Minnesota: 50,000 Muslims Expected at US Bank Stadium for 2 day festival of slaughter (EID) (updated)

Will they be slaughtering animals inside U.S. Bank stadium for two days?

Source: 50,000 Islamist Attendees Screaming “Alahu Akbar” at US Bank (MN Vikings) Stadium (Celebration?) for TWO DAYS – August 21st & 22nd… – Third Rail Talk

  • Who is paying for it?
  • How much is the tab for renting an entire MN Vikings stadium for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT?
  • Where did the money come from?

…I thought these folks were poor poor “refugees” (immigrants really)..

  • How much is the expected MN Taxpayer tab for SECURITY, and Minnesota (Minneapolis / St. Paul) Police – Fire – EMT – services?

…The new mayor of St. Paul just cancelled OUR State Capitol 4th of July annual fireworks celebration, claiming “budgetary concerns”..

…The new Minneapolis Mayor, has recently agreed to knuckle under, and build a WALL around the Somali “community” compound, known as “Little Mogadishu” (Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis), per the DEMAND OF THE SOMALI “COMMUNITY ELDERS”…or else.. Cost to Minnesota taxpayers? Somewhere between the estimate of $825,000 to $1 Million Taxpayer Dollars.

More, Source: The Secret Plan of Muslims to Sneak Tens of Thousands Into the U.S. Bank Stadium for a Historic “Show of Power” in Minnesota – Third Rail Talk

What is the Islamic event about?

Well it’s called EID AL ADHA – Feast of the Sacrifice.

Their own words not mine: “to show our unity and power”.

About a week and a half ago we discovered this program being sponsored by some very interesting people and organizations.

Well, there is the secret identity of shareholders, a shell corporation, there is no director, no name, no personnel, no funding sources.

The Super EID Inc. registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State as a domestic business corporation on July 14th 2018 only. Five shareholders but it identifies no registered agent.

This is just a shell game this is a phantom corporate shell and phantom people working behind the scenes basically covering up what they are all about what they’re trying to create in terms of accepting personal public transparent responsibility for what they’re doing here.

Fifty thousand people, I have to repeat that. That is a Super Bowl event in terms of numbers of people in our most famous building in terms of an icon in the State of Minnesota. Frankly staking out not only Minnesota but the entire United States by this event. Nothing like this has ever occurred in the entire country.

This is the first of its kind and it’s massive. And Minnesota residents Minneapolis St Paul and the surrounding area are not prepared for this.

The registered agent is at 2833 13th Avenue South in Minneapolis. It’s basically an address but no one’s there. The registered property tax payer a group called Madina Management group LLC at the same address.

Daycare and Money Transfers Tied to Super EID

Who are these people?

It’s really an out of town group or individuals so far that we can track by the name of Abder Nassar Mohammed of Raleigh North Carolina. This is insane. The business search of the enterprises at 2883 13th avenue south are as follows and there are about 12 of them.

Super EID – Suite 106. Madina Management LLC, Madina Management Market, Medina Coffee Shop; Another service which is a money transfer, I call it money laundering service transferring according to their website only to one country, Somalia.

Metro Academy, I guess it would be a school of some kind, oh it’s a daycare system maybe one of the day cares’ that’s under investigation for fraudulent daycare billing to the Minnesota Department of Human Services which has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars being stolen from Minnesota taxpayers and delivered directly in suitcases and wire transfer schemes directly to Somali terrorists.


Next is Universal Express LLC a mailing address physical address at 419 Cedar Avenue apartment 85 it could be nothing.

Saham Management Consultants it doesn’t even exist and I can’t pronounce the first name on the next one suite 132 at Abu Bakkar another money transfer service, once gain a money laundering a difference without a distinction.

Amal Express, yes I know it’s getting old another money transfer service that may have actually moved we don’t know to where. and then an unidentified roofing contractor.

What does this mean to Minnesotans?

How does anybody any group organize 50 thousand people coming to an event for two solid days, actually four days if you consider the day before and the day after?

