South Carolina: Muslim Teen Convicted Again, for Attempting to Join ISIS Again

His family is from Syria – likely refugees. At 19, he’s already been convicted of twice – in two different cases – for attempting to join ISIS.

Source: South Carolina Teen Convicted for Attempting to Join ISIS | OPA | Department of Justice

Zakaryia Abdin, 19, of Ladson, South Carolina, pleaded guilty today to attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Abdin appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Gergel.

The FBI arrested the defendant at the Charleston International Airport on March 30, 2017 when he attempted to board an airplane in order to travel overseas.  The defendant’s intent was to travel overseas in order to provide material support or resources to ISIS.

Abdin began his efforts on Jan. 3, 2017, when he created a social media account to attempt to join ISIS.   On Jan. 20, 2017, Abdin visited the FBI in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina to meet with a special agent from the Joint Terrorism Task Force.  During this interview, the special agent advised Abdin about the FBI’s role in conducting counterterrorism investigations and outlined for him various statutory definitions.  The special agent also provided the definitions for terrorism and specifically told Abdin that ISIS was a designated foreign terrorist organization and that it was illegal to give any foreign terrorist organization any form of material support, including personnel.

After that date, Abdin began to seek a handler to get him overseas to Syria or Egypt to make contact with ISIS.  Unbeknownst to him, he ended up making contact with an undercover FBI employee.  Abdin believed this person was affiliated with ISIS.  These communications continued up until he was arrested.

Abdin had extensive communications with the FBI employee.  During the course of these on line conversations, Abdin expressed continued loyalty to ISIS.  He said he had given a pledge of loyalty to the Caliphate in 2014 and provided a video of a new pledge to Commander Abu Baker al Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of ISIS or the Caliphate, in which he pledged to “wage jihad against the enemy of Allah.”

Abdin also indicated that he wished to join the Caliphate and requested to serve in combat.  He stated that he was proficient with various weapons, including AK’s, SKS rifles, and pistols.   He also asserted that he was well prepared, knew how to shoot, and had experience with and was reliable in close combat.  He not only talked of joining jihad, he also purchased weapons, including an SKS rifle, modifying it to expand its capacity from a 10 round magazine to a 30 round magazine.  Abdin practiced with an AK at a local gun store, and with an SKS and a 9mm at a local outdoor shooting range outside of Charleston.

Abdin took a picture of himself carrying the 9mm in his waistband and took a picture of himself practicing shooting at night at the local outdoor range, and sent these to the undercover FBI employee.

Abdin undertook concrete steps to join the Caliphate and travel overseas to fight jihad.  He applied for a passport.  On March 22, 2017, the FBI was notified Abdin’s passport was delivered to his residence in Ladson.  Later on the same date, Abdin sent a message to the undercover FBI employee to tell him to “let the brothers know I am coming very soon”

On March 23, 2017, Abdin made flight reservations aboard a commercial airline departing Charleston with a final destination of Amman, Jordan.  The date for travel was set for March 30, 2017 at approximately 7:30 PM.  Shortly thereafter on March 23, 2017, Abdin communicated to the undercover FBI employee that he was scheduled to arrive in Amman, Jordan on April 1, 2017, at approximately 2:05 AM.

On March 30, 2017, at approximately 4:17 PM Abdin arrived at the Charleston International Airport with one piece of luggage and a carry-on backpack.  Abdin proceeded to a commercial airline ticket counter where he provided the attendant with travel documents and received a boarding pass for international travel to Amman.  Abdin then proceeded from the ticketing counter toward the Transportation Security Administration’s security screening area where he was arrested.

Abdin, a U.S. citizen, faces a statutory maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.  The maximum statutory sentence is prescribed by Congress and is provided here for informational purposes.  Any sentencing of the defendant will be determined by the court based on the advisory Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

More details via Paroled York County, SC, teen who tried to join ISIS arrested by FBI

Police warned a juvenile parole board that a teen from York who was convicted of trying to join ISIS was a threat.

