

    Sir David Attenborough.

  3. Paying people to come and live with you when they follow an ideology and religion devoted to your destruction is the very definition of insanity.

    • Everyone should read and know this.
      It will not be long before there is a muslim mayor, then congressman and then total destruction of America.

      • Thanks for simplifying it. After that last president dumbing down his supporters I would hope they would start seeing what these cults are doing to this country. I read that this is there plan that already started with all the judges, majors & all the other government officials that were put in their positionsb to start normalizing it to us Americans. They listed & stated this takeover hoping anything illimate laws & religious beliefs. They want to takeover our country because they believe they are superior to the American people & they are playing a dangerous game. As long as we keep them out of any government positions & doing what we can to voice the dangers they can do to us

        • With all the internet platforms being paid $$$$ to make sure their intentions from knowing what they are doing theirs not really anywhere you can go to let people know. They also pay all the MSM to make sure they are never looked at negativly but only as peaceful people. I wish people would see they’re the only culture building mosques to teach their ideology like it’s the only thing that’s important never anything about our country. Anyone would think why don’t they just stay on their own country if that’s all you want but they keep themselves out of the news negatively but make sure they find something to go on the news that makes them look good. I really wasn’t into politics but after living next to Dearborn for 20 years before & having a child it makes you want to make sure his future doesn’t have this on it. They have this new Muslim running for our governor & he’s got the newspapers writing articles making him out to be the best person to be in charge of the people’s lives when he will only do what’s best for his people. I’m praying that since it’s a big state people will vote for someone who will make sure they will do what every Michigander wants, not just 1 race./culture.

  4. Examine Judge Drain’s finances and it is likely he has recently done very well in the options market. islam, through the Blackrock group of hedge funds know to the second which options will have 1000% moves or more. This inside information is passed on to those who are favorable to islam. It is a undercover way to transfer hundreds of millions undetected. islam, through the petro-dollar has corrupted all.

  5. There is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim! ALL mosques are considered by muzzlumz to be “conquered territory for izzlam”! There is NOT ONE mosque in the world where JIHAD, VIOLENCE AND ULTIMATE BLOODSHED is not taught as a normal way to treat non-muzzlumz–NOT ONE!!!!! People from Western democracies who encourage the spread of islam, under the guise of multiculturalism, will one day wake up and find that they have DUG THEIR OWN GRAVES!!!!!

  6. I live in Sterling Heights, Mich. I moved here in 1995 with my family for my husband’s job opportunity. At that time, it was a nice city, with great schools, city services, and a mix of ethic residents. There were a large number of Chaldeans, which i had no idea at the time, were Christian/Catholic Iraqis who had fled beginning in the seventies. These people were routinely beaten, threatened, jailed without cause, and even killed. They came here to the US as true asylum seekers, and built a large community.
    I won’t comment on problems having a culture so different living in an area, but I expect it was much like society reacted when large groups of Irish, Germans , Italians, etc came to America for a better life. Chaldeans were literally fleeing for their lives from Muslim oppression, and settled in and around the Sterling Heights area.
    The Muslim scum trying to build this mosque, are nothing more than instigators and agitators, coming to an area they’re not wanted trying to set up camp. They have already taken over Dearborn (16 MI away), Hamtramck (10 MI away) and pushed out the Polish community that had inhabited the area for 75 plus years.
    This us creeping sharia at it’s worst! They come to an area filled with people they oppressed for centuries in Iraq, just to intimidate them. Nobody wants these barbarians here, but because they are trying to take over the US, they’ve chosen to start in Michigan.
    It would be great if the site of this mosque/Satan’s den were to fall into a sinkhole this area is known for. Or if some “out of town” visitors decided to build a bonfire at that very location, using all available building supplies.
    If some Chaldean blew the place up with as many of this filthy group as they could take out, I’m sure they could claim PTSD, and get away with it. I’d find them not guilty for sure!!!

  7. what do you mean “creeping” looks more like “full.steam ahead” what is the judges payoffs. they dont have the law interpreted. as written with these decisions.

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