Who’s responsible for allowing basically two Super Bowl events in terms of numbers of people swarming all over Minneapolis for four days, back to back. who’s responsible for doing that? What’s the cost to the Minnesota taxpayer? Police, Fire, EMT, Security Services. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near downtown Minneapolis on the 20th through the 23rd of August this year. What is the cost to the taxpayer? Bad enough we have discovered by way of a “whistleblower” hundreds of millions of dollars being stolen for the last five to ten years from Minnesota taxpayer pocketbooks. And delivered directly to terrorists in Somalia. Bad enough for remittances programs, thank you, Kieth Ellison and Tom Emmer congressmen both, for that program that they sponsored.

What do their Imams say is the purpose of this program for two days. This is a quote “A SHOW OF POWER” They represent 2-maybe 2.5% of Minnesota’s population..so far. With secondary migration stampeding toward Minnesota because of free stuff and fertile ground for this kind of nonsense. “A SHOW OF POWER”

Details on the event at the supereid.com website and a video by Third Rail Talk that Youtube has already censored can be viewed here.

We’ve reported on similar, stadium-sized events hosted by Muslims in Anaheim, California.

Keep voting in open borders politicians, keep importing Muslims and voting them into office, keep allowing terrorist organizations like CAIR to silence those who oppose this invasion and we’ll only see these events grow. Rapidly.


For those who took the time to view this post, the very first question asked if they would be slaughtering animals.

Until the Third Rail blog started asking that question, no one had an answer and big media had no interest in the story. But, once questions started being asked, big media ran to the defense of Muslims.

The event is taking place, and the event is an Islamic celebration of “sacrifice” and it is has finally been reported that no Islamic slaughter will take place in U.S. Bank Stadium. Presumably, any Islamic slaughter will take place elsewhere.

Some video has been released:

Apparently the only fake news was spread by the organizers who claimed 50,000+ Muslims would show up. CBS Minnesota ran to Muslims defense but suddenly the estimate dropped to 20,000. CBS was quick to quote terror-linked CAIR but to mention that a terror-linked imam from Egypt would be preaching at the event. via Muslim Super EID Event Won’t Include Animal Sacrifices

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — More than 20,000 Muslims are expected to party and celebrate the festival known as Super Eid at U.S. Bank Stadium on Tuesday.

The two-day long celebration will begin just after 7 a.m. Tuesday.

In the past, Muslim groups have celebrated this event at the Minneapolis Convention Center. But organizers decided to rent out the U.S. Bank Stadium when they found out it was available.

WCCO’s Esme Murphy was at a news conference Monday morning, where details of the event where announced. Organizers stressed this will be a joyous event that will begin with prayers and be followed by a day-long carnival.

A number of speakers denounced rumors about the event, including false claims the prayer service would feature animal sacrifices.

A question is not a claim. But at least we now know. And who holds a news conference announcing an event the day before a two-day event planned well in advance?

More from Third Rail: The US Bank Muslim Event Fact Sheet including a Radical Imam Speaking at the Muslim EID Event.

For those who claim the EID festival has nothing to do with slaughter, maybe they should fact check these articles.

Gulf News ‘A small sacrifice to wait in Eid slaughter lines’

New Straight Times Cairo looks to curb street sheep slaughter for Eid holiday

Just because they won’t be slaughtering in U.S. Bank Stadium doesn’t mean the festival isn’t about sacrifice through slaughter.

And listen to the last 10 minutes of this radio show (mp3).

Here’s a small reminder of how Muslims in Minnesota treat the kuffar:

Video: Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota harass gay guy




25 thoughts on “Minnesota: 50,000 Muslims Expected at US Bank Stadium for 2 day festival of slaughter (EID) (updated)

  1. And where are the cattle and sheep and goats and other animals these savages plan to slaughter coming from? I’m betting the idiots that allowed this event have no idea what will be taking place those two days. Imagine the stench of all that blood and who’s going to clean it up? Where is Peta and other animal rights groups when they claim to be against animal torture?

