California: Terror-linked Muslim group ‘proselytizing’ at Santa Clara Valley public school assemblies

Source: FCDF Demands Emails from Bay-Area School District over “Great Partnerships” with Islamic Groups

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) today sent a public records request to the Gilroy Unified School District, demanding emails that could reveal whether the school district violated the Constitution by allowing two Muslim groups to proselytize to students at school assemblies.

Last year, a Muslim high school student complained to school officials she was bullied after Donald Trump got elected and that she was offended by a class assignment that included a Fox News op-ed. After school board members met with the student’s family, the district engaged in “great partnerships” with the Islamic Networks Group (ING) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to conduct “Islamophobia” presentations and lecture students at school assemblies about Islam.

Both the California and U.S. Constitutions prohibit the government from aiding religious sects or favoring one religious organization over another. Courts have repeatedly held that students suffer spiritual and psychological harm if they are exposed to religious indoctrination in a compulsive educational environment.

“When school districts allow sectarian groups to advance their agendas under the guise of ‘promoting tolerance,’ they place political correctness over the spiritual and psychological well-being of their schoolchildren,” said Daniel Piedra, FCDF’s executive director. “The First Amendment forbids CAIR’s calculated effort to indoctrinate students in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion.’”

“When school districts allow sectarian groups to advance their agendas under the guise of ‘promoting tolerance,’ they place political correctness over the spiritual and psychological well-being of their schoolchildren. The First Amendment forbids CAIR’s calculated effort to indoctrinate students in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion.’”

Daniel Piedra, FCDF Executive Director

Nihad Awad, CAIR’s National Executive Director, testified that “informing the American public about the Islamic faith is a religious obligation,” and the purpose of its “Islamophobia” public school programs is to “create a religious educational environment.” In addition, despite portraying itself as a mainstream Muslim organization, evidence confirms that CAIR was founded by members of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, the United Arab Emirates officially designates CAIR as a terrorist organization. CAIR is also notorious in the American Muslim community for demonizing and attacking progressive Muslim organizations that seek to work with government officials to combat Islamic radicalism in the U.S. The Anti-Defamation League has denounced CAIR for its anti-Semitic advocacy.

The records request asks for all emails between school officials and ING and CAIR since Donald Trump’s election. The district has ten days to respond. Failure to respond, respond completely, or respond in a prompt manner would violate California state law and prompt further action.

FCDF is representing five San Diego families in a federal civil rights lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the San Diego Unified School District’s partnership with CAIR to implement an “anti-Islamophobia initiative,” which singles out Muslim students for special protections and empowers CAIR to revise school curriculum to ensure it portrays Islam in a more “inclusive” light.

More via: Muslims ‘proselytizing’ at U.S. school assemblies

Two Muslim organizations are suspected of proselytizing California public school students at assemblies.

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund dispatched a records request to the Gilroy Unified School District because of a possible constitutional violation for letting the Muslim groups indoctrinate students.

FCDF also is representing five San Diego families in a federal civil rights lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the San Diego Unified School District’s partnership with CAIR. The district implemented an “anti-Islamophobia initiative” that singled out Muslim students for special protections and empowered CAIR to revise school curriculum to ensure it portrays Islam in a more “inclusive” light.

FCDF also is asking Seattle’s schools for details about a similar program.

‘The true faith, Islam’

The influence of Islam in public schools has become a nationwide issue.

In May 2017, in Groesbeck, Texas, a couple moved their sixth-grade daughter to a new school after they discovered her history homework assignment on Islam.

In late March 2017, as WND reported, a middle school in Chatham, New Jersey, was using a cartoon video to teach the Five Pillars of Islam to seventh-grade students, prompting two parents to obtain legal services to fight the school district, which has ignored their concerns.

Teaching the five pillars of Islam also created an uproar in Summerville, South Carolina, and in Loganville, Georgia, last year.

WND also reported in March 2017 a high school in Frisco, Texas, set up an Islamic prayer room specifically for Muslim students to pray on campus during school hours. The same type of prayer rooms have been set up in high schools in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and other school districts.

In 2015, parents in Tennessee asked the governor, legislature and state education department to investigate pro-Islam bias in textbooks and other materials.

WND reported in 2012 ACT for America conducted an analysis of 38 textbooks used in the sixth through 12th grades in public schools and found that since the 1990s, discussions of Islam are taking up more and more pages, while the space devoted to Judaism and Christianity has simultaneously decreased.

In 2009, Gilbert T. Sewall, director of the American Textbook Council, a group that reviews history books, told Fox News the texts were “whitewashing” Islamic extremism and key subjects such as jihad, Islamic law and the status of women.

