California: Muslim Refugee Serving 25-Year Terrorism Sentence Gets Another 20 For Trying to Kill Prison Warden

Source: Man Serving 25-Year Terrorism Sentence Gets Another 20 Years For Trying to Kill Victorville Prison Warden | KTLA

A man serving a 25-year sentence for conspiring to commit acts of terrorism against the United States was sentenced to another 20 years Monday after trying to kill a Victorville prison warden with a homemade shank, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

During a hearing on Monday, Fazliddin Kurbanov admitted to using a shank he made himself to try slitting the throat of the warden at the Federal Correctional Institute-II two years earlier, federal prosecutors said.

The admission was made as part of a plea deal. Kurbanov, 36, pleaded guilty to attempted murder of a federal officer on March 13, according to the DOJ.

Speaking through an interpreter at the hearing, Kurbanov, a Uzbek national, said he was not sorry for committing the brutal assault, federal prosecutors said. He said the warden, who suffered serious injuries and has since been transferred to a different prison, was supposed to die.

He also “expressed extreme animosity toward the United States,” federal prosecutors said in a news release.

When the attack occurred on May 31, 2016, the then-warden was standing in a dining facility near the serving line, according to a plea agreement cited by the Los Angeles Times. While armed with a roughly 4-inch homemade shank, Kurbanov attacked the warden from behind — wrapping his arm around the man’s neck as he used the other arm to try slitting his throat, the plea agreement said.

While Kurbanov was unable to penetrate the warden’s throat, he managed to slash the shank across the left side of his body, the Times reported. The wound extended from his armpit to the hip bone and required about 80 staples to be closed.

The former Victorville prison warden was left with “permanent disfiguring scar and sharp pains most likely caused by nerve damage,” the Times reported.

At the time of attempted killing, Kurbanov was an inmate who had been convicted of conspiring with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a terrorist group based in his native country.

According to federal prosecutors, Kurbanov started communicating with a person operating a website for the terrorist group in the summer of 2012. He discussed his “animosity toward Americans, particularly the military,” prosecutors said in a news release.

While naming U.S. targets such as military bases in Idaho and Texas and West Point Military Academy in New York, he expressed his desire to build and set off a bomb, prosecutors said. He asked for instructions on how to make the explosive device himself — even acquiring the materials to do so.

The website administrator told Kurbanov to get an anti-virus software that would protect the terrorist group’s website and obtain and provide any amount of money, prosecutors said. Afterward, Kurbanov got his brother overseas to send the software.

Just before being arrested in May 2013, Kurbanov also tried funneling money back to the terrorist group.

Beginning in November 2012 until his arrest, he got ahold of several bomb-making materials and chemicals — ammunition containing smokeless powder, a hollow hand grenade and aluminum powder, among others. FBI special agents came across the bomb-making materials during court-authorized  searches of his apartment in 2012 and 2013.

“The worst of intentions on the part of Mr. Kurbanov, that is the mass killing of Americans, were thwarted by the best of collaboration on the part of the entire law enforcement community,” Eric Barnhart, an FBI special agent, said in a news release.

On Monday, Judge  Virginia A. Phillips gave Kurbanov the maximum possible sentence as she said he remains an extreme danger, according to a DOJ news release. Once he completes both his 25-year sentence for terrorism charges and the extra 20 years attacking the warden, he will be on lifetime supervised release.

Numerous prior posts with more details on the Uzbek jihad refugee in our archives.

18 thoughts on “California: Muslim Refugee Serving 25-Year Terrorism Sentence Gets Another 20 For Trying to Kill Prison Warden

  1. Almost enough total time by now. Oh wait, these are just nominal “sentences,: he could still be out in a few months. Especially if the parole board doesn’t want to be Islamophobic. Damn, isn’t this POS inside in the first place because there are genuine and legitimate fears that he’ll repeat his sociopathic behaviours if he gets out?

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  3. Why hold him, it’s not like he’s of any value to humanity, hook him up to ole Sparky and dim the lights! Done sweep the ashes into the sewer! Or as a federal crime how about a firing squad? No more meals no more bullcrap. Done! And the bullet dipped in pig blood!!

  4. Why are we wasting tax payer’s hard earned money to keep these creeps in jail? Why can’t we deport them as soon as a crime is committed?? We are wasting good money that could be used for the benefit of Americans, or our infrastructure, or Social Security or any number of better causes to spend money on!

  5. Now considered a threat, isolation ward, no prayer rug, no Koran, no halal meals…1 hour yard with out other inmates around. How long: 45 years, perhaps he;ll understand by then……you do not kill people.

    • Years ago I knew someone whose aquarium fish were being cannibalized by one of their own. She said she was “trying” to kill the thing “by changing the water in the tank and by pouring the COLDEST water from her faucet” into the tank! Unfortunately, the thing refused to die–AND IT KEPT EATING UP THE OTHER REMAINING FISH!!! Well…. not too long ago I experienced a similar predicament in my aquarium…. My solution…. I netted the thing, put it in a steel bowl in my sink and gave it a nice short swim in some water from my tea kettle–BOILING WATER, THAT IS!!!!! MORAL OF THE STORY…. WE NEED TO REINSTATE THE DEATH PENALTY FOR THESE KINDS OF HEINOUS CRIMES DONE BY INCORRIGIBLE PSYCHOPATHS!!!! SLAM DUNK!!!!!

      • All due respect to ‘Anonymous’, but yes, you DO kill people!!! You kill the psychopath, blood-thirsty SOB’s like this POS! The alternative is simply more dead fish in the aquarium!!!!!

  6. OH GOODIE the demasculated pacifist Christians can now show their love and obedience to Jesus by paying to have this Antichrist fed, clothed, housed and protected for another 20 years instead of having him executed day one. Christianity, all about punishing the victim and protecting the victimizer, and if you don’t agree, go to hell for all eternity to pay for your hard hearted sins against the hypocrite double talking fake pacifist God.

    • Wait a minute! California is run by atheists, Christians have no say in California The only thing fake is the democrat lying to the public! Your spewing at Christians is misplaced, you have a problem with California, it;s with the atheists, the lgbtqx group, the communists, antifa and every other wing nut group chasing unicorn and pixie dust! But, not Christians, they have no say and many are leaving California! So reel in your misplaced hatred..

    • Seriously, how’d you develop such hatred toward God??? I have to ask–did mommy force you to go to Sunday School when you were just 5 years old??? Read what ‘wahotsdad’ has to say, below. Christians are not a bunch of Mr. Milktoast, limp-wrists! Christ drove the money-changers and the animals being sold for sacrifice, out of the Temple plaza with a whip. Your aversion toward Jesus and to Christians is totally misplaced, not to mention you ‘damn’ near come close at blaspheming the name of God Almighty!! You clearly don’t know the first thing whatsoever about Jesus, God or His people, that are called by His Name! BTW…. it just so happens that I AM a born-again Christian minister…..

    • P.S. Read my comment about the fish in my aquarium (above)–then come back and tell me I’m a “demasculated pacifist Christian….”

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  8. Yes , all islamic Muslims have a religious duty to spread Islam by murdering all non-muslims; no matter what country they are in. Bringing them to the u. S. does not end their religious duty to kill, maim , rape , steal, behead, burn, destroy, disfigure, etc anyone who does not bow down and kiss Allah’s sorry pedophilic, murdering , thriving, maiming burning , smelly, dirty, beheading, insane , homicidal, psychopathically, criminal, etc asshole and worship this piece of shit savage neanderthal missing link. Until usa non-muslims rise up and use voting power to shut down all refugee relocation contractors taxpayer funding, repeal refuge act of 1980, vote out all democrat neo globalist communist islamic candidates worldwide, and declare a 100 dollar bounty on all Muslims worldwide like humanoid; these savages will continue to attack. Rest assured, when I see them in stores I love away and leave the business because I know any second a major attack or bombing could occur. Soon, non-muslims patriots worldwide will say enough is enough. Like the Italians in world war 2, who hung Mussolini for ruining their nation by following Hitler, payback will start being collected for each islamic muslim atrocity committed for allah. Praise our holy Father; our God , who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven; an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; for thine is the glory, the power and the kingdom. Vengeance is mine safety the Lord God Almighty, amen.

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