    • PETA will voice as much oposition to this event as The Freedom Of Religion Foundation and other proclaimed atheist groups ever do over the Islamic Shahada prayer and the Five Pillars of Islam being compulsory curriculum in our public schools World History lessons and textbooks. So called “Atheist” organizations have absolutely no problem with indoctrination of students to religious prayer and tenets being forced upon them in public schools as long as those prayers are Islamic. PETA will likely not risk being labeled as a racist- Islamophobic organization.

  2. January 18: Two men were indicted for cruelty to animals, after they had slaughtered sheep according to halal slaughter [permitted Islamic method of animal slaughter] at a pizzeria in Falkenberg. Halal slaughter does not allow for stunning the animal, and is illegal in Sweden, so the men tried to sneak the two sheep into the restaurant. They were, however, observed by a witness. When the police arrived, the sheep were already dead and lying on the concrete floor in a pool of blood.

    Jan.23. 2018
    “The greatest responsibility lies upon the Muslims in America and the Western countries in the world,” he said.

    “The Muslims inside the occupied land must kill every Jew and kuffar, by running him over, or stabbing him, or by using against him any weapon, or by burning their homes.”

    Batarfi is a senior figure with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), described by the US as the worldwide jihadist network’s most dangerous branch.

  3. At least, if some nut job wanted to do harm, someone just made it easy. The morons that are allowing this need to find other employment. If taxpayer money is used, even 1 penny, someone needs locked up.

  4. This is hogwash. Talk to me on August 23rd when it never happened. Love your neighbor. Don’t be scared. Even if cows were slaughtered, maybe they’ll eat them. No harm in that, especially in today’s world of factory farming.

      • When was the last time 50,000 Jews got together in a public football stadium and killed a bunch of animals? I’m old, but I don’t remember when it happened. So YES there is a difference. Face it Minn. is the wests, mecca.

    • Hmmm… “Love your neighbor”.. Great idea!

      …Until you discover, that they are not about loving you back… I have witnessed enough evidence here in Minnesota for the last 10 plus years of this colonization process, to realize that becoming good Americans by way of the “assimilation” process, is not what has unfolded.

      In fact, just the opposite has been going on, with increasing speed and increasing incidents, which have made me wonder just what country – and STATE, I am now living in any longer.

      Perhaps if we could get back the Hundreds Of Millions of Minnesota Taxpayer dollars (Over 1/2 Billion a year – ALL social services programs considered), which has been stolen by these oh-so-poor-misunderstood, and UNGRATEFUL guests in MY COUNTRY, over many years now, and delivered – (suitcases full of cash – and middle of the night wire transfers) – DIRECTLY TO al-Shabaab – Boko-Haram – and ISIS, and into the hands of terrorists in Somalia, we might be much more inclined to embrace your “love your neighbor” directive.

      All the stabbings, shootings, arson attempts, sexual assaults, threats of “kidnap and rape”, child rape, female-genital-mutilation, scamming, and so on, and on, and on, really do not help anyone with half a brain, to embrace this “social justice” cause, or these arrogant ingrates either.

      The massive explosion of life threatening, and imported, communicable diseases to Minnesota does not help me one bit in that group hug suggestion as well.. (Only one of the 20 diseases already professionally identified: 747 cases of active Tuberculosis found throughout Minnesota, from 2012 to 2015 alone)…

      In Minnesota, these wonderful folks represent only 2% of our population, and just look at the messes and dust-ups created almost daily now.. Can wait until the secondary migration stampede from other states, cutting off their welfare benefits, increases that number to 5% or 10%.. Eight years ago, Mn CAIR filed only a handful of lawsuits here in Minnesota. Last year that number ballooned to 740 I believe, and expected to top that number in 2018..

      Conclusion? My neighbor is a “grifter”, a thief, a 7th century throw-back and clinging to his barbarism, like a warn fuzzy blanket; while DEMANDING that WE come along for the ride, and a lousy guest in MY Country, and MY State, telling me that if I complain about any of this, I am going to be branded as a racist, and Islamo-phobe, a bigot, a xenophobe, and an evil person, and a moving target for their brand of lethal retribution..

      Now, my children and grandchildren can no longer go to the Mall of America, for a day of fun and shopping, because it has been ALLOWED to become a dangerous and “Unwelcoming” place to be…

      Have a wonderful “Super EID”..