Also in 2009, WND reported the middle school textbook “History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond,” published by Teachers’ Curriculum Institute, said an Islamic “jihad” is an effort by Muslims to convince “others to take up worthy causes, such as funding medical research.”

In 2006, WND reported a school in Oregon taught Islam by having students study and learn Muslim prayers and dress as Muslims.

WND reported in 2003 a prominent Muslim leader who eventually was convicted on terror-related charges helped write the “Religious Expression in Public Schools” guidelines issued by President Bill Clinton.

In 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, seventh graders in Byron, California, were taught a three-week course on Islam that required them to learn 25 Islamic terms, 20 proverbs, Islam’s Five Pillars of Faith, 10 key Islamic prophets and disciples, recite from the Quran, wear a robe during class, adopt a Muslim name and stage their own “holy war” in a dice game.

Parents went to court to uphold their right to reject the class for their children, but a federal judge ruled against them, and in 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider their appeal.

10 thoughts on “California: Terror-linked Muslim group ‘proselytizing’ at Santa Clara Valley public school assemblies

  1. “Islam is the most dangerous thing that the world has ever faced, Stalin and Hitler were insignificant compared to the engulfing and mendacious tentacles of Islam”

    This is outrageous, those who promoted it should be imprisoned! This is a NY high school test from the university regents:

    This is from page 13 of the test ” . . Wherever they went, the Moslems brought with them their love of art, beauty, and learning.
    From about the eighth to the eleventh century, their culture was superior in many ways to that
    of western Christendom.
    Some of the finest centers of Moslem life were established in Spain. In Cordova, the streets
    were solidly paved, while at the same time in Paris people waded ankle-deep in mud after a rain.
    Cordovan public lamps lighted roads for as far as ten miles; yet seven hundred years later there
    was still not a single public lamp in London!
    Some Spanish Moslems had homes with marble balconies and courts with lovely waterfalls.
    Bedrooms were vaulted with stained glass and speckled with gold. And metal pipes carried water
    into marble baths.
    Nearly every mosque had a public school in which the children of the poor were taught. Many
    Moslem libraries were excellent; the catalogue of one caliph’s library filled forty volumes. In
    addition, the followers of Mohammed achieved much in science, particularly in chemistry,
    astronomy, mathematics, and medicine. . . .
    Source: Daniel Roselle, A World History: A Cultural Approach, Ginn and Company (adapted)”

    Can you say Outright lies, propaganda. America we must do something to stop the islamic indoctrination of our children.

  2. #Cassius. You need to get a clue…. Vatican??? Drag Queens??? What planet are you from???? There’s nothing about your thought processes that rings true except, ‘Islam I A Poison’ (quote, unquote)!!!!!

    • wellborn, islam is a poison, mohammed wasn’t a prophet, and the practice of islam is detrimental to the world. Ask any follower of the alleged prophet what miracles he performed and when his life was foretold and what events he foretold.

      • #Cashman. So what are you saying??? That islam was “Contrived By The Vatican”??? B/c that’s what ‘Cassius’ is saying! That’s not right, and that’s my ‘beef’ with “Cassius”!!! If you notice, I clearly agreed that “islam IS a poison”!!! Didn’t you read my other comment to “mrcatman” that islam is a FALSE CULT OF BLOOD???? Don’t try to put words in my mouth before you even read what I’ve said!!!!

  3. I don’t mind them teaching about islam as long as they teach that it is a seventh century crock and the holy book called koran is basically a false writing.The students should be told that the koran has a story presented as fact that the sun sets in a mud puddle and as recently as 1974 they issued a fatwah proclaiming the Earth to be flat
    It also should be noted that prior to the seventh century it was scientifically proven that indeed the Earth revolves around the sun and that the planet is indeed round. There are all kinds of falsehood and errors in the koran and nobody should believe it to be fact.
    It would help if video presentations and history lessons proving the assertions in the koran to be false and the similarities between mohammed and Jim Jones and David Koresh and Joe smith could be included.
    If the terrorist financing cair and the wacko ing want to join in that presentation, that would be fine. The best case would be for them to make their presentation and leave and then facts and history should be presented and questions regarding the stupidity of the “perfect” koran could be part of the conversation.( see ) They should present that mohammed was such a wimp that he ordered people killed for mocking him and his fake stories and killed if they join his cult and leave and his mistreatment of women should also be noted.
    The students could then understand that islam is a phony religion invented by a con artist and practiced by ignorant thugs today. They should be told that mohammed, like Jones,Smith,Koresh, etc. had no miracles, foretold no event, and were basically useless.

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