Michigan: Muslims about to turn another church into a mosque

Source: ‘Ultimate form of civilization jihad’ planned for this Michigan city – LeoHohmann.com

With wounds still fresh from a divisive plan to build a massive mosque in a residential area of Sterling Heights, Michigan, a group of Pakistanis are moving forward with plans for another project, and this one involves the conversion of a church into a house of Islamic worship.

The group held an “open house” last weekend at the former St. Mark Lutheran Church on 16 ½ Mile Road in Sterling Heights. But a group of Christians who attended said it was unlike any open house they’d experienced.

A Realtor was present, along with several Pakistani men dressed in traditional Islamic robes.

“They used the term ‘open house’ because they probably didn’t know what else to call it,” said a local woman who dropped in on the event Sunday. “But in retrospect I think they were looking for money. That was their plan, to show the property, explain what they were going to do with it and see if people would donate.”

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she lives just two miles from the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit in nearby Rochester Hills. Mosques in Oakland and Macomb counties tend to start out small and become very large, she said.

Sterling Heights is unique in that it is home to not only a growing Muslim community but one of the largest concentrations of Chaldean Catholic Christians in the U.S. These Christians fled persecution in Iraq. Word of the open house spread quickly among Chaldeans and other Christians when a flyer showing the targeted church started circulating in the area last week.

There is a feeling in the community that the plan to turn the church into a mosque may be connected in some way to the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit, about 15 miles away in Rochester Hills. That mosque’s congregants are also mostly Pakistanis who speak Urdu.

Sterling Heights already has two mosques in operation and a third that is tied up in litigation. The city went through a highly contentious, divisive debate in 2015-16 in which a 20,000-square-foot mega-mosque called the American Islamic Community Center, or AICC, was denied a permit by a 9-0 vote of the planning commission. That denial received a standing ovation from an overflow crowd of residents at city hall in fall of 2015, but the decision would later be overturned under pressure from the U.S. Justice Department. The DOJ joined local Muslims in a federal lawsuit alleging religious discrimination.

The city settled with the Muslims and agreed to allow the construction to start on AICC mosque but then a citizens’ group filed its own lawsuit against the city alleging that it approved the project out of a bias toward Muslims, many of whom would be attending the mosque from outside the city, when the overwhelming majority of city residents opposed the project citing traffic, congestion and parking issues. Making things more contentious is the fact that the targeted neighborhood is populated largely by Chaldeans Christians, many of whom had escaped Muslim persecution in Iraq.

LeoHohmann.com contacted several Christian refugees in Sterling Heights this week to ask about the church-mosque conversion project. They all refused to speak on the record, fearing retribution from the Muslims.

In an interview with WDIV-TV last year, Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor laid down the gauntlet, letting it be known unequivocally that, in terms of the AICC lawsuit, he stands on the side of the Muslims. Taylor said the city plans to “defend against it pretty vigorously” and “go after them for sanctions for this very frivolous lawsuit.”

Dick Manasseri, spokesman for Secure Michigan, a citizens’ watchdog organization, said that for any group to try to open another mosque in Sterling Heights before the controversy over the previous one is settled represents “a very bold move” that has raised a lot of eyebrows.

“Why would any church board, knowing about the controversy of the previous mosque plan yet to be decided in the courts, decide to open the door to another mosque that’s coming in from the side, unless they are a player in the interfaith movement, which is going on all over Michigan right now,” he said.

The targeted church property sits on 4.8 acres with enough parking for 150 cars. The property last changed hands, according to courthouse records, in August 2012 when it was acquired by an entity called God’s Love Overpowers Ministries from Crown of Life Lutheran Church for $375,000. According to the listing agent, the property is now under contract to be sold to the Muslim group for approximately $440,000 and the transaction is scheduled to close in less than three months. Since there is already a house of worship on the property, no rezoning hearings will be required.

Some residents have also noticed a change in the city’s Ethnic Community Committee over the last couple of years. The committee’s biggest event is its annual Cultural Exchange, and that event gets a little bit more Islamic every year, says Tom Mitchell, a retiree who has lived in Sterling Heights since 1965. The city’s transformation into a multicultural hub sped up under the direction of Mohammed Alomari, an immigration attorney who was named last year as chair of the Ethnic Committee. Three of the nine committee members have Muslim names, according to the city website.