  5. 1. Are they actually going to slaughter for sport in there?!
    3. If you want the stadium standing, you BETTER have the NATIONAL GUARD ON THE PREMISES.
    4. Someone put those little APES BACK IN THERE CAGES!

  6. You got the whole article wrong idiot! Do some research before you create propaganda.
    No body is slaughtering cows and sheep in the Stadium, they will be done in farms with proper supervision. This is not tax payers money, communities pulled together to pay and host the prayers and after that there will be carnival for the kids and family. You are most welcome to come and join and celebrate the joy and humanity but I guess you probably wont because you are a islamaphobic and racist fuck!

    • I did not know that Muslim was a “race”.. Live and learn I suppose..

      No Minnesota Taxpayer dollars being used? Hmmm Wonder who is going to pay for all the police – Stadium security – fire – and EMT people?

      Perhaps if we could get back the Hundreds Of Millions of Minnesota Taxpayer dollars (Over 1/2 Billion a year – ALL social services programs considered), which has been stolen by you oh-so-poor-misunderstood, and UNGRATEFUL guests in MY COUNTRY, over many years now, and delivered – (suitcases full of cash – and middle of the night wire transfers) – DIRECTLY TO al-Shabaab – Boko-Haram – and ISIS, and into the hands of terrorists in Somalia, we might not so inclined to be so “islamophobic”..

      All the stabbings, shootings, arson attempts, sexual assaults, threats of “kidnap and rape”, child rape, and so on, and on, and on, really do not help your cause either, Mr. “Peace”..

      Nice mouth by the way.. Very helpful toward your cause, and pleading your case here…

      • The words fail me, CTTV15. Your post is eloquent! Would to God (not the FALSE allah-god) that we would have leaders in this country who would open their eyes to this satanic invasion from HELL!!!!! Thank you for posting the Truth! God support and protect you in Jesus’ Name!!!!!

    • Peace: You are a bird brain when comes to farm slaughter of animals, not for the farmers personal use. The fine is $25,000.00 per incident, unless properly licensed and a USDA approved slaughter facility. If you are not familiar with legal slaughter laws, what else do you have wrong? A lot I’m sure.

    • Commenting negatively about a bunch of people (muslims) regarding their lack of respect against any who are not their kind. .is not islamsphobic nor racist. Muslims are not a race they are a group who have shared beliefs. The phobia part arrises from a section that promotes violence by muslims against muslims and non muslims. So it’s a natural reaction to fear a violent bunch of people . Ergo Islamaphobia. Why is it that peaceful muslims fear violet muslims but are never labeled as islamsphobic? ???

  7. The old fudge packers don’t bother me at all . Live and let live as long as they keep their thing out of my space . If they can forgive an old guy like me that worships pussy and titties I can live with them . The mooselimbs in drag dresses though hurling insults at the poor guy really pisses me off . If these Somalis don’t want to assimilate send them back to their shithole !

  8. What is clearly needed is a MINNESOTAN detective and/or lawyer to investigate. Journalists can only do so much: but I’ve no idea (well, yeah, I have some idea) why this Eid thing at Viking Stadium isn’t national media feeding day; they should be all over it. This whole thing is repellant in the extreme. Is it even safe? Where is the Minneapolis Health Dept.? Where are all the Minnesota vegans who can’t handle rat-experiments? Where is PETA?? Where is the mayor? And where are all the normal Minnesotans? Have they all really gone down the rabbit hole as far as California? Please, you tell me. —–a disgruntled Californian who’s never been to the no doubt otherwise great state of Minnesota

  9. The hapless inadequacy of the American legal and justice system to simply enforce the law and bring criminals to justice is always shocking. They fail again and again, paroling rapists, gangsters and murderers to go out and rape and kill again, overturning legitimate jury guilty verdicts on appeal for trivial reasons, commuting jury-decided sentences, delaying death sentences for 20, 30 years and more! And this evil murdering menace Karakrap is running around planting bombs, committing attacks, running a narco-terror gang in our country? He needs to be in the SuperMax for life, or Gitmo, forever. They shouldn’t be playing footsie with this creep….

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