New Mexico: Remains of boy found buried on ‘extremist Muslims’ compound where 11 starving children were rescued

Source: Landlord tried to evict ‘extremist Muslims’ living with 11 children | Daily Mail Online

Searchers have found the remains of a boy on the property where authorities raided a makeshift compound last week in search of a missing Georgia child.

Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said Tuesday that the remains were found after a search and authorities are awaiting a positive identification of the remains, which were discovered Monday.

Authorities say the search for Abdul-ghani, known as AG, from Georgia, led them Friday to the squalid compound where they found his father, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, four other adults and 11 children living in filthy conditions.

All five adults, two men and three sisters, are facing child abuse charges.

The father is accused of leaving Georgia in December with his then 3-year-old son.

The New Mexico landowner has also revealed that for months, he and his wife had been trying in vain to convince local officials to evict the group of people from his desert property where deputies rescued the starving children last week.

Jason Badger said Tuesday that he had concerns about the makeshift compound near the Colorado border.

But he says the courts and other authorities shot down his attempts to break up the encampment – described as a trailer buried in the ground.

Court records show a judge dismissed an eviction notice filed by Badger against Lucas Morton in June. The records didn’t provide further details on the judge’s decision. 

The boy’s father, 39-year-old Siraj Wahhaj, his sisters Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, and Subhanah Wahhaj, 35, and their sister-in-law Jany Leveille, 35, have been charged with child abuse.

The Wahhaj’s are the children of jihad-preaching imam Siraj Wahhaj.

9 thoughts on “New Mexico: Remains of boy found buried on ‘extremist Muslims’ compound where 11 starving children were rescued

  1. Muslims have established themselves, often times inconspicuously, throughtout the United States.
    They can be brain washed into committing any crime against their host country. They have openly and proudly told us that they are not here to integrate nor to embrace Western civilization. They have come to undermine, terrorize, and ultimately conquer us. Lying is not only acceptable but mandated to either save their skin or advance the cause of Islam and their satanic god Allah as revealed by Muhammed.
    This is supposed to be a “silent jihad”.

    More and more Muslims will seek to be elected to influential political offices where they can gradually challenge and replace any vestiges of Judeo-Christian/ Western civilization. The jihad will be a war of words together with increasing their numbers logarithmically to become a bigger voting block. Terror events will happen unexpectedly and with increasing frequency while they lay claim to being persecuted.
    While they remain the minority, they will demand minority and other Muslim-specific rules to be championed. BUT when they become the majority, then all minority considerations disappear.

    While average Americans slowly awaken to these truths, the Muslim termites are busy destroying our civilazation.

  2. Since moslemites believe children are ‘property’ there is small wonder this poor boy died at his father’s/imam’s hands. The tribe instinct save more kids can be gotten by capturing females and put them to brood.

  3. Any State that allows Muslim’s to run for office should be fined and taken out of the 50 States. Why would anyone allow this to happen? We all know exactly what to expect if they get in office. Stop this lunatic thinking. Muslim’s are not our Friend.

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