New York: Goats on way to live-slaughter halal butcher shop escape trailer, roam Brooklyn

Source: Goats on way to butcher shop escape trailer, roam Brooklyn

More than 20 goats escaped from a truck headed to a Brooklyn slaughterhouse Tuesday when the driver pulled over for a nap — and it’s the third time a herd has broken free in less than two weeks, sources said.

The animals had been doomed for the dinner plate when they busted out of trailer attached to a pickup truck near the live-slaughter halal market Vivero Primos in Bushwick at around 4 a.m., the owner and witnesses said.

“I saw the driver this morning and he didn’t say anything to me. Stupid guy,” said Ali Saeed, who owns the market on Wyckoff Avenue and Hancock Street. “I don’t know why he would come here at four in the morning when we open at eight.”

The brave Billys got a taste of freedom — hoofing to a nearby bus stop and chowing down on grass — before a neighbor woke up the driver and helped wrangle the goats.

“A neighbor came over and said to me, ‘I caught your goats.’ I thought he was joking. I said, ‘All right thank you.’ He said, “I’d like a free chicken,” said Saeed. “Now I’ll have to give him one.”

Bushwick neighbor Melvin Benton, 58, was leaving his apartment when he spotted the goats in the middle of the street — as cars swerved around them. He tried to wake up the truck driver, who had brought the animals from a farm in Iowa.

“The street [was] covered in goats. The driver was knocked out asleep. I was banging on the window but he wasn’t waking up. The goats were across the street from their trailer,” he said, adding he rushed to help round them up. “I called the police…They got him up.”

Ciaran Flanagan, a 33-year-old bartender who snapped a shot of the goats, said, “The guy was shouting, ’Yo, the goats got out!’”

“I’m from Ireland, so I’m used to goats roaming the roads. I didn’t expect to see it here,” Flanagan said.

The goats were safely rounded up before 8 a.m., witnesses said.

But Brooklyn neighbors were stunned to see the critters in the urban jungle.

Lorraine Fields, 56, who lives next door to the slaughterhouse said, “It was terrible! I thought, Oh my god, get the goats!”

Tony Castro, the landlord of a building next door, said the shop has been in the neighborhood for the last decade.

“I don’t know how they allow goats to be slaughtered in the city,” Castro said, noting that the shop is “smelly.”

Animal rights advocate Chris Allieri pointed to the “cruelty” associated with live poultry markets and slaughterhouses, which are scattered around the Big Apple.

“[T]here’s likely no happy ending for these animals,” Allieri said.

Saeed didn’t provide the name of the driver or his firm.

Slaughtering animals whilst shouting allah ackbar is all the rage in the U.S. It can be done anywhere: North Dakota: Muslims slaughter sheep in apt complex parking lot, no charges filed.

PS: Not the only live-slaughter halal operation in Brooklyn, don’t forget the Al-Noor Live Poultry on 21st Street in Sunset Park where a sheep tried to escape only to be dragged back to its demise with the last words it heard…allah ackbar.


8 thoughts on “New York: Goats on way to live-slaughter halal butcher shop escape trailer, roam Brooklyn

  1. Not sure the smell was from the goats! And it seems odd that the government lets them get away with the barbaric way they are slaughtered, most states have codes on how the animals are killed and none mention this barbaric way! Bleeding to death while conscious is not a humane way of death, it’s barbaric and sadistic. Which goes well with the barbaric and sadistic muslims!

  2. It all comes down to this. Wahhabism was born in Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud and the Devil’s deal they made with the Wahabbist Clerics. I reccomend “Radical Origins” by Dr. Azeem Ibrahim to familiarize you with the facts. While he glosses over the bloody history of Islam, his analysis is sound.

  3. I’m pulling for the goats. IF and it’s a BIG IF halal slaughter is done properly the animal doesn’t suffer. I’ll bet there are less than a dozen OLD Arabs in the USA that can perform the appropriate technique.

    • They are sacrificing to a false Moon god; a demon. I’m pulling for the goats and praying for the Muslims to open their eyes.

    • #Chaz. No offense, Chaz, but trust me…. Mudslimes get off on watching anything, or anyone, suffer mercilessly!! Halal slaughter is grossly inhumane, period, slam dunk!! Remember…. they DON’T believe in stunning the animal first–they just slit the poor thing’s throat and then hang it from a meat hook to bleed out, WHILE IT’S STILL WRITHING AND SHRIEKING OUT IN AGONY!!!! How in HELL can that EVER be “done properly”????? Trust me. there is no such thing as ‘humane slaughter’ under sharia laws!!!! P.S. When did you ever hear or read anything spoken by muzzlumz about “peace” or “compassion” that wasn’t disgustingly A LIE??????

      • Remember that these are the people who cut the clitoris off of their baby daughters; marry pre-pubescent girls and have Sex with goats. It’s all I’m thr Quran and all permissible. Islam idolizes the Profit and he raped and murdered thousands including children. Mohammad married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated that marriage when she was 9. While you can say that 650 AD was a different time, the practice continues today. I can’t think of anything more cruel, horrifying and excruciating than a nine-year-old girl being raped when she should be playing with dolls! This is also the same child who has had her vagina mutilated.

      • What you describe is not halal slaughter, as I know it to be. The correct procedure would kill the animal instantaneously, by severing the spinal cord, just short of decapitation. Your right about muslims thirty for blood and pain.
        FYI things in a slaughter aren’t as humane as most folks believe.

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