“I understand the original founders of the Ethnic Committee back in 1990 wanted to help new immigrants assimilate into our American culture and become more informed of their new surroundings and new neighbors,” Mitchell said. “Back then the outreach efforts were for Sterling Heights residents only.”

But that’s no longer the case under Alomari’s leadership, Mitchell said. With Alomari’s approval, the Cultural Exchange welcomes not just ethnic-food vendors and musicians but Islamic propaganda outfits such as the Omar Center for Awareness and Understanding, which is a network of grassroots Islamist activists who work through interfaith channels handing out free copies of the Quran, copies of Islamic sermons and various other religious literature under the guise of promoting “freedom,” equality and justice for all, according to its website, OmarCenter.org.

The group takes its name from the 7th-century caliph Omar, an Islamic leader who followed Muhammad and is often referred to by Muslims as “the Great Conqueror.” He earned this nickname for his achievements of defeating the two major powers of his time, the Persians and the Christian-led Roman Empire. Omar is also notorious for instructing his lieutenants to never allow a Christian or Jew to have a position of influence over a Muslim, whether in the military or civilian life. So much for equality.

Another group approved to set up a booth at the Cultural Exchange in March was the IONA Mosque of neighboring Warren. They handed out free Qurans and pamphlets published by Sound Vision, a Chicago-based nonprofit that some say presents a whitewashed view of Islam as a religion of peace.

“Mr. Alomari, as chairman of the Ethnic Committee, approves whatever exhibits or displays get set up at the Cultural Exchange, and now I know why we have all these groups like the Omar Center and IONA Mosque being given access in our citizens, with free Qurans, pamphlets and flyers showing how to contact civil-rights attorneys and immigration attorneys, all written in Arabic,” Mitchell said. “This has nothing to do, anymore, with getting to know your neighbor, this is all propaganda for their movement and the average person in our community has no clue this is going on.”

Manasseri says Michiganders can expect more of this type of deceptive outreach, not just in Sterling Heights but in every corner of the state if Dr. Abdul El-Sayed wins this year’s gubernatorial election. He is running in the Aug. 7 Democrat primary and seeks to become America’s first Muslim governor.

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22 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslims about to turn another church into a mosque

  1. There is a very disturbing picture developing regarding the mayors of our country. It is becoming clear that external islamic forces have been corrupting mayors country wide to advance islam and their mosques which will be used as centers of sabotage in the future. Mayor Michael Taylor , like the mayors in many cities have kowtowed to the muslims I believe for his personal financial gain. I have observed that certain stock options will have moves of several thousand % for just a few minutes. Buy receiving tips on these options hundreds of millions of dollars can be transferred under cover. The Blackrock group of hedge funds , by trading between their funds can know when these options will skyrocket to the second. (Blackrock = The Blackrock of mecca) I think if the mayors financial accounts were investigated it would be found they recently became very wealthy!

  2. Are you all uneducated to the point of walking to the chopping block of Islam? Get off your asses and protest like no one else has ever done, Petition the President to take the votes of American born citizens above all these barbaric tribes that are only coming to assassinate our culture, not assimilate into it. Islam is claiming superior above all others, and will overrun your neighborhoods until you all run with your tails between your legs. They have no regards towards any other people if they are not born of a Muslim. You will have a value below animals, which by the way they kill dogs because they say they are dirty, but the real reason is the dogs alert the owner of and attack while you are sleeping, and ruins their plan to kill you the Non-Muslim Dhimmi. Do any of you realize that Islam is a political not religious cult? Socialists are behind the Muslims because they use the same socialist agenda that leads to full compliance to Islam or be killed. Liberals have been dumbing down our children in the public schools and should have been nipped in the bud when one Atheist demanded that prawer in school be removed, than the Constitution was being attacked. Now these Liberals who are all deviets and child molesters can have a free reign when Sharia law makes it lawful by Islamic law, and all your wives and children will be property of Muslims whenever they feel like it. Fight now or die later by Islam the Satanic following of Muhammad.

