North Carolina: ISIS-supporting Muslim immigrant gets 2 years prison then deportation for immigration and tax fraud

Source: Fayetteville man connected to ISIS sentenced to 2 years in prison

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that a Fayetteville man connected to ISIS will serve two years in prison for attempted unlawful procurement of naturalization, and making false statements on his tax return.

Houcine Ghoul pleaded guilty to those charges on Nov. 13, 2017.

The DOJ said that, in 2015 and 2016, Ghoul underreported his income by at least $90,000 to avoid the payment of income taxes.

Ghoul entered the United States from Tunisia in 2001. After overstaying his tourist visa, he married a citizen, whom he later divorced, to become a legal, permanent resident, the release said.

Investigators said a confidential source sent the FBI screenshots from Ghoul’s Facebook page. In them, he indicates his support for ISIS. That in turn, led to surveillance of him.

In one conversation with a source, according to an affidavit, Ghoul said, “I support the Islamic State. I support anything the Islamic State does… Body and soul.”


The DOJ release said that, while Ghoul didn’t use his actual identity for online accounts used in relation with his ISIS activity, he did provide a self description. In it, he said he is “extremist, terrorist, tough, brain-washed, radical, I love explosions, booby trapping, beheading the enemy, and am among the supporters of establishing the religion with the sword.”

In another interaction, documented in the aforementioned affidavit, Ghoul watched an ISIS propaganda video with a source. According to the statement, on May 12, 2016, Ghoul told that source, “Go to Turkey.” He said he’d contact him there and that “the brothers will come for you.”

An informant said Ghoul told them he’d sent as many as 13 people overseas to support ISIS.

Ghoul was interviewed in February 2017 in relation with a citizenship application submitted in December 2014. The DOJ said he made a number of false statements, including that he had in no way associated with or been a member of any terrorist organization.

ABC reported that while Ghoul was illegally in the U.S., he fathered two children, but it’s not clear if they will remain in the U.S.

After his prison sentence, Ghoul will be deported to his native Tunisia. He will then pay $18,000 in restitution to the government for falsifying tax returns to receive benefits.

He also faked a marriage so he could receive immigration benefits – then apparently divorced the woman and married a Muslim.

12 thoughts on “North Carolina: ISIS-supporting Muslim immigrant gets 2 years prison then deportation for immigration and tax fraud

  1. Religion it is not.

    Islam is totally evil.
    Meet Mohammad the writer of the Qur’an.
    The “Crescent Moon and Star” symbol of Islam actually pre-dates Islam by several thousand years. It represents the Horns of Lucifer, a once arch angel that Rebelled against God and was cast out from Heaven; A fallen angel.
    Lucifer, from the Latin “The morning star”
    Which is the final symbol in the Islamic Sign.

  2. Why in the hell have we ever let these diabolical monsters into our country?
    Imams across the country are fomenting and spurring on these evil-loving animals to infiltrate and propagate so as to undermine, terrorize, and destroy Western civilization.

  3. I don;t understand why we are keeping him in prison for two years and then deporting him. That’s costing us money, a lot of money! Just deport him now and make sure he can never come back and take any and all family member with him! That’s the way to deal with these people!

    • You really think we can turn him away at the border? What government agent or agency wants to get called “Islamophobic”? At least in one of our expensive Dawa Hiltons we’ll know where he is.

  4. According to our constitution and the law that was signed in 1952, muslims aren’t even supposed to be allowed in our country! They are not allowed by law to run in elections, yet they are and they are winning! What the hell is going on?? The rule of law is NOT being followed! We have terrorist training camps, over35 of them and mosques which serve as the same and nothing is being done about that either! Why?? We the people need something done about this and now! Where is the FBI? Where is the DOJ? Where are the cops?? Where is the media on this subject?? The people we pay with our taxes need to do their damn jobs!

  5. It seems all we do is comment on what the SCUM are doing to our country,,,but it seems like nothing is being done. When will America wake up. Think of what they are doing in Europe and the problems they are having. I wounder what it will take for our government and citizens to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!

    • You don’t know everything that is being done, Joe! If our President were permitted to enact the laws that he is proposing–these pervs would be on a one way ticket to HELL! Don’t underestimate the power of the written word! This CS website is doing A LOT more for the cause of Democracy and Freedom than you might think! Don’t kid yourself–the Leftist “multicultural” FASCIST Dems are shakin’ in their bat cages every time someone new subscribes to this website!!! Remember, it’s much easier to throw a pissy fit and “god-damn” everything to hell, than to just stand up and hold up the Flag! Believe it or not, if Donald Trump were NOT our President right now, our country would NOT SURVIVE the next 7 years! THANK GOD FOR DONALD TRUMP!!!!!

  6. If we just jail all the damned Muslims we can get our hands at huge expense, on will that constitute prompt payment of jizya? Oh wait we have to stand in shit and look at our shoes and be humiliated too. Well, gee, I was just trying to be a properly submissive dhimmi…….

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