Georgia: Judge Resigns After Terror-linked CAIR Attacks Her for Verbal Lashing of Chauvinist Muslim Refugee

CAIR’s war on women is relentless.

Source: Judge Accused Of Bias Asks Not To Be Reappointed | Sandy Springs, GA Patch

SANDY SPRINGS, GA — A Sandy Springs Municipal Court judge who came under fire for making disparaging remarks against an Iranian-American student has asked not to be reappointed to the bench. Sharon Dickson last week asked Mayor Rusty Paul not to be considered for another four-year term on the court.

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve as a judge for the city of Sandy Springs for the past four years,” Dickson said in her letter. “At this juncture, I ask that you not consider me for an appointment for the next four-year term. I request that I be taken off the calendar for the remainder of the year. Again, thanks for the opportunity to serve.”

Paul is scheduled to reappoint four judges — Candiss Howard, Donald Schaefer, Joseph Buford and Marcia Ernst — to the Municipal Court at the Sandy Springs City Council’s Aug. 7 meeting, which will be held at 7 p.m. in the Studio Theatre at City Springs.

Controversial comments uttered by Dickson to defendant Fazial Azizan, an Iranian-American pursuing a degree in nursing, were made during a July 13, 2017, trial on a disorderly conduct charge. The judge called the college student and Uber driver “despicable,” and chided him for speaking in court with the comment, “I know where you come from, women don’t mean anything,” which critics said showed the judge’s bigotry.

Dickson sentenced Azizan to serve six months in jail on the disorderly conduct charge stemming from a March 2017 accident. Azizan appealed his sentenced, and the city of Sandy Springs last week agreed to reduce his sentence imposed by the judge.

That consent order shared by the city indicates Azizan will serve a total of 78 days. However, he will receive credit for the 18 days he served in jail and will carry out the rest of that sentence — two months — on probation. The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which filed an amicus brief in support of Azizan’s appeal, said it welcomes Dickson’s decision to “step down” from the Municipal Court.

“Anyone who enters a courtroom in Georgia must be able to trust that he or she will be treated fairly and equally, regardless of national origin,” said CAIR-Georgia Executive Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell. “That could no longer happen in Judge Dickson’s courtroom.”

Mitchell also called on the city to sever its ties with Riley McLendon LLC, the law firm Sandy Springs uses to prosecute violations that come to the Municipal Court. CAIR-Georgia was critical of Municipal Court prosecutor Bill Riley, who did not intervene when Dickson criticized the defendant.

Dickson served on the Municipal Court since her appointment in June 2014.

The Patch’s Kristal Dixon portrays the convicted Muslim as merely a “student.” No mention of his threats, abuse and treatment of women.

More via Georgia: Judge resigns under pressure after Hamas-linked CAIR accuses her of “racism” and “Islamophobia”

However, if one reads the court transcript, a very different picture emerges. To put it succinctly, Judge Dickson was talking about and responding to Azizan’s behavior.

The reference to women and where he comes from was part of a dialogue that Azizan had started after he went into his “I’m a stranger in your country, you gotta understand…cultural differences” routine. Following this, he interrupted the judge and gave her attitude. So she upbraided him, something that happens in courtrooms across the country every day.

The transcript shows that Fazial Azizan’s legal troubles began when he took his girlfriend’s car without asking to use as an Uber driver.

Azizan began quarreling with his girlfriend on the phone after he picked up an Uber customer, a Ms. Thurman. The customer pleaded with Azizan from the back seat to calm down as he led his girlfriend on a car chase. Azizan told Thurman to shut up or he would kick her ass, while quarreling on the phone.

When the police decided to arrest Azizan for disorderly conduct, he resisted.

Two officers were required to put the cuffs on Azizan. The officers dragged Azizan to the open squad car and shoved him in.

Once at the hospital, Azizan stopped speaking English. Azizan refused to cooperate with hospital staff until he was provided a translator, despite taking a nursing course at Georgia State that is taught in English.

