Michigan: Muslims were giving voters rides to the polls to elect sharia candidates

While Americans were at work or pondering their own votes, Muslims were busing other Muslims to the polls. Note the area code of the phone number on the web ad – it’s from another jihadi hotspot in the U.S. – Northern Virginia(stan).

via MMCC – Michigan Muslim Community Council | Facebook

Remember also, Terror-linked Muslim Org CAIR: ‘Turn your mosques into registration centers & polling stations to change America’.

They aren’t joking. Despite a few setbacks, they are aggressively picking up seats in elected office all across the U.S. The end goal for all Muslims is sharia. They aren’t joking.

7 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslims were giving voters rides to the polls to elect sharia candidates

  1. No different than Demoncrat providing transportation for black folk. That’s how they keep seats. They indoctrinate the voter on the way to the polls, for years and years.

  2. Yeah, the lazy bastards won’t work, but, they’ll cart other lazy bastards to the polls to vote in a continued free ride! If they have been here more than a year and don’t have a full time job ship their ass back! We have enough lazy of our own without adding a lazy ass terrorist!!

    • You are correct. We don’t any more strain on our tax dollars. Ship some of our 3TD, 4th and 5th generation welfare recipients with them. Maybe needy people can catch a break for a change.

  3. This is exactly the same tactic used by the Muslim Brotherhood during the election that brought Morsi to the presidency. So I ask myself is CAIR behind this? In Egypt it wasn’t just rides. Poor people who could barely write their names were given blankets, kaftans, food and bribes to vote for Morsi. People were paid to hand over their ID cards so that others could go and vote on their behalf. I’m wondering if there was more going on within those buses in Michigan than just a ride to the poles.

  4. This will become more common in Democrat districts in every state. Liberals are literally tripping over themselves to appease muslims whenever possible. In MI, you have Dearborn, Hamtramck, Sterling Heights, and some areas of Detroit. They move in, dominate the local scene building mosques, etc., and get into local government positions. And now you see it spread to state and national elections.

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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