Canada: Govt encourages hotels to impose “Sharia” swim times for refugee girls (VIDEO)

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Feds encourage hotels to impose “Sharia” swim times for refugee girls – The Rebel

Sheila Gunn Reid

In late 2015, to meet yet another Trudeau imposed quota, the Canadian government sponsored 50,000 migrants who, the public were assured, were all Syrian refugees fleeing a civil war.

To accommodate the rush to bring them to Canada, hotels were turned into makeshift migrant camps and today, I bring you the fourth installment of my exclusive investigation into the consequences of this action.

The investigation has been fuelled by a few hundred exclusive access to information documents.

The documents, primarily emails from hotel management to their contacts at the federal government, and internal government memos, reveal a chilling and often disgusting tale of vandalism, sexual harassment and child neglect.

Watch as I tell you about how Sharia law came to the hotels, under the advice of the refugee wranglers in the federal government.

Special Sharia swim times were set up, before and after regular pool hours, because refugee parents were not permitting their little girls to use the hotel pools as freely as the little boys.

So much for integrating.

To see all the reports in our ongoing investigation into the Liberals practice of housing migrants in Canadian hotels, visit


5 thoughts on “Canada: Govt encourages hotels to impose “Sharia” swim times for refugee girls (VIDEO)

    You cannot enter a foreign country and set up your own laws and regulations that contradicts most of the worlds moral standards.

  2. As Dr. Bill Warner has been saying for years, there is no need to acquiesce to Sharia because of “darura” (necessity) and “tayseer” (to easy one’s burden). Necessity trumps obligation when Muslims are in a minority position. We can use their doctrine against them but only if we know and understand it.

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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