The point is that there was never any “racism” involved. Azizan’s prior convictions for domestic abuse and domestic abuse in front of a child influenced Judge Dickson’s comments more than his “heritage.”

Sharon Dickson was nice to him. I leave it to your imagination what Judge Judy would have done to this sociopath. Someone had to tell Azizan the truth.

Judge Dickson was spot on when she said, “You are a threat to everyone who wants to catch Uber. I can’t believe you’re still doing that.”

Indeed, I hope Uber has stopped using him, but there is no way to find out.

Azizan should never be a nurse, and Sharon Dickson is not a racist Islamophobe. But that is what the website Above the Law called her. Despite the public praise Above the Law has received, Elie Mystal wrote a hit piece on Sharon Dickson that resembles a drunken rant. And, he credits CAIR at the end of it.

CAIR’s manipulation of the media is bad and getting worse. They get on the news with the most ridiculous of pretexts such as anonymous graffiti, utterly transparent publicity stunts, press conferences that provide no evidence, and confirmations that Eid is not for everyone.

Remember this incident, and bring it up repeatedly to news stations that continue to use CAIR without qualifying CAIR as controversial, or connected to Hamas.

And as we noted in this Creeping Sharia post, Georgia: Muslim has sentence overturned after terror-linked CAIR accused female judge of anti-Islamic bias:

The judge said nothing about Islam or Muslims. And the media mention nothing about CAIR – the group’s terrorist designation, or the numerous executives convicted of terrorist-related offenses.

Residents should let the city know how they feel and how they will vote if they city sides with a terrorist-named, sharia-promoting, American-hating organization like CAIR. Here are some links from

11 thoughts on “Georgia: Judge Resigns After Terror-linked CAIR Attacks Her for Verbal Lashing of Chauvinist Muslim Refugee

  1. Of course this WOMAN judge was denigrated by all the Islamic scum involved in this case. Who knows if she stepped down by choice or was threatened.
    Just another reason to deport all Muslims that aren’t citizens and allow no more of these barbarians to cross our sovereign borders. Why was an IRANIAN NATIONAL allowed here anyway????

  2. They need to go after someone like me, or someone else that don’t give a rat’s ass what they think. I’m old and these CAIR people need to learn that there are a bunch of Americans that don’t have any use for them, or their kind. If you want to act uncivilized heathens, go back to your country of origin. You won’t your only other option.

  3. Muslims and terrorist front groups like CAIR, do not belong in non-Islamic countries.
    • Islam’s goal, stated many times by ‘American’ Muslim leaders, is to make all countries, including the USA, Islamic.
    • How many times do they have to prove it?

    BUT, you know that. Now please do something!

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  5. When you know who you cannot criticize or speak truth to, you know your master. Even if you are a black, female judge.
    To further their 1300 year Jihad, Muslims have weaponized the rights and freedoms won at such great cost by African Americans.
    Conquest of a civilization without firing a shot.

    • One thing that has always posses me off about libs, is they think everyone living in America are entitled to all rights under our constitution. They out of their ever-lov’in minds. They majority on muslims in this country got her via chain migration. They have zero intentions of being Americans, ever!!

  6. The judge was stupid. She should have never said what she said. She should have never brought in his religion or ethnicity. I do not support CAIR but some things are better left unsaid.

  7. Regardless what she said to him he was wrong on his account and should have respect for her office. To bad she doesn’t have a back bone and allows these cave dwellers to dictate her ability to judge. She should get back in there and do her best to combat people like them…

  8. The misogynist PIGS at CAIR are howling with delight over this judge’s resignation! Her fellow citizens from GA need to get behind her and demand that this dirtbag serve the FULL sentence imposed by the judge! It’s all about intimidation of good law-abiding citizens!!! STEALTH JIHAD…..!!!

    • Too close to Atl. for anyone with gonads to stand up and slap the skit out of CAIR. There are areas in Ga. that CAIR wouldn’t dream of going. WHY? Because they are chicken skits!! Rural Georgians would shoot them on sight.

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