The teen wanted to kill police, American soldiers and anyone else who got in his way, court and parole board testimony showed. But the parole board released the teen last year before Zakaryia Abdin Abdin had to be lawfully released at age 21.

Late Thursday, the FBI arrested Abdin, now 18, at the Charleston airport on federal terrorism charges of trying to help and join ISIS.

York County’s top law enforcement officers and York’s top officials are outraged. They say they tried to warn state officials.

York Police Chief Andy Robinson and 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett confirmed to The Herald that Abdin is the same person charged and convicted in York as a juvenile.

Abdin and another unnamed extremist were stopped before a 2015 plot was executed to rob a gun store in North Carolina, then attack troops at military bases near Raleigh.

Federal prosecutors did not charge Abdin when he was arrested in York at 16. South Carolina has no terrorism laws, so Abdin could only be charged with illegal gun possession.

Abdin, a former York Comprehensive High School student, was arrested in York in February 2015 with a gun, an ISIS flag, electronic material that linked him to ISIS abroad and to another alleged Islamic extremist. He also had a floor plan of the gun store where authorities say a robbery was planned.

Abdin, of Syrian heritage, was convicted in York County Family Court in 2015, then paroled in 2016. Because he was a juvenile, his name was never publicly released.

More via:  ISIS suspect dreamed of killing Americans

At one point, he asked the agent if Omar Mateen, who shot down 49 people at an Orlando night club last June, had contacted ISIS leaders before his attack.

On March 17, he wrote the agent: “I swear to God … I was very close to doing what (Brother) Omar did (one month later) But I did not have weapons.”

After moving to the Charleston area, Abdin apparently had little trouble acquiring guns and ammunition. On Jan. 13, according to the affidavit, Abdin even visited FBI offices in Charleston to inform agents that he had purchased weapons for hunting, and that he “wanted nothing to do with his past actions and claimed that he had completely disassociated himself with extremist ideology,” the affidavit says.

He was actually denied parole at least once prior to being released: Syrian Muslim teen who plotted jihad on U.S. military base denied parole

“That’s one of the scariest individuals we’ve ever encountered. He’s a terrorist…” ~ York police chief

Listen to the stone-cold Muslim sociopath spew taqiyya that led to his early release. At which time he again tried to join ISIS.


9 thoughts on “South Carolina: Muslim Teen Convicted Again, for Attempting to Join ISIS Again

  1. This POS is my nomination for poster child for mandatory minimum sentences. Now, now about some criminal liability for whoever pumped him full of this genocidal criminality? Whoever turned him into a weapon and deployed him against civilization should pay a price.

  2. But, but, but Your Honor, PA-LEEZE, Your Honor, I’m really, really, REALLY, SOOO SORRY–that I GOT CAUGHT!!! And I promise, Oh, do I ever promise, that I’ll never, ever, ever do it again–UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!! PA-LEEZE, Your Honor, just think of my POOOOR MOTHER, and my POOOOR SISTER, Your Honor!!! PA-LEEZE, Your Honor, this whole thing is just such a big MIX-UP, you know!!!! We muzzscumz really, really, really, just LUV all you kaffirs TO DEATH!!!!!

  3. Send him to the front lines in Syria. Then have Barry O call for a drone strike. Oops, my bad, he’s not President. Ok just take him out and in the mountains of east Tn. See how good he is at survival.

  4. Screw prison! This POS needs the needle! Why should we have to pay to house these POS! Give um the needle then they can be with allah in Hell!! Aloha snackbar that Yah bastard!!!

  5. We Americans should deport not only the Muslim criminals, but, his family, extended family! No prison – deport their butts right back where they came from!

  6. how come uncle samuel is allowed to fund and arm the ISIS terrorists, even airlifting them to safety in syria and get away with it but this misguided fool is demonized for wanting to hang out with them?

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