  3. Sick and repugnant were the first few thoughts that came as I opened this article up. Then nausea preceded anger and the sense of urgency to both pray the most holy rosary of the blessed Virgin Mary and plans to physically take the necessary action. Ya’ll can fill in the blanks

  4. Article mentions Islamic Association of Greater Detroit, that is the one Abdul El-Sayed’s father-in-law is associated with. He is also a member of the Founder’s Committee of ISNA. see cair michigan ‘team mates’

  5. LOL LOL LOL…White Christians are so stupid, don’t you realize the Muslims used your liberal laws against you and see if you go to their land and open a church. LOL LOL LOL White suicide.

  6. instead of spreading hate against islam just donate to that church so that it can resume its service, you sleep until churches run out of money and then you wake up.
    it is ok if the church is taken over by pimps and not ok if taken my mooslims

  7. I was extremely disappointed this past weekend when a highly respected member of my church approached me saying that he thought my attitude toward muslims was “too harsh”! Just for the record, may I say that my HATRED toward islam is all about the FALSE satanic CULT of islam and about the FALSE satanic “prophet” mohammed, I readily acknowledge that the muslim people of the world NEED the Lord Jesus Christ, and as such, they are to be pitied and taught the REAL Truth of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures! May I remind my fellow Christian friends and family who read this blog, that Jesus Christ was BY NO MEANS the “meek and mild” Rabbi from Nazareth! Quite to the contrary, Jesus was both downright INSULTING and extremely politically INCORRECT when he spoke to the hypocritical religious phonys of his day! On two separate occasions Christ “cleansed” the Temple, overturning the tables of the money-changers and driving the merchants out who had turned God’s “House of Prayer” into a “den of thieves”! He furthermore, made no bones about calling the scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, vipers and children of the devil–AND THEY HATED HIM FOR THAT!!! Geez, I can’t help wondering where ever did President Trump get the idea to call the fake news pundits on MSNBC and CNN a bunch of FAKE NEWS PUNDITS and LIARS????

    YES, make no mistake about it–I HATE ISLAM with every fiber of my being b/c it is a sickening, filthy LIE from HELL!!!!! By the same token, I greatly pity anyone (especially the KOWTOWING “nicety-nice Christians”) who buy into the LIE that “we just need to be kind to the muslims, and maybe they’ll be nice to us”! THAT’S EXACTLY HOW LEBANON (a major center of Christianity in the Roman Empire….Lebanon was a largely Christian country) >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebanon <> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianity_in_Lebanon <<. Don't be fooled!! The muslims who come to our country DO NOT come here to LEARN from us!!! THEY ARE HERE TO CONQUER AND DESTROY AMERICA AND EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

    • Let’s try this again w/o the wikipedia links…..

      THAT’S EXACTLY HOW LEBANON (a major center of Christianity in the Roman Empire….Lebanon was a largely Christian country) was changed from a predominately Christian country to a bastion of muslim terrorists! BTW, don’t take my word on this…. Look up Brigitte Gabriel on the web and read it for yourself! She tells how her Christian neighbors in Lebanon befriended the muslims, thinking they could convert them to the truth of the Gospel! Problem is… the muslims had an agenda and they feigned friendship all so that they could gain POLITICAL GAIN!!! Then…. once they had achieved their diabolical goal, the muslims turned on the very neighbors who had befriended them and forced them to CONVERT OR BE KILLED!!!!! Read it for yourself Don’t be fooled!! The muslims who come to our country DO NOT come here to LEARN from us!!! THEY ARE HERE TO CONQUER AND DESTROY AMERICA AND EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

    • #Danielle. You really don’t get it, D. Or else you really didn’t read my comments! I said that my hatred is toward the “religion” ISLAM, and the FALSE PROPHET, mohammed, b/c the TEACHINGS are bloody, hate-filled and extremely prejudiced!!! If you had actually read my comments you would have seen that I actually “feel pity” for the muslim people b/c they have been deceived by their leaders! Besides, I never even suggested that anyone ought to “love” me–that LOVE belongs to Jesus Christ only, who is God-Almighty come in the flesh, to die for the sins of the world!!!!

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  9. Ever heard of LEAH SHARIBU? That is what becomes of your Christian daughters when you give Islam a foothold. Ever heard of Boko Haram?
    Now let me make it easier to understand. ISLAM IS A WAR CODE DISGUISED AS RELIGION.
    Reject ISLAM now, O! America.

    MAGA……With anxious love from Nigeria.

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