California: American Canyon proclaims August ‘Muslim American Appreciation and Awareness Month’

Source: American Canyon proclaims August ‘Muslim American Appreciation and Awareness Month’ | American Canyon News | h/t @RefugeeWatcher

Following similar declarations by the state legislature and other California cities, the American Canyon City Council has proclaimed August as Muslim American Appreciation and Awareness Month.

The proclamation, adopted on July 31, represents the first time American Canyon has honored Muslims through an official decree, according to community members and leaders.

“I think this was a huge milestone for the Muslim community,” said Councilmember Mariam Aboudamous in an interview. “At a time when there is a lot of negativity at immigrants in general, and Muslims especially, it’s important to recognize immigrants because that’s what the county is made of.”

“We’re all products of immigrants, and it’s important to appreciate them,” said Aboudamous, a Muslim whose parents emigrated from the Middle East and settled in American Canyon decades ago.

Other local Muslims heralded the City Council’s proclamation, saying it represents a positive step towards acceptance of worshipers of Islam.

Najim Khan, who accepted the proclamation on behalf of the local Muslim community, called the decree “a great honor.”

“I think it’s an excellent idea,” Khan said following the council meeting. “I think more cities and counties should do that.”

He said the media often portrays Muslims in a negative light, and wants people to understand that he and others are not a threat.

“Most people have a misconception about Islam and Muslims,” Khan said.

He said local Muslims come from all walks of life and professions, from doctors to civil engineers. Khan offered as one example a local Muslim who works for Caltrans and regularly wears a head scarf.

“People when they see him dressed like this, they think, ‘Oh, what is this man going to do next?’” said Khan. “’Is he going to blow us up or what?’”

“It’s all a misconception,” he added.

The American Canyon proclamation states the local community “is enriched by the unparalleled diversity of its residents and takes great pride in supporting individual religious freedoms and is strengthened by the diverse religious, political, and cultural traditions of its residents, including those who practice Islam.”

It goes on to say there are about 1 million Muslim Americans in California, “the highest number of any state in the United States.”

“Whereas, the Muslim community is recognized as having made innumerable contributions to the cultural, political, and economic fabric and well-being of California and the United States,” the proclamation states.

It further says “it is appropriate to acknowledge and promote awareness of the myriad invaluable contributions of Muslim Americans in our community and across the country, and extend them the respect and camaraderie every American deserves.”

Two years ago, we responded to California proclamation with 50 examples of misunderstandings in California: 50 Recent ‘Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month’ Episodes. Here’s another dozen contributions Islam and Muslims have brought to California and America. Many more examples in the archives.

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12 thoughts on “California: American Canyon proclaims August ‘Muslim American Appreciation and Awareness Month’

  1. And Christian Appreciation month is………? Jewish Appreciation month is………? And blowback from the ACLU for mixing religion and government or is that just reserved for Christians?

  2. Yeah, let’s celebrate these lying, murdering, lazy, arrogant, pedophiles! I’d honor them with a one way pass to the middle east! So what’s to honor,,,, nothing! They have been antagonists to this country since our inception, starting with the Barbary pirates, then the slave sellers, and now as terrorists! Gee, I guess I missed the good parts! Take any of these mooslem politicians, not one has been sworn in on a bible, but, on the koran, that specifically states that no law is above sharia law! So none of them can be trusted to be aligned to the Constitution, not one can be trusted to fulfill they duties! Hell, 80% won’t work to support their families, they suck our welfare dry. And our government (democrats) support it!! Ship them all out, useless unAmerican traitors!

  3. What a big danger America is in. With so many multi-generation muslims mixed in with Americans we can no longer easily identify them. and of course they have deliberately entered every agency with the idea that only sharia will prevail. The only course of action I can see is that islam,the koran and mosques be made illegal with the conversion of muslims to some other form of belief or be expelled from the United States As the moslem numbers increase we will eventually have to have a hot war with no quarter given.

  4. For those of you that read fiction, I recommend the William W. Johnstone trilogy “Phoenix Rising” it will give you a roller coaster ride of what the future will look like if the tide of terrorists is not stopped! An easy read an it’s way to believable with the politically correct mentality that runs rampart in so many today!

    • I asked if he would e-mail me his phone number and a good time to call, I also asked him if he converted to Islam.

      I do hope to hear back. But not to sure he will. Hopefully he will check out the link you provided and he reacts to other’s as well.

  5. Yet another damn good reason why we need a very, very tall wall or fence to enclose the entire state of California. Things can go into California, but will never ever be allowed to